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Chapter 15: Tp leave her like that.

Sakura shot up in bed, she yawned first, thinking that nothing was wrong, but her stomach said otherwise. Sakura had a bad feeling, she looked around, where was Deidara? Sakura shot out of bed, nearly crying, where was he? He couldn't leave like this, she looked at the alarm clock, it was 8:48am.

Sakura ran through the house, looking for Deidara, he didn't leave her there alone did he? Sakura remembered the one part of the house where she didn't look, the basement. Sakura hurried down the steps and shot a look around, everything was in place, then Sakura looked to the easel, it was there…empty.

Something caught Sakura's eye, it was a piece of paper and then something shiny attached to it, it hung from the easel. Sakura walked slowly to it, she was scared of what the note said. Sakura grabbed the note, a bracelet was attached, it looked like black and pink swirled Sakura petals. Sakura opened the note firstly, it read:


I got this for you, you were sleeping, I wouldn't wake you, and you and me both know why. Don't try to come to me. I love you too much to give you up, I keep asking myself why you came into my life if I would leave you like this. You promised me you wouldn't move until I sent you a letter,


Sakura's tears smudged the ink, her right hand shot up to her mouth and she fell on her knees to the floor. He couldn't do this to her, Sakura coughed up a sob. 'Why Deidara, we broke both of our hearts. I ended up breaking yours too.' Sakura shakily got up. 'You can't leave me like this, I won't let you.' Sakura sniffed and shakily looked at the bracelet, ripping it from the tape that held it with the note. The note fell to the floor forgotten and Sakura gripped the bracelet tightly, she wouldn't dare to wear it.

Sakura shot up and ran to her boots, she zipped them up and looked up determined. Sakura shuddered and ran out the front door, slamming it behind her, she ran across the street, gripping the bracelet tighter. Sakura looked in front of her, there was a huge way to go, but she didn't care.

Sakura shot through the forest that laid before her, she cried freely and bushed the branches that got in her away, a few of them snagged at her shirt and her fishnet stockings, but each time, Sakura would run and tug herself free. Sakura was already getting tired of running, she really didn't care if she fell.

She ran past a tree with plenty of branches that tugged at every part of her body, Sakura threw herself past them. She fell to the floor and sobbed into her hands, Her black shirt had ripped at her ribs and then a sharp leaf placed a small bloody cut at Sakura's cheek. Sakura noticed she had dropped the bracelet and she searched for it violently. Sakura found it under a bunch of leafs.

Sakura looked at the bracelet and hiccupped. She got up and continued running until she came out of the forest to see a gate before her. Sakura grimaced and climbed the gate, she jumped over it into what seemed like a place for old cars to get smashed and put into rectangular boxes. Sakura caught her breath for a moment and then she heard growling and barks from behind her.

She didn't even want to look at them, tears blurred her vision as she ran for what seemed like her life, she had to see him. Sakura stopped because her legs gave out again, she looked behind her and one of the two dogs started gnawing at her arm, the other was tearing her fishnet stockings apart. Sakura yelped in pain and kicked and finally broke free and shot up and ran.

Sakura's hair was filled with some dirt that she had developed while she was kicking, she was glad she hadn't hurt the animals though. Sakura came to a fence that led out of the way, Sakura looked back to the dogs that were running for her and she started climbing. Sakura got to the top of the 6 foot fence and then the two dogs began barking and jumping on the fence. Sakura fell onto the other side and fell on her back, she let out a screech of pain.

'Don't leave Deidara, not without me! Please Deidara.' Sakura choked as she got back up and held her arm that the dog had been biting on, no wounds or blood was on it, not a single scratch, but it hurt badly. Sakura tripped over a thorn bush and gritted her teeth in pain, she wouldn't give up now.

Sakura tripped over herself, she could see a plane landing in that direction so she started walking in that direction with all the strength that she had. Sakura's face felt cold as ice when a breeze past, Sakura brought her right arm up and wiped the tears from her right cheek, now dirt covered some part of her right cheek.

Sakura could finally see the airport now, that gave her more strength as she looked at the bracelet. Sakura started jogging towards the airport and she fell a few times until she finally got there, her arm seemed better along with her leg and with her right hand, she held the left side of her stomach. Sakura entered the door, people stared at her and were probably calling security.

Sakura threw her dirty hair into a ponytail and she trudged on with the bracelet, she didn't think she could cry anymore. Sakura frantically looked around, there were three floors, what if he was on the second? What if he left before she could see him. Sakura bit her lip hard, she stopped at the taste of blood in her mouth, she swallowed unwillingly.

She would find Deidara, Sakura walked on, plenty of people eyeing her. Sakura glared at everyone and they backed off, she couldn't find him anywhere on the first floor, guards were eyeing her suspiciously and one even came up to her but she paid no attention to the guard and the woman walked off.

Sakura ran up the stairs to the second floor, her throat was dry and sore. Sakura was about to give up, but then something caught her eye. Sakura walked up to him, maybe two a yard from behind him. Deidara seemed to feel eyes on him and he turned. Tears slid from Sakura's eyes and down her bloody left cheek and dirty right cheek.

Deidara dropped everything that he was holding and choked up a sob, he hated seeing her in this condition. Deidara was shaking violently, Sakura's legs buckled beneath her and she nearly fell to the floor but Deidara caught her torso in time. Sakura's chin rested onto his left shoulder and her arms wrapped around his back and she pounded on his back until they fell to their knees.

"Deidara, how could you?" Sakura sobbed. "You broke my heart once, don't break it again." Sakura's fingers dug into his skin beneath his shirt. "Don't' leave me without saying goodbye, don't Deidara, don't" she sobbed at him.

"I-I" Deidara was shaking and had his arms around her back, he was actually crying. He couldn't manage to say anymore.

"I love you too much, don't leave me like that!" Sakura yelled to him. Sakura's energy gave out and the bracelet slid from her grasp and the metal hit the tile floor. Deidara heard the sound and backed up slightly to get a glimpse of what fell. Deidara let Sakura sit and held her hand but looked back to see the bracelet.

Deidara was squatting, his other hand slowly ran across the smooth floor until he reached the bracelet. He grabbed it tightly and a tear slid down his cheek, he loosened his tight grip on it and stared at the bracelet that sat in his hand, it was all wrong, all of this.

"I love you too." Deidara murmured as he slid the bracelet on her wrist. Deidara grazed her left cheek which held a cut. He finally looked her up and down, he did that to her. "I did that to you?" He choked.

Sakura's right hand traveled to his face. "No, I did it, for you. You can't just leave me and expect me to go away, I refuse." Sakura couldn't cry anymore she hiccupped out a sob.

"I hurt you, un." Deidara shook, mad at himself for causing her pain.

Sakura smiled. "Like I said, I did it for you." Sakura laughed sadly.

Deidara smiled at her sadly. "What happened?" Deidara asked.

Sakura's hand fell to her side once more. "I can't remember, it was a blur." Sakura leaned forward.

"Why did you come, un?" Deidara asked.

Sakura quickly leaned over and kissed him as hard as she could, he responded and wrapped an arm around her waist to make sure she wouldn't fall. "I came for that." Sakura smiled.

"For a kiss, un?" Deidara raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"You don't want to know how much it means to me." Sakura broke contact with him.

"Flight 178, boarding now!" The intercom beamed. Deidara's eyes widened as he heard it, it was his plane.

Deidara stared at her sadly, Sakura smiled at him and wrapped and arm around his back to hug him. "You promised me that you'd write?" Sakura asked as they both stood up, still hugging.

Deidara's eyes widened at the realization of leaving her, he wouldn't! he couldn't! "I won't leave you, un." Deidara argued.

"Trust me, you won't" Sakura responded as she broke apart from him. "Because I love you too much." The kissed again, they only broke when the intercom started up again.

"Last call for flight 178, last boarding call!" The intercom's voice stirred them.

They broke apart, Deidara was sad, he didn't want to leave her ever again. He handed her the keys to his car and kissed her again, lightly and quick. "I can-"

"No, now go and make it happen." Sakura smiled at him. Their hands broke apart and Sakura held his car keys.

"I love you." Deidara said seriously and turned, picked up his black suitcase and headed off.

"I love you too!" Sakura yelled sarcastically, a lot of people were crying and Sakura wondered why. Then it hit her and she blushed. Deidara gave her one last glance and smiled sadly.


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