I've done some drabbles of SasoSaku cos Sadsori (SadsoriSasori+Sadist) has threatened me in my dreams to write some SasoSaku...

I wrote these drabbles immediately after I woke up one morning.. sheepish grin

This idea is spawn when I was talking with one of my best DA friends, Koizumi-Tsukiyo-chan. Thanks so much for your indenius idea, Tsukiyo-chan! hugs with a smooch

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This fic is only dedicated to Tsukiyo-chan and Selene of course and those who're frantically looking for SasoSaku fics and totally tired of seeing too many SasuSaku fics like I do.

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These pics are purely fluff where Sasori got back his human body and Sakura teaches how to love.

But Tsukiyo-chan said to me that Sasori would have bondaged Sakura and such..

That's why this colaboration was born.

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Like I mentioned before, quantity does matter more than quality when talking about SasoSaku fic.

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1. Seeing(Sight)

" Are you looking for something? "

A figure in black Akatsuki cloak suddenly appeared in front of rosette haired kunoichi. Sakura found a unmoving body on its shoulder and gasped. It was her missing teammate, Naruto.
She clenched her fists in fury.

" Naruto! Give him back to me, you bastard!! "

" Why don't we make some deal..? I will give back this brat's life if you take my offer... "

" Who are you?! I won't do anything unless you show your face, NOW. "

" Very well... Your fierce temper doesn't seem to have changed since our first encounter...
It's been a long time, little girl... "

Sakura was shocked and very ,very fearful when the shadow revealed his face. This had to be a very bad joke or a nightmare. She hadn't ever forgot his face which was angelic yet hid sinister smiles underneath. She remembered clearly his soft unruly crimson hair as if it was sucking all blood of victims and his sand coloured eyes which reminded her of ruthless deadly sand of Gaara in Hidden Sand village. A ghost of memory brought back who had been haunted her after the battle.

" No.. No... it can't be you.. You killed yourself in front of us!! You even gave me the information I wanted! Chiyo baasama was the only one who could bring back one's life! "

" It doesn't matter what you say or what you think.. I'm alive and now stand in front of you.. Are you gonna take my offer or not? "

" ... I... I will take the offer if you bring back Naruto's life and send him back safely.. I will take it if you promise me to leave him and the kyuubi alone. "

After a impregnated silence, she answered in defeat.

" How noble of you, indeed.. You AGAIN take other's life rather than your own life... Fascinating... I'll give back his life and in return... you will be with me from now on until I say... "

"...What?! "

" You heard me. You belong to me now "

The S-class missing nin's eyes glinted darkly.


" Oh god, stop! I can't take it... any... more... Ahhhh, Sasoriiii!! "

Sakura's slender body shook violently with a ragged cry of ecstasy.
but he wouldn't be satisfied just yet until a sweet honey draped over his pale slender fingers.. His pale long fingers moved inside of her warm, slick core like a skilled pianist... Sasori grabbed her slim waist while ripping off the clothes he made for her. He dived his tongue to touch her hidden flower which would soon reward him plenty of aromatic syrup.

3 Tasting(Taste)

" Did you miss me, Sakura? "

Sakura ignored but soon found her body dragged towards the one who just called her name with invisible strings. Her long body was pinned against the wall of her captor's chamber.
Sasori held her soft pale face with a blood soaked finger and gently stroked and rubbed a smear of blood on her soft perfect lips. Every time he killed someone, he rubbed one's blood on her lips to lick it off and taste the sweetness of the victory.

" Have you ever noticed that your skin looks stunningly beautiful in red, my doll? Red like blood... "

He held her face with blood-stained hands while roughly claiming her rose coloured lips.
She quivered lips in disgust.

" Why... did you kill him? You didn't need to kill him! He was a mere villager! "

" How could I let that maggot off when he looked at you as you were his possession, my flower? You're mine and mine only. "

Sasori would never regret killing all with no mercy so that no one could take away his beautiful doll from him. After all, she was his flower.

4 Smelling(Smell)

Sakura silently observed a man in front of her who was devouring her innocence. His musky smell stimulated her nose and immediately sensed he wouldn't let her rest another a few hours at least... It mingled with a smell of blood from his newest victim he killed a few minutes ago... He sneered while sucking her long slender neck.

5 Listening(Hearing)

Sakura defiantly stared at Sasori despite the fact she was shocked and fearful. like hell she was going to let anyone hold her back.

" Why do you do this?! I'm no use for your organization. You took Naruto's demon already! "

Sasori smirked while capturing his beautiful flower with his chakra strings...

" I want to make you beg me for life... I saw all my opponents who bended their knees at the end when they faced their demise.. but you were different and you were the only one who never asked for my mercy... I know you don't give in even I almost killed you. you give up life to save my dear old hag of a grandmother. But.. I know how to make you give up, in another way... "

He slowly approached while gradually pulling her body towards him like a delicate marionette.

"I'll make sure you'll give in this time.. "

He whispered in her ear while caressing her shoulder. His lips softly pinched her ear and nipped teasingly.

" Even though you're an excellent, strong kunoichi, you're merely an inexperienced girl after all.. "

As his slender fingers gracefully danced with chakra strings, her zipped clothes slowly revealed her flawless, pale skin.

" You will enjoy this and I will enjoy hearing you beg my mercy.. "

Sasori licked her new exposed creamy skin and sucked at same time.
She gasped as she felt a shiver through all her spine..

" No! no! Let me go, you creep! Get off of me! "

She cried in protest but was silenced by warm hungry lips of a puppet genius. He licked his lips with a diabolic smile.

" Foolish girl... I'm not gonna stop this until you beg me for mercy and scream my name until it almost hurts to breathe. "