I've extended theme2 Touch which I previously submitted. Some of you might find it disturibing.. Just forgive me for having unhealthy mind.. *hides*



2. Touching (Touch)


" Oh god, stop! I can't take it... any... more... Ahhhh, Sasoriiii!! "

Sakura's slender body shook violently with a ragged cry of ecstasy.

but he wouldn't be satisfied just yet until a sweet honey draped over his pale slender fingers.. His pale long fingers moved inside of her warm, slick core like a skilled pianist... Sasori grabbed her slim waist while ripping off the clothes he made for her. He dived his tongue to touch her hidden flower which soon rewarded him plenty of aromatic syrup. He licked it thoroughly and looked at her with a smug.


" Are you ready for a show, Sakura? "

"W, What show?"

Panting, the roseate haired beauty stared at Sasori and narrowed her eyes with suspicion. She didn't like the smug he was showing her or the way he said the word..

He silently took out something from his dark cloak.. It was a short bladed dagger..

He approached Sakura who had been caught with some chakra absorbed ropes and lightly attached the tip of blade on her pale long neck.. It nipped her flawless skin and a string of blood slowly tickled down on her collarbone.. Sasori gently scooped some of her pure red blood off with a pale slender finger and smirked.

" Let the show begin... "

As the word was a cue, the coil on his stomach sneaked around her already bound body and he dragged her towards a floor which is covered with a large jet black, velvet cloth..

When he let drop the blood of Sakura on the rug, it flashed darkly.

Sakura's eyes were glued on the rug on the floor since she felt a ominous presence from the dark cloth.

" Don't worry, my beautiful doll.. I'll give you a pleasure you haven't ever felt before... "

She felt Sasori's thin warm lips on her collarbone, climbing up on her lips to savour her sweetness. He slowly laid her slender body on the soft cloth while kissing her. He straddled on her hips and bruised her soft rose lips.

Suddenly she felt something evil surrounded her body and she realized what his show meant..

' NO '

She struggled to free from this dark presense but she felt breathless by the puppeteer's merciless kiss.

' Noooo!!'

" Don't struggle, Sakura.. It just makes you more irresistible.. "

He whispered darkly against her quivering lips while inserting some of his finger on her still wet core.

" Ahhhh... Nmmm "

She tried not to moan but his fingers teased her bud ferociously.. He inserted his fingers deeper to feel her proof of being a maiden...

" You're such a pure innocent soul... I can't suppress my pleasure for colouring you what I like from now on, my sweet puppet... "

He took out his already swollen members and slowly pushed into her slippery core...

" Aghhh!! "

She gasped in sudden piercing pain.

A stream of red virgin blood was flowing from her pale white body into the rug and it started forming a strange large symbol which was similar with Chiyo's jutsu which trapped Sasori's puppet body during their battle.

The symbol glowed and slowly seeped into Sakura's shivering body and burnt her skin.

" Ughhh "

She winced in new agonizing pain. Her whole body was glowing in red and the cursed mark was embedded on her body as she feared..

Sasori pushed himself harder in her with a demented smile..

Oho... it feels so good inside of you, so warm, so tight... Scream my name, my doll...

" No...NOooo, Ne..ver... "

He held one of Sakura's swollen breasts and teased while nibbling and licking it.

" Gh... "

Your stubborness gives me so much fun...

He bit it hard to bleed..

Be good girl and scream my name.. my flower...

Licking off some of crimson liquid on his mouth, Sasori whispered in her earlobe.

" Ghh... Sa... "

" I can't hear you.. "

" Sa.. SORIiiii!! AHHHHHHHH!! "

" .. Sakura ... "

Sakura felt like as if her whole body was melting in fire and something she hadn't felt before.. All of sudden, a lightening flash went straight through her body and her body fell limp on the floor, which was followed by the exhausted body of Sasori himself.



Well That's all at the moment.. I know It's totally rubbish.. Anyway, this touch is a drabble where Sasori deflowers Sakura while binding her with a eternal string (a cursed mark). Even if she tries to run away, she can't get away from Sasori because of this mark and Sakura will die at same time Sasori loses his life. No one but Sasori can remove this cursed mark since he was the one who has taken her under a contract with her pure virgin blood..