D sighed as the boat floated slowly away from the island. Ashley the girl who he had befriended was leaving and he didn't have the heart to stop her. He watched with sad eyes until the boat was out of sight. He then slowly made his way back to the house. He had been so close to getting his memory's back when she left. He floated into franny's room and sat on her dusty bed. A bright light filled the pink room. D looked up. A teen girl was standing in the middle of the floor." Who are you!?" he cried. The girl smiled.

"Hello Daniel." She said D looked surprised at her. He was confused and she knew it.

"I have a gift for you Daniel." she said gently. He stared at her.

"Ashley right? That was the girl whom you befriended…?" Franny asked. D just nodded.

"Do you wish to see her again?"

"Oh yes." D cried. The girl smiled.

"Well I can give you your life back," she said with a bright smile

"You…you can?" D asked

The girl nodded with yet another bright smile.

"Hold still" she commanded. She raised her hand flat in front of her mouth. D noticed some powder in her palm. She blew gently so the powder sprinkled over D. He suddenly felt very tired and very sleepy. He opened his eyes and noticed he wasn't in franny's room but instead he was…