It All Started With A Broken Heart

Part 1


Song by Finger 11

Hello All!! As you can see, all these various one shots will be sort of based off of my fic "How To Save A Broken Heart". They will either be before, after, during, or else where. I may also go with some of the themes from "Scars Never Fade" too but I have to ask Crys first. Mainly the pairings will be Newt/OC, Jason (Stickler, my friends, and you people really need to understand that, no 'fense)/OC, and a little Newt/Meena mentioned.

Hopefully my rant made some sense. Most of these fics will be songfics. Bare with me guys!

Without further ado, here's Paralyzer. (I have no clue when this takes place. It just sounded REALLY COOL when I heard this song!)

A dance floor, a guy, and a girl. Sounds cliché right? So wrong. This was no normal girl, no normal boy, and this would probably end up as a not so normal dance.

Newt Livingston stood across the Washington Prep gym eyeing a blonde girl in a fire engine red dress on the other side of the dance floor. He put his back against the wall and sighed, taking a small sip of his punch that vaguely reminded him of the girl's dress.

He kept glancing at her every once and a while as the music boomed out of the speakers. She was talking to Candy Smiles who Newt had always assumed was her somewhat friend. She caught his glance suddenly and shot him a very alluring look over her bare shoulder before turning back around.

Newt's breath hitched as he felt the punch slosh in the cup from his reaction. The things Rebel Marie Samuels could do to this boy. She was the only girl he knew of that could make his breath get faster, his knees lock, and his mind wander into areas a fifteen year old boy shouldn't be going into.

Sure, Jessica Maldonado was beautiful, and smart, but she didn't give off the air that Rebel did. The air that she was the hottest thing to walk this earth turned him on, no matter how snobby it made her look.

His mind began to drift off into a scene that involved himself and Rebel in a heated dance in the center of the dance floor. God knows if she could make him stand in a dead trance with one inviting look, that dance would be enough to make him lose control.

He walked over to the punch bowl, which was a tad bit closer to Rebel and refilled his cup. She watched him with a silent wonder as he glanced over at her. She bit her lip and slowly grazed her teeth against her fiery red lipgloss and looked him up and down.

This time, Newt dropped his now full cup back into the punch bowl, leaving the Styrofoam cup floating on the surface of the red liquid. He looked back over at her, his cheeks boiling with a red tint as he awkwardly tried to divert his eyes to another scene besides the girl.

He still ended up looking over at her. She gave him a sly smile, a brief laugh, and then an eye roll. Newt swallowed hard as he stood there in some sort of trance.

Even though he kept his eyes locked over to where she was standing, he still never saw her walking towards him. She stood dead in front of him with an unknown emotion in her eyes.

Newt's eyes widened as he opened his mouth instinctively, even though know words came out.

"Later Livingston" she said, giving him a poke in the chest with her index and middle finger, and exiting the gym leaving Newt standing there, paralyzed.

I'm still imagining a dark lit place,

Or your place or my place,

Well, I'm not paralyzed,

But I seem to be struck by you,

I wanna make you move,

Because you're standing still,

If your body matches what your eyes can do,

You'll probably move right through me,

On my way to you.

Finger 11, "Paralyzer"