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A/N: So, this comes in a set of three. One Alex. One Bobby. One both. These came to me the other night. But I was so busy that I didn't get to write it. It's a sad one. Be careful.

My Fault

The morning had a slight chill in the air. The tree's leaves had started to change colors. There was dew on the specks of grass around the city.

Eames and I were headed to go talk to a witness. When we reached his apartment it looked kind of dirty from the outside. But what else could you expect?

We walked the few steps up to the door. Alex knocked.

"Who is it?" We heard from the depths of the house.

"It's the police, Mr. Arias, we just have a few questions to ask you." She replied.

After a moment we heard the clunk of a deadbolt being unlocked and the rattle of a chain being undone.

He then opened the door just enough to let us in. He gestured for us to go into the living room. As we entered I looked around, getting a feel for our Rick Arias.

Upon the wall were one or two photos. There was a bookshelf in the corner. And hanging over the mantle was a gun rack… with a gun missing.

"Eames lo-" But it was too late. He had fired the gun straight into her chest.

I drew my weapon as fast as I could and shot the bastard the same place he shot my Alex. He was dead before he hit the floor.

I then dropped to Alex's side. Her breaths were short and erratic. "Bobby." She choked out.

"Shh… don't talk… it'll be all right." I said pulling out my radio. I don't remember talking into it, but I must have, because a "We have a bus on the way" crackled back at me through it.

Alex's breathing was becoming more and more of a struggle.

"Shh… Alex… it'll be okay… it'll all be okay." I told her cradling her in my arms.

"Bobby…" She breathed. "I… love… you." And with that she fell limp in my arms as the EMT came rushing through the door.

And now I'm sitting on my toilet thinking about it all. It was all my fault. If I had noticed the gun rack first, sooner. If I had drawn my weapon a little quicker… maybe she would still… be here.

I then stood up and walked over to the tub. I put the stopper in the bottom and turned the water on. As it started to fill I sat back down.

God. What have I done? I have no one left. Alex was the only person that could keep me grounded. She was the only spark in my life.

The water had almost reached the rim now. I stood and turned it off.

I heard drowning was one of the best ways to die. They say it's just like falling asleep.

I then stepped into the tub. I laid down as best as I could, considering my height. I took one last look around before plunging my head under the water.

It wouldn't be long now. The end is in sight.

My eyes started to drop. My lungs whined for air, but I wouldn't give them any.

This is it. It's the end.

I finally get to be with my Alex.