LostSchizophrenic: I left it to the reader to remember that (you obviously did!). In my head, Ironhide kind of forgot about the original encounter during the deadly battle for the universe, and now that things have settled down, and he's hauling around another little girl, he's reminded of it and asks his question. I can't imagine the destruction if hewas the tooth fairy though…shivers in fear
Ted: Thanks! I see Ironhide as a big softie, really. I think in the movie a lot of his violent remarks are sarcastic, like when he suggests blowing up Sam's parents and Optimus says "What is with you?"…I'm pretty sure he (Ironhide) was joking.
Casey: When I first saw the movie, as soon as I walk out the door I turn to my friend and say: "They were making out on top of Bumblebee. In front of all the other Autobots; watching them!!" Obviously though, Bumblebee didn't mind…

I just want to throw a big thank you out there to all my reviewers and readers! I'm glad that some of the introspection in this fic has intrigued you all as well, and I hope you enjoy its conclusion.

Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee

"You wish to hold a "wake" for Jazz?" Optimus had asked when Sam and Mikaela proposed the idea. Sam nervously shifted from one foot to the other nervously, and Mikaela stubbornly kept her eyes anywhere but at the Autobots' faces.

"Well, it, I mean, it's technically a month's mind, being a month later rather than the next day, but they're essentially the same thing…I know you didn't let the government take him away, and Mikaela told me that you don't have the same, uh, customs about how to take care of, of-"

"Sam." Ratchet cut him off. "We…are honored, that you offer your traditions to our comrade."

And so, on the month's anniversary of the battle in Mission city, the humans had and the Autobots celebrated their victory over Megatron, and the accomplishments of Jazz's long, hard life. 

"Whew, I'm gonna go cool off, guys." Maggie fanned herself as she stepped off the DDR pad. Glen stepped onto the machine and began leading humans and robots alike in a dance contest. Maggie noticed Optimus standing next to Ironhide in truck form, and headed over to the both of them.

"Hey guys, what are you doing all the way over here?" Optimus squatted down as she approached Ironhide's passenger side.

"Oh, Ironhide was just giving me a comfortable place to feed Annabelle." Sarah's voice came from inside the truck.

"Ah, I'll, leave you to it then. Nice music." Maggie nodded in Optimus' direction. Optimus transformed, and popped his door for her. Maggie hopped in, as by this point the cooling desert air had done it's work and she was starting to shiver.

"Jazz appropriated the name for this style of music for his English designation." Optimus said. They listened quietly to the smooth, sweet sound of Stan Getz's saxophone. "Jazz…delighted in human culture. He would have enjoyed these festivities."

"Good." Maggie patted the seat next to her, nodding. " 's really good."

"Yes." Optimus agreed.

Dusk turned to night on the high desert as the humans and cybertronians ate, drank, and generally had a merry time.

"Here take this." Mikaela stuffed several marshmallows onto the stick before handing it to Ironhide. Their little party had simmered down to two concentric circles. A fire made the middle, then the humans around its warmth, and lastly the Autobots seated around the outside.

The large mech carefully lowered the end over the flames, waiting.

"It's never gonna catch like that." Mikaela remarked. She reached over, grabbed the stick, and jerked the end down into the fire. The marshmallows burst into flames. Ironhide almost smiled. Almost.

"Quick! Blow 'em out before they melt off into the fire." Glen shouted gleefully. Ironhide pulled them up next to his side, and suddenly the humans heard the sound of fans whirring to life. A great gust came out of his vents, and the marshmallows went out.

"Let's see it. Oh-oh-oh, perfect." Mikaela tested two with her fingers, before pulling them off and passing one to Sam. Sarah took the remaining two. She popped one in her own mouth, and after picking off the burnt crust of the other, broke off little pieces for Annabelle to suck on. The humans sucked on marshmallows or crunched into smores, quieting the conversation for a few minutes.

"All right, Prime, tell us a story." Will said as he wiped chocolate off on his pants.

"You want me to tell a story?" Optimus looked down at the humans seated around the campfire. 

"Well, it doesn't have to be you." Will Lennox said. "It's just, we need a story. A good one, about something Jazz did that was, you know, Jazz."

"I'll start." Optimus was surprised at the effect this had on the humans. A great rustling, shifting, as everyone settled in together and turned their attention on one Technical Sergeant.

"We just got hit by missiles, from something that looked like friendly fire. I learn now it was Starscream, but then it was just confusing and disheartening. Then, we see a damn tank coming down the road! Our group runs to find cover, there's civilians everywhere, and things are headed to hell in a handbasket. Then, from a side street, Jazz comes roaring at the tank. He transforms and jumps him, pulling his gun off to the side and makin' his shot go wild. The tank starts to transform too, and it's obvious this thing's twice Jazz's size, and you know what he says? He says 'Come on, Decepticon punk!' and then he kicks one set of rockets off the tanks shoulder before the tank grabs him and throws him 2 blocks away." The humans all smiled and nodded and chuckled at Jazz's chutzpah. They fell quiet again, and the fire crackled and popped in the silence. 

"Jazz and I click are both small mechs." Bumblebee began tentatively. He paused for everyone to get settled facing towards him, and then began on one of his favorite memories of Jazz.