Wait for a Commercial

Doctor Megan O'Bryan was in her office at the hospital, finishing up her lunch. She looked down at her watch and realized that she still had 15 minutes left of her break. She then saw the huge TV that she had installed in her office with over 9000 channels. Everyone know that Megan was in love with TV and if she could marry it she would. She turned it on and started to flipped through the channels. That's when she saw, one of her favorite shows when she was a teenager. It was Nip/Tuck. She squealed with delight as she got into the show. And then she realized that it was a marathon.

1 Hour later

"Paging Doctor O'Bryan," the loudspeaker had said

No one has seen Doctor O'Bryan since her break and her office was locked.

"Oh God, if we don't get Dr. O'Bryan in here, this man is going to die," said one of the nurses

She went back to Dr. O'Bryan's office and tried to open it, nothing. Then she started to knock, no one came to the door. She then remember that the janitor had the keys to all the offices. She went to retrieve him.

10 minutes later

The nurse had gotten the keys from the janitor and was standing in front of Dr. O'Bryan's office. She pushed the key inside and turn it. It clicked and then the nurse took out the keys. She then turned the knob of the turn and when she looked inside, Dr. O'Bryan was still focused on the TV. She hadn't even noticed the nurse come in. The nurse cleared her throat and Dr. O'Bryan came out of her TV watching trance.

"Dr. we have been paging you for the last half hour, there is a man dying and he need medical attention," the nurse said

Dr. O'Bryan looked at the TV again and Nip/Tuck was still on.

"Could you wait for a commercial?" the doctor said angrily

And then Dr. O'Bryan turned her head and went back into her TV show trance.

The End

Note: This is a fiction story, but because it would kill me if I read something like this and it was left on whether or not the man died I would have killed him. The man survived. Yey.

Note 2: This is based on my TV obsessed friend and if she were a doctor, this would probably happen.