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1: Prologue.

October 21, 2015

07:25 PM PST

"Marty! Marty! Marty! Come! Quick!" 1985 "Doc" Emmett L. Brown yelled. Normally he didn't became so overstrain, but that was else when you just saw your friend's girlfriend fainting. And that while you're busying avoiding a paradox, you're worrying about the space-time continuum and about women in the Old West.

1985 Marty Senior saw Doc and ran over to his friend. Something really important must've happened. He decided to run off. That's why he didn't hear three loud sonic booms and the DeLorean landing outside the future McFly household.

Inside the house, the family saw how 2015 Jennifer had fainted. "What the hell?" 2015 Marty muttered. His own wife was lying there out cold, with the bag from job still in her hand. It looked like she had seen a ghost. While he took care of her, Marty Junior, their son, looked at his mother who lied there unconscious wondering what the hell might have happened. He ran off to warn his grandparents when he heard some strange noises outside. Comparing this to the three loud sonic booms he had heard earlier on he decided he should find out what the hell was going on. The teen went out of the house and saw something strange.

A girl, who looked much like his mom, was carried by a man from about fifty-five and a young man who looked exactly like him! Marty Jr was amazed. Who were these guys? He ran over to their car, where they just arrived, and tried to hide behind a few dustbins. After he saw some crazy car had floated them aside, he hided behind the bushes.

"She encountered her future self and went into shock, just as I predicted" the old man said. "She'll be fine – let's get her back to 1985. And then I'm gonna destroy the time machine!"

"Time machine?" Marty Junior asked himself, puzzling inside his head. Time machine didn't exist, did they? But where did those sonic booms then came from? He kept wondering who these guys were, pretending to be from 1985. He moved closer to the car.

"Destroy it?" MJ's look-alike asked. "But what about all that stuff about humanity. Where we are going and why?" Marty Jr had to agree with him. If it would exist, he also didn't like a time machine to be destroyed. Then still, these guys sure were insane.

"The risk is just too great as this incident proves" the old man informed him. He opened the door and he and the young boy put the girl who looked like MJ's mom inside. Marty Jr moved closer again. The old man continued yelling. "And I was having responsibly! Just imagine the risk that the time machine would fall in the wrong hands!"

"Time machine… this is a time machine!" Marty Jr said to himself. He didn't believe himself at first, but it was the only reason to explain those look-alikes. Then he shook his head. No. It couldn't be. But his interest was made.

"My only regret" the old man yelled, "is that I never get a chance to visit my favourite historical era – the old west. But time travel is just too dangerous." He looked into the air. "Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe – women."

Both the young man and the old man step in the car. Then Marty Jr made a decision. He ran over to the car, opened the back and hided himself in it just in time, because the wheels lifted up.

"Marty, Einie" the old man said, "brace yourselves for temporal displacement."

The car headed up faster and faster. Marty Jr heard they were on the skyway. What he didn't know was that when the vehicle reached eighty-eight miles per hour, it broke the time barrier.