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Olivia shivered as the spider webs brushed the exposed part of her back where her shirt had hitched. It brought goose bumps to her skin as she tingled from the feared anticipation of what she was about to discover. She could hear Elliot in her ear as she crawled under the house. For once she scorned her petite figure. It was purely that reason that she had gone under the house instead of him. She came to a wall but quickly found a small wooden door which she pushed on and crawled through. It opened up into a basement like room which had very little light. Olivia surveyed her surroundings in the diminished light and noted a curtained window at the far wall but other than that she couldn't see anything. She went to crawl a little further but lost her grounding as she felt the stairs collide with her ribs. She tumbled down the eleven steps; feeling each one come into contact with her body more than once. When she hit the concrete ground she groaned, knowing full well that Eliot would hear - if the mic was still working.

"Liv? Olivia?" His concerned voice crackled into her ear.

She groaned again in response as she felt the ice of the concrete seep into her skin as the air of the already cold room filled her lungs.

"Olivia, what happened?"

More crackling.


No response.

"Olivia!?" Elliot's voice became more concerned with the amount of static coming over the radio.

"Head. Stairs. Ow." Olivia managed to grit out before the throbbing and swirling in her head became too much and she succumbed to the slightly less dank darkness of unconsciousness.

"Olivia? What happened?" Elliot called again, "Hello, Liv?"

Elliot got no response again.

"I'm going in." Elliot told Officer Leroy as he began unhooking from the bulky radio and taking his long coat off which was shielding him from the icy cold wind.

"You're not going to fit." Leroy stated matter-of-factly.

"Do you think I care?" Elliot asked as he stuck his head into the cavity under the house. Hi slowly shimmied his shoulders in, which was the broader part of his body. After he managed this feat his legs followed, then his black soled work shoes disappeared from view as well.

Elliot crawled on all fours as he got further and further into the eerie black.

The only light he had was from the small entrance behind him; the bulk of which was covered by Leroy and his inquisitiveness of the mystery which seemed to resemble a thriller that would be rented from the local video store – A 'who-dunnit' most likely.

Elliot crawled further into the darkness, soon reaching the same wall Olivia had.

He felt along it and found the door which was now open. He quickly glance around the room and spotted a dark figure lying motionless – He in. Judging by the angle it was in proportion to where Elliot was he guessed there was a set of stairs.

He cautiously descended the steps and reached Olivia. He reached out and touched her arm which was cold to his fingertips.

"Liv?" He whispered.

Olivia groaned as Elliot touched her shoulder.

"Okay, how to get out of here?" Elliot muttered to himself as looked around and spotted the window on the far wall, "Guess that's our escape route."

He turned his attention back to Olivia quickly and began to feel for her pulse. He wasn't sure whether it was fast or slow but it was there so that was a start. Next was warmth. He lips were turning blue from the combination of the cold air in the underground room as well as the ground which felt as cold as ice

Elliot realised that his only solution to that problem would probably result in IAB and potentially losing a testicle at the power of Olivia's knee.

"Liv?" Elliot tried again.

"S-so c-cold." Olivia managed to stutter, although her eyes were still closed.

"I know Livvy, we'll be out soon." Elliot stroked Olivia's hair as she sighed and shivered.

"Leroy, go search around the base of the house and look for a window." Elliot radioed back to Leroy.

"Roger that." Leroy set off to look for the window and quickly spotted one over the other side of the house.

"Got it." Leroy radioed back and tapped on it.

"Okay." Elliot noticed the tapping on the window and decided to see if it would actually open.

Elliot quietly got up and walked over to the small blackish glass, at a closer look he realised it was caked in dust. Elliot pushed hard against the window before pulling it. Even the jiggling of the handle didn't work.

Knowing he was going to have to smash the window he radioed back to Leroy with the same information.

"Make sure you stand back." Was all Leroy said.

Elliot did as he was told.

Several seconds later the window was smashed in by a blunt object. Leroy laid Elliot's jacket across the frame before shinning a torch into the disheveled room.

Eliot was back to Olivia's side and slowly trying to help her stand.

"I can do it El." Olivia winged as she tried to stand.

After falling on her arse several times she accepted the help.

Eventually she was standing but walking was a whole other story.

"Why don't I just carry you?" Elliot asked for the seventh time as the wind outside howled.

"Fine!" Olivia finally conceded.

"Okay, here we go." Elliot lifted Olivia before carrying her back to the window.

As the window only reached his shoulder Elliot had to lift her higher. Once Olivia was being pulled through by Leroy Elliot hoisted himself up.

Once they were back on the same level an ambulance had been called. Elliot reached out to stroke Olivia's hair and run his fingers down her back. When he came into contact with something wet he pulled his hand away.

Olivia's blood was smeared across his fingers.


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