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A Small Life
Chapter 4

Five Years Later...

You always hear about how the dead don't remember how they die. That they don't remember anything from their living being. But I do. I keep a watchful eye over Haruka and little Michi. She's growing up so quickly. Haruka seems like she's having a hard time keeping up with her anymore. You're not the track star you once were my love. I wish I could be there with them, playing with them, talking with them, hugging them. Then the day came. Little Michi was only 5 years old. She was old enough to understand why mommy wasn't there anymore...

"Papa, where's mommy at?" Michi tugged at Haruka's pant leg. "The kids asked me about mommy. Where is she?"

Haruka was at a loss for words. How would she explain that her mother died from giving birth. What if she blamed herself for Michiru's death. She sat down at the bench and pulled the little girl onto her lap. "Well, mommy's gone."

"When will she be back? I want to meet her."

The blond took a deep breath before continuing. "She's not here anymore. She passed away."

"What's that mean?" The inquisitive little girl chimed.

"Well...Remember when your little froggy wouldn't wake up and papa buried him in the back yard?" The little girl sniffled and nodded. She loved that little frog. "That's what happened to mommy."

"So you buried her in the back yard?"

Haruka couldn't help but laugh at the question. "No. But she was buried. Would you like to see her?" The little girl nodded. "Alright, go tell your friends you'll see them next week, alright?" The little girl hopped off of her lap and ran to the group of other girls that were waiting on her.

I don't think I could have put it any better Ruka. Michi knows what death is, even at such a young age, she's experienced it. It will definitely help her understand more when you show her my gravestone honey.

They walked through the lush grass, passing granite stones and marble stones before coming to a extravagant marble headstone. "Here she is honey." Haruka fought off tears as she looked down at the name.

The little girl walked up to the stone and read the words out loud "Michiru Kaiou, loving partner and missed mother, March 25, 1975 - April 12, 2002" the brunette looked up at her papa. "I have mommy's name?"

Haruka only nodded, she was unable to hide her tears anymore. She cried each and every time she visited the tombstone. "Yea, I gave you that name, so I would never forget her." She knelt down next to the little girl and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

"She died on my birthday..right?"

"No, it was a week after. Your birthday's on the 5th honey, remember? If you let me wait until the 12th to give you your gifts you'd kill me." The little girl giggled, then snuggled into her papa's arms.

I'll never leave you alone. Either of you. I'll always be there with you. When you think you're alone, just think of me and I'll be there. I miss you both so much. Each day I long to be one of the living again. To walk with you both and be a complete family. But that can never be.

-The End-

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