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Sakura rushed to her locker, she was going to her last class of the day, art. The problem was…the teacher made her stay an extra minute to go over something new, she had a cold recently and missed school on a test day, not good if you want to impress your teachers for scholarships. She was rushing to gather her books from her locker. Sakura grabbed her sketch pad and a number 2 pencil and slammed her locker shut.

Sakura dodged a few people who still weren't in class and scrambled to get to class, then she collided with someone…who was walking the same way as her! Sakura stood up, she knocked over a man with long blond hair. Sakura apparently hit the sensitive place on her hand where she had gotten an I.V. when her friends dragged her to the hospital claiming she had too high of a fever. Sakura hissed in pain and bit her lip, then the bell rang.

"I am s-sorry" Sakura said as she helped the man up, he truly looked like a girl. Sakura didn't mistake him for a girl though.

"Ow, that hurt, un" The blond replied.

"Dang, I'm late for class Sasori-sensei is gonna be mad" Sakura growled and picked up her stuff, running off into class. Sakura panted as she entered class and sat down "Sorry Sensei, I ran into someone" Sakura said.

"Don't worry, everyone I want you to draw and paint a picture of your favorite animal, apparently their club is having a 'save the animals' benefit" Sasori started taking attendance until someone entered the room. Everyone turned except Sakura, who was too occupied drawing a raven with it's wings spread and screeching in the air.

"Sorry, un. I ran into someone" The blond said.

'Same problem as me…wait, that sounds like the person I ran into' Sakura turned to see him looking at Sasori, glad he didn't recognize her. Sakura turned and continued drawing the raven. She was drawing on a large piece of paper on a wooden art stand.

"Don't worry Deidara, class this is my friend Deidara and he will be helping out with the drawings and telling you what to improve on, he's a very good artist" Sasori smiled. "Go ahead Deidara." Sasori walked to his desk and sat down to do more work and finish attendance.

"Ne, Sensei, can I draw too, un?" Deidara asked.

"Sure, I guess it wouldn't hurt…has to be an animal, go sit next to Sakura." Sasori said and pointed to Sakura.

Sakura sighed, 'no getting out of this one huh?' Sakura thought to herself.

Deidara, or the blond…came and sat right next to Sakura, he seemed to recognize her and he smirked. Sakura looked him straight in the only eye visible, he was smirking…evil plot much? Sakura hoped he wouldn't talk to her, he looked like he was going to do something mean. Sakura felt someone look over her shoulder, it was him.

"Lopsided on the right, un" Deidara smiled.

"Oh I'm sorry danna, I don't see anything on your canvas" Sakura retorted and looked up at him.

"I haven't started, un" Deidara smiled.

"Exactly" Sakura turned back to her black and white portrait and continued.

"You know, it's not nice to make a mockery of your student teacher, un" Deidara turned and started on what he was making.

"Tell me that when I see one" Sakura growled out and erased onto something to give it the shadowy look.

"Enough you two, it's not nice to be mean to a lady" Sasori started but before he could say more Deidara came in.

"Tell me when I see one, un" Deidara started, he turned to Sakura.

Sakura turned to him "I am looking at one" Sakura mocked.

"Deidara, do I have to bring out pictures when you were 5?" Sasori smiled.

Deidara growled and Sakura laughed and turned to her raven. "No, un" Deidara replied and turned to the crow he was making.

"Sakura…stop making fun of Deidara…I don't think he can help the fact that his parent made him look like a girl" Sasori grumpily said, Sakura stopped laughing to see the whole class staring at the three. Sasori went off back to his seat.

For the remainder of class it was quiet, some students were ogling at Deidara and Sakura were pretty much silent unless Deidara scolded her art, he was there to do that much after all. Sakura just ignored him, her raven came out beautifully. After she was done she turned around and watched Deidara paint his crow.

Deidara just smirked, seemed like he enjoyed art and all. His crow was elegantly perching on a twig with it looking to the right, he truly was an artist. "I like it, not too bland or too much" Sakura whispered enough for him to hear.

"Yeah…well once you master art then you can tell me why your raven is lopsided, un" He retorted.

"Art isn't always perfection Deidara" Sakura said. Deidara didn't feel like arguing with her at the moment.

"Un" Was all he replied. Sakura picked a piece of his hair from his black shirt and tossed it to the ground, he looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

'Well I think he has the right, I have been leaning over his shoulder for about 15 minutes now' Sakura thought "Bad habit, sorry" Sakura heard the bell right and she looked up to where the noise was coming from. Deidara looked at for a moment, she turned a little, some of her mid-back length hair tickled his nose.

Sakura retreated from looking over her shoulder and picked up her bag and waved to Sasori and disappeared in the mob of students in the hallway. "Is school over, un?" Deidara asked.

"Yes" Sasori replied and Deidara set everything down.

"I gotta do something, un" Deidara said as he left, leaving his painting as Sakura had.

Sakura brushed a hand through her hair as she got onto a bus, she pulled out her MP3 and put one piece in her ear, she knew Ino would sit next to her and rant about stuff. Just on cue, Ino sat down next to Sakura and smiled. The bus headed off in Sakura's direction, she was the first to be dropped off.

"Hey Sakura, you know that boy Shikamaru?" Ino asked.

Sakura nodded. "What? Did he ask you out, your happy" Sakura smiled happily at her best friend.

"Yes! Well no…I kinda asked him out, see he was just sitting there looking at the ceiling and I made him say yes" Ino giggled.

The bus came to a halt at Sakura's stop and Sakura stood up. "Bye Ino" Sakura waved as she jumped off the bus.

"Bye Sa-Ku-Ra!" Ino yelled to her and the bus started up again. Sakura's street was by a intersection that was fairly busy, she was glad that the bus driver dropped her off on her side. The other side was filled with shops that a lot of people went to.

Sakura turned and walked on the sidewalk until she came to her street, then she turned left and continued down it. Sakura knew she would go to an empty house again, she sighed. Sakura thought about getting a room mate, but the last time she tried, the girl got so annoying. Luckily she moved out.

Sakura went up to her door and put her key in the lock 'That's odd' she thought 'I know I locked it this morning' Sakura grumbled and walked in, not bothering to lock it behind her 'your just imagining stuff' she told herself.

Sakura threw her backpack on the floor and she felt something was wrong, she looked around…of course she didn't see anyone, something felt strange though and she didn't like it much. Sakura went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth like she always did, she brushed them everyday after school. Sakura spit out the remaining water in her mouth and headed to her room. Sakura entered her room, she turned to see someone shut her door behind her.

"S-Sasuke?" Sakura asked as she backed up, every step she took backwards, he took forwards. "What are you doing here?" Sakura grumbled, she felt vulnerable.

"Sakura" he breathed out, Sakura backed up and she was cornered into the crease of her two walls that connected. Sakura looked up to see him looking straight at her, she felt nervous under his gaze.

"Why don't you go home, leave me alone!" Sakura yelled. Sasuke smirked and tugged at her shirt. Sakura felt helpless, but she wouldn't stand for this! Why the heck was he here?! She had already told him she didn't like him, didn't he detest her?

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