Okay, this is pretty big now, and I've had a request for a dedicated listing of al the characters involved, as it's getting to be quite confusing now. Don't worry, there's only about five or six main characters, most of the others are just minor characters. So, below is a Dramatis Personae section, giving a full (or nearly full - I'll edit it as the planning of this gets ever more complete, and some of the as-yet-unnamed characters get names) list of everyone in it, along with their machines and armaments.

The story: many, many thanks to everyone who reviews this! This story has quickly become my favourite of the five or six I've got ongoing right now, and it's all thanks to the positive reviews I've recieved from all of you!

An outline: A battlefleet of the Adeptus Mechanicus discovers the Gundam Wing universe deep in the southern rim of the galaxy. What the Gundam Wing inhabitants know as Earth is in fact a world colonised in the depths of the Dark Age of Technology, and terraformed to look like a paradisical version of ancient Terra. In search of lost knowledge, the Adeptus Mechanicus journey to 'Earth', but upon arrival, they are horrified by the technoheresy of the inhabitants, and declare a war in the name of the Omnissiah. Titans and Gundams clash in furious conflict, and the fleet of the Mechnicus is unleashed in the conflict ahead. Strife and destruction scours the planet, rending friendships and alliances alike with ruthless abandon. Follow the Princeps and the Pilots through the fires of war, as everyhthing they have ever known is turned on its head.

Ferrum Dominus

Dramatis Personae

Adeptus Mechanicus forces:


Naval Personnel:

Vaelor Romana - Captain of the Leviathan

Daeron Horkk - Captain of the Deus Mechanicus

Chanas Wochal - Lieutenant and second-in-command of the Leviathan

Holana Grayval - Captain of the Honourblade

Poran Veritas - Ensign aboard the Honourblade


Adeptus Titanicus:

Daenor Varnn - Princeps of Glorificus Irae

Hieronymous Forlan - Princeps of Sanctus Vires

Kiera Lochast - Princeps of Vulgus Ruina

Silas Xanax - Princeps of Mors Mortis

Laenor Voshe - Princeps of Cruor Imperius

Adrax Torael - Princeps of Mors Ignis

Selorna Baraksh - Princeps of Morior Sanctus

Adamus Krieg - Princeps of Dominus Cruor



Phylaer Morleth - Captain, 2nd company

Victor Canonizado - Lieutenant, 2nd company, 1st platoon

Garek Kalz - Skitarii, 2nd company, 1st platoon

Drex Ularnt - Skitarii, 2nd company, 1st platoon

Hylar Maravex - Skitarii, 2nd company, 1st platoon

Junt Fornish - Skitarii, 2nd company, 1st platoon

Fordan Burn - Tank commander, the Flame of Terra

Zeriel Holdar - Tank Commander, the Bastion Imperialis

Peryndas Jaltren - Tank Commander, the Cleansing Flame


Adeptus Mechanicus:

Vanaxorus Koranek - Archmagos Veneratus, overall commander of the fleet

Geard Heldengraf - Techpriest Adept, assigned to the Honourblade

World Nation Forces:


Treize Kushrenada - Overall commander of the World Nation

Relena Peacecraft - Queen of the World Nation

Alexander Bosun - General

Darian Zwei - General

Manfred Chellan - Pilot for Relena Peacecraft

Dorothy Catalonia - Diplomat


Heero Yuy - Pilot of Wing Zero

Duo Maxwell - Pilot of Deathscythe

Trowa Barton - Pilot of Heavyarms

Quatre Rabera-Winner - Pilot of Sandrock

Chang Wufei - Pilot of Altron

White Fang:

Milliardo Peacecraft - Pilot of Epyon, commander of White Fang

Lucrezia Noin - Lieutenant to Milliardo Peacecraft

Quinze - Captain of the Libra

Vehicles and ships

Adeptus Mechanicus:

Deus Mechanicus - Ark Mechanicus, flagship

In Gloriam Annihilatum - Oberon-class Battleship

Leviathan - Tyrant-class Cruiser

Medusa's Stare - Dictator-class Cruiser

Emperor's Hammer - Endeavour-class Light Cruiser

Crimson Blade - Defiant-class Light Cruiser

Honourblade - Heavy Transport

Halcyon - Light Transport


Flame of Terra - Leman Russ Conqueror

Bastion Imperialis - Leman Russ Demolisher

Cleansing Flame - Hellhound


Glorificus Irae - Emperor-class Titan (Hellstorm cannon, plasma annihilator, quake cannon, MRL)

Sanctus Vires - Warlord-class Titan (Quake cannon, volcano cannon, MRL)

Vulgus Ruina - Warlord-class Titan (Volcano cannon, gatling blaster, MRL)

Mors Mortis - Warlord-class Titan (gatling blaster, gatling blaster, Titan close combat weapon)

Cruor Imperius - Warhound-class Titan (plasma blastgun, Vulcan mega-bolter)

Mors Ignis - Warhound-class Titan (inferno cannon, Vulcan mega-bolter)

Morior Sanctus - Warhound-class Titan (Turbo laser destructor, plasma blastgun)

Dominus Cruor - Warhound-class Titan (Vulcan mega-bolter x2)


Mobile Suits/battleships:

Wing Zero - Gundam 00 (beam cannon, beam sabre)

Deathscythe - Gundam 02 (beam scythe)

Heavyarms - Gundam 03 (machinegun, blade)

Sandrock - Gundam 04 (twin heat blades)

Altron - Gundam 05 (twin claws, beam pike, flamethrowers)

Epyon - (beam sabre, heat lash)

Tallgeese III - (cannon, beam sabre)

Libra - Battleship (main cannon, beam cannons)

Part 1

The sky burned. Roiling waves of fire swept across the planet, consuming everything in their path. The stench of smoke and burned flesh filled the air, seeming somehow more horrific in the silence. The burning beams of Lance strikes blazed down through the firestorm, destroying the last remnants of civilisation from orbit.

And, amidst it all, stood a solitary metal giant.

The massive, Emperor-class Titan stayed immobile as it was buffeted by the scorching storm, access ports closed and sensors retracted. It's immense form towered over the ruins of the planet, over a hundred meters tall, bristling with weaponry. The heavy noise of its plasma reactor and internal systems was muted by the crackling, roaring fires.

Inside, Daenor Varnn looked up from his command throne. "Sensors," he said, wearily.

"Nothing, Princeps," replied his communications Moderati. "The firestorm has left us blind."

Daenor closed his eyes. "Very well," he said. "Moderatii. Bring the weapons back online."

The five Moderatii operating the Glorificus Irae's weapon systems nodded briskly. The Moderati Primus, Septis Grauf, turned to face Daenor as he activated his station once more.

"Sir," he said, "why do we need the weapons? Surely the firestorm will have killed any threats by now? Even the other Titans had to withdraw from this."

Daenor leaned forwards, his arms resting on his command throne. "It is better to be prepared, and for naught to happen, than to be unprepared when something does happen. I will not have this Titan damaged because of arrogance and assumptions."

Septis nodded, and turned back to his station, slipping the neural linkages into place with a slight hiss. Daenor activated his throne, and braced himself as he felt the hair-thin linkages crawl over his skin. They burrowed inwards in a sharp burst of pain, and then he closed his eyes as he felt the soothing wash of energy that engulfed him, the Titan's machine spirit merging with his mind. There was a brief moment of conscious communication, a connection, and then he became the Glorificus Irae completely.

When he opened his eyes again, he did not see the interior of the command chamber, but instead he looked directly out into the firestorm, his vision that of the Glorificus Irae itself, flickering and grainy as the newly activated sensors tried to cope with the temperature. A slight distraction at the back of his mind, and he knew that the weapons systems were online.

"Hellstorm Cannon, prepare for pre-engagement testing," he said, his voice now the cold, artificial grate of the Titan's internal comms. In the back of his mind, he felt the acknowledgement come through, terse and strong. To his right, a massive shape rose into view, dragged upwards by his arm, grinding and flaring as its capacitors charged and its mechanisms activated. He shuddered as he felt the weapon's machine spirit rise.

-to break burn kill destroy slay the enemy slaughter in His name-

The Hellstorm Cannon locked into place, held directly perpendicular to his body. Vents crackled with energy discharges as it built up to firing potential, and each of the five barrels cycled open, ready to fire.

"All systems optimal," he said. "Hellstorm Cannon ready to fire. Plasma Annihilator, prepare for pre-engagement testing."

His left arm snapped and crackled with movement as the bulky weapon rose slowly from its idle position. Coils of blue fire played along its length, casting mad shadows in the flame-lit gloom. Arcs of energy leapt from the weapon as it began to hum softly, cells charging and systems activating. The weapon was immense; the barrel had enough space for a tank to fit within, with room to spare, and the row of power cells encircling the Plasma Annihilator glowed from within with blue energies.

-slay them consume them in flames burn them to nothing annihilate-

The weapon locked into place, aimed forwards. "All systems optimal. Plasma Annihilator ready to fire," he said, intoning the Ritual of Activation. "Quake Cannon, prepare for pre-engagement testing."

Systems groaned as the artillery weapon lifted into place amidst the gothic spires of the fortress mounted atop his shoulders. Its barrel was huge, over sixty meters in length, and nearly a dozen in diameter. The ammunition rack snapped into place below it, six massive shells, each the size of an armoured vehicle, held ready to be fired. The weapon's machine spirit was quiet, as though humble, but the Glorificus Irae knew that it could be as bloodthirsty as the others, given the opportunity.

"All systems operational. Quake Cannon ready to fire. Multiple Rocket Launcher, prepare for pre-engagement testing."

Ports slid smoothly open on the Titan's armoured body, each one housing a military-grade missile launcher, complete with guidance sensors. The Titan housed over a score of these weapons, a last resort in case of critical damage rendering its primary weapons inoperable. he had yet to fire this weapon. So far, he had never come that close to harm.

"All systems operational. Multiple Rocket Launcher ready to fire. Open communications link with the fortress."

As he spoke, he activated the comms, connecting with the fortress constructed atop the Titan's shoulders. The huge construction was Imperial bunker grade, bristling with anti-air weapons and long range artillery. His senses filled with momentary static as the communication links were established, and then the static faded.

"Fortress, this is the Glorificus Irae. Request weapons armed. Brace for action."

There was a delay, as Commander Orteth unsealed the fortress. It had been shielded as a precaution against the firestorm, to protect both the inhabitants and the weaponry. Unfortunately, the shielding also broke communications.

"Glorificus Irae, this is Commander Orteth. Point defence weapons armed, all hands braced." Orteth knew enough not to question the Princeps over such matters. The privilege of seniority was never having to explain your decisions.

"Open communications with the 701st."

There was another hiss as he patched through communications to the company of Skitarii garrisoned in the barracks within his leg carapace. "701st, this is the Glorificus Irae. Brace for movement."

The reply was delayed, and filled with static. The firestorm was playing hell with the systems. "This is Captain Brynth, acknowledged. Braced for movement."

"All systems, begin activation," he said. He shuddered as it straightened, the huge servos within its limbs whirring to life at the completion of the Ritual of Activation. Charred earth shifted under the Glorificus Irae's feet as they braced, wide apart. Long range scanners, heavily armoured against the hostile conditions, extended from the fortress.

He blinked, and the data feeds from the scanners were superimposed over his vision. The thermal-imaging auspices were dormant, useless in the firestorm. He smiled, and the Titan's head lifted slowly, staring emotionlessly forwards into the cloudless, seared sky.

"Open communication with the Deus Mechanicus."

Extreme-range communication spires rose from the fortress, obeying his command. The Mechanicus was the flagship of the fleet, an immense Ark Mechanicus. Both a repository of recovered technology and knowledge, and a powerful battleship, the Deus Mechanicus formed the core of the large Adeptus Mechanicus force around the planet.

"Glorificus Irae, this is shipmaster Horkk, of the Deus Mechanicus. Communications acknowledged. Praise the Omnissiah."

"For Knowledge is power," replied the Glorificus Irae. "Requesting orders from Archmagos Koranek. All systems active."

"Request acknowledged. Referring request to the Archmagos."

After a moment of static, the comm activated again. "Glorificus Irae, you are cleared to approach the pickup zone. All hostiles confirmed destroyed. Their techno-heresy is ended. Deus Mechanicus."

"Orders confirmed. Moving now." He broke off the communication link. With a thought, the Titan's legs began to move, carrying it across the scorched wasteland that had once been a hive city.

Verdis VIII had been found guilty of techno-heresy of the highest order. The hive world had engaged in heretical practises, including Dismantlement and Reverse-Engineering, as well as Applied Logic and Intuition. His lips twisted. Such heresy could not be allowed to go unpunished, and the Adeptus Mechanicus had fallen upon Verdis with an entire fleet, freshly dispatched to the Eye. Verdis had only been a short detour towards the galactic south, and the Archmagos had deemed it prudent to divert the whole fleet, to truly show what it was to defy the Mechanicus.

Due to its location, Verdis had escaped retribution for nearly three millennia, but there could be no hiding from the Omnissiah's judgement. Though their crimes had been forgotten by the perpetrator's descendants, retribution would be exacted. Verdis was razed to the ground, every block of ferrocrete torn down and destroyed, every soul cleansed in purifying flame, every living thing annihilated.

Such was the power and the will of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Deus Mechanicus.