The First Time Teenage Remix V.06

(Dreamed in pink plastic: hecan'thelpbuttakeyoubackoneday)

His tool belt was heavy at his waist and Youichi was waiting at the station for him in his uniform. The blond had that deceptive look of calm on his dagger-light face, but Gen knew him better than that. Gen knew that that faraway expression was dangerous. Knew that the further Youichi got from the world—and god was he faraway already—the deeper he sunk into his own mind. His mind: the dark caverns where he kept everything, and there was always room for more.

Gen knew it was that look which kept Hiruma from sleeping at night; from holding still, from forgetting.

Their eyes met from across the station. Met for the first time as a man and a schoolboy and Hiruma's eyes were so calm as he approached with the weightless menace of a monsoon. He latched on rigor-mortis-and-bone at Musashi's wrist.

"What is your profession, sir?" And Hiruma was never this quiet or this polite and Gen could see him trembling with the effort it took to maintain it.

Youichi's fingertips were not as soft as some might have supposed and Gen dragged the fresh painful blisters of his palm along Hiruma's cheek in reply. He had to let him see the way they bled, the way this was different, but in plain view of every person in the station, Hiruma turned his head and sunk his gleaming white teeth into Musashi's exposed wrist, his own kind of reply.

And Gen found himself mumbling. "I'm… a carpenter."

"Carpenter," Hiruma repeated, lips kissing the bloody mark he'd left. His eyes fluttered upwards—more like bats than butterflies, the gleam of florescent lighting like the fangs of the winged. "I'm sure that keeps you busy."

Gen felt himself shuddering and drew his hand away, but Hiruma laced their fingers and found his way into the pocket of Gen's slacks.

"Filthy old man, preying on innocent schoolboys, fucking pedophile," Hiruma laughed, rasping.

That wild energy came flooding out of him and Gen felt sick to his stomach; poisoned by it. He wished Youichi would stop, but he had no right to ask. He just tightened his fingers around Hiruma's long bony hand.

"Are you coming home with me?" He felt so much like a child. He hated Hiruma for that and he hated the way Hiruma chewed his gum beside him like a vapid schoolboy.

"You'll have to pay me in cash, sir," the boy taunted.

Gen didn't bother pleading with him, simply nodded and pulled him onto the train as it rolled in.

- - - - - -

"There once was an unlucky boy who thought he needed to be a man and now Hiruma Youichi will never let him go back again."

(Blood trickled on the sheets that night.)