Inspired by LaPaige's fic Taste.

It's an amazing Camp Rock fic, check it out!

This is so random too and has nothing really to do with the whole "IASWABH" thing, well it does have a few R/N references.

R e b e l tastes like pain, Newt Livingston decides.

Her kisses were silent screams of pain, regret, and sorrow,

And the constant reminder that the second she starts to heal from her mother's death,

He'll just be the Lizard once more.

N e w t tastes like anger to Mack.

When she kissed him, she was constantly reminded of how smothering he is, her mother's behavior, and that her best friend's lips had entered this territory before.

He may say he loves her, but deep down, she'll always wonder what happened to his spark for Rebel.

Deep, deep, down, she thinks on the fact it may still be there.

J a s o n tastes like love to Rebel.

Every kiss they've shared had been out of pure, untouched, innocent, love.

He may not have been her first kiss, but she was his and that's all that mattered.

He loved her unconditionally and that's what she had always wanted.

M e e n a tastes like nothing to Max.

When Max kissed Meena, he felt nothing. He went through the motions. He pictured himself kissing Rebel instead.

When he simply ran into Rebel, knocking her down to the floor, a thousand sparks went off through his body.

With Meena, it's just emptiness, knowing he'll never have what he wants, because she is what everyone wants.

And he can't keep up.

J o e tastes like guilt to Rebel.

R e b e l tastes like lust to Joe.

Every kiss and touch has been out of lust that has been covered up by sharing "I love you's" here and now.

She's intoxicated by his smell, his eyes, and his body.

He loves the smoldering looks Rebel can unintentionally give and the way that her hips sway when she walks.

She loves that he's nothing like Jason.

He loves that she's a lot like Mandy.

It's been the unsaid truth since day one.

It's also truth that Rebel loves Jason, not Joe.

But they both won't give up their game,

N e w t tastes like victory to Meena.

When Meena finally landed Newt as her own, she felt the amazing feeling of finally being victorious.

She had beaten Rebel at her own game, and gave her best friend Mack a run for her money.

When she kissed him in front of them, she felt there glare through her back, and it was the best feeling she'd ever had.

She had finally defeated her childhood bully, by being a bully.

She fought fire with fire.

She had won.

C a n d y tastes like annoyance to Cory.

He's always so annoyed when she comes around. The sound of her voice, the nickname, everything, makes him want to run far away from her.

Her kisses were a constant thing, when she says hi, when she leaves, when they dance together.

It's 24/7.

She annoys his friends, changes Rebel's cheerleading routines, and makes snide comments about Meena's clothes.

He knows he doesn't want her, but she's the only girl that's crazy about him.

He'd take the notoriety over his true feelings any day.

R e b e l tastes like betrayal to Jason.

Ever since he kissed her for the first time, then ran out, Jason felt betrayed when he kissed Rebel.

He had heard the rumors. He was happy to have finally told her how he felt and she ran.

Then, there was the day he turned on Capitol Beat and there was a reporter talking about the Jonas Brothers, and the next thing he knew, a picture of his girlfriend flashed up on the screen kissing Joe Jonas.

They were having problems, but they had never broken up yet.

It hurt, but he tried to blow it off, even though it drove him crazy inside.

When they finally made up, the kissed again.

He felt great, until, as they were walking away, Mack turned towards Rebel and mouthed the word "Jonas".

He pursed his lips then looked down.

It wasn't meant for him to fall in love.