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A Small Life
Chapter 1

Everything was going so well. Haruka and I got married. That was nearly five years ago. I remember it so well, almost like it was yesterday. She insisted on taking me to the U.S. to tour the country for two weeks. I told her over and over again how absurd it would be and that we should just go to the ocean for a week, then be back to our normal lives. But I finally gave in to her, she told me how much fun it would be and that the people in the southern states were so nice. You see she'd been there several times before, for her races. But I had never been able to travel there with her.

I think she realized how jealous I had appeared when she brought home pictures of the cities she'd visited. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I wanted to kill her because she went to their pride parade, alone. She teases me by telling me that when she was there she couldn't keep the girls off of her. That I do believe, but I trust my Haruka, she didn't do anything. She's got too much of a guilty conscious to hide anything from me.

I remember one time she told me that during one of her dinner dates with her manager, that her manager was a man. She was only trying to keep me from getting jealous. But I knew otherwise, I trusted her, and it only took her a week before she cracked and told me the truth. I laugh now when I think about it, she begged me for a month to forgive her for lying. Oh the fun I had with that one…But that's another story, not enough time now for that.

"Good morning Michi." Haruka looked up from the stove, she had been cooking breakfast. A habit she'd become accustomed too lately.

"Morning…what's for breakfast?" She sat at the kitchen table, watching the tall blonde at the stove.

"Eggs and sausage sound good to you?" Haruka looked back at the love of her life, then walked across the kitchen to give her a tall glass of orange juice.

"Sounds great." She grabbed her glass to take a sip of the juice.All of those times seem like they were not so long ago. Oh…what am I doing. I started talking about my marriage, I'm sorry. I get so easily sidetracked whenever I think of my precious Haruka. So, yes, I finally gave in to her. And for two weeks we traveled from coast to coast. It was rather quite amazing. I never imagined that one country could have gaping valleys and scorching heat, then travel a hundred miles north and you're a mile up in the mountains and need snow boots.

We started our trip in New York, New York. And let me just say…I thought Tokyo was packed. I learned quickly that it was much safer to walk through town then it was to even attempt to drive. Even Haruka, with her driving, hated it in NYC. After two days there we jumped on a plane down to Orlando. She took me to Disney World there. It was like I was a kid all over again. Visiting the Epcot center, and after much debate, I won over some time in Typhoon Lagoon. Haruka knows she can't keep me away from water for very long. Every hotel we stayed in had a pool of some sort, I made sure of that. Three days later we jumped on another plane, this time to Las Vegas. I don't think we slept at all during that week we spent there. We did a little bit of gambling during the day, then went to shows in the evening. Then…had some fun at night. If you know what I mean.

The last few days of our trip we spent in Aspen, Colorado. It was gorgeous up there. I was content just sitting on the cabin's back porch, watching my sweet eat snow in a vein attempt at snowboarding. I enjoyed being nice and warm, sipping my hot cocoa as time after time she hit the snow. She was able to talk me into skiing with her. I tried warning her that I'd leave her in my dust, that it was a water thing, but she only laughed at me. Then I left her behind, the art of skiing coming to me naturally. As I said, it was a water thing.

Our trip was so much fun. But it all seemed to end in an instant when we got on that plane from Denver to come home. It didn't seem as though we had been away long enough. Even though it was for two weeks, it surely didn't feel like it. Our lives quickly resumed when we got home though. Haruka rushed back to the track, and I, back to my violin and easel.

To have those times back again…

Oh let your mind wander, because I'm not giving you ANY clues as to what's going to happen, or what's already happening.