alone (again)

The night is cool as Regulus steps out of number 12, Grimmauld Place (the sun is setting). He could have Apparated right away, but he just wants to walk down the street, to feel the breeze in his hair, to see other people that did not have a care in the world – he wants to feel alive, one last time.

He takes deep breaths as he begins to walk. He glances at the beautiful purple sky and regrets the absence of stars. He passes a pretty Muggle girl of about his age and startles as she speaks to him.

"What time is it, please?"

Regulus doesn't even remember the last time someone spoke to him so candidly, without uttering words involving fight or death. It's refreshing, and Regulus smiles.

"Nine o'clock," he replies.

The girl smiles back and Regulus wants to engrave the image in his mind forever.

"Thanks," she says.

She walks away and he feels a lump in his throat as he realizes these are the last words he will ever hear; in less than an hour he would be in the cave, alone again…

Perhaps if he denies the fact that he is going to die, he will feel less scared.

He watches as the girl disappears around the corner and then looks up at the sky again; this time he pays more attention and sees a single star twinkling in the distance. The most shining stars of all… Sirius.

Regulus runs towards it, feeling suddenly free, for the first and last time of his life.

The sound of feet
Running in
The empty street

The last step of your fight,
Follow the light.

The stars that sigh,
Twinkling in
The purple sky

The wind chases your fright,
Follow the light,

The darkest light
Shimmering in
The summer night