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Night... The time that seems so perfect. It's the time where the shadows come out and dance across the land, and the only lights provided are the bright flaming fires and the pale light of the moon. Naomi sat there alone in her room near the window, staring out into the village that she claimed as her home. However, in truth, She has never felt at home. Naomi has always been alone; detached from the world, so it would seem as if the darkness and shadow only remain as her only company...

For all Naomi's life, people have called her a witch; a being from hell whom Ra has cursed, and so alone she stays...most likely for the rest of her life. As Naomi stared out into the village, she felt something strange. The air felt different tonight as if something were going to happen. While being alert, she finally noticed something. There were three men riding on horses, except they wore a black cloak, and all black clothing, looking very suspicious, which sparked her curiosity.

Naomi ran out and followed them, but kept her distance. They had ridden around the city and she began to feel that maybe she was wrong. Then they finally stopped at a bar. When Naomi walked in behind them, she went straight to the other side of the room and watched from the shadows. These three mysterious men walked over to yet another mysterious man who wore a red cloak. However, he had his hood risen so Naomi could not make out who he was, but she could see his lips and that is all she needed. Naomi knew how to read lips rather well and made out their conversation as such.

"Sir, their defenses are weak. We should have no problem," the first man stated.

"Very good. And their treasury?" the man in the red cloak asked.

"Beyond satisfaction," the second man gave a slight smirk.

"Very well. Go and tell the men to gather. We attack in an hour while they are asleep," he ordered.

"Yes sir!" they all replied.

They soon turned and left. However, the man in the red cloak stayed for a few minutes longer before he stood and began walking toward the door. He took one last look around and smirked before leaving. Naomi decided that she should leave, too. She stood up and walked out the door. When she was walking through the streets, pick pocketing people that passed her, Naomi had bumped into that same man with the red cloak and found a piece of jewelry in his bag. A beautiful solid gold piece that seemed like a necklace had fallen out of his bag. She picked it up and observed it. However, after studying it a little longer, she recognized it from the temple of Isis.

It was the same band that was on the wrist of the statue of the wondrous goddess. But in reality, Naomi didn't care for the gods; she even doubts their existence. After remembering this, she ran out after him. But when she finally made it, he was no where to be found. Naomi lowered her head and thought as to how this is going to play out. While walking, she tried to put the pieces together.

Think... Think hard.. Who are they? I remember them saying something about treasury, which most likely means they are thieves... Well then, I'd best get ready for them. Naomi thought.

The rest of the walk home was quiet as usual. Naomi lurked in the shadows. Everyone was going to sleep now. They sure are in for a surprise. When she was nearly home, Naomi heard the horn, which signified there was trouble on its way and in unison. Within a matter of minutes, every light turned on and soon afterwards, the streets were filled making it difficult to get inside her house. There were soon horses, which rode through in a full gallop, crashing into people. Blood came from every direction and soon Naomi finally made it out of the chaos. However, when Naomi got into her room, there was already a man there. He had heard her enter and turned from her things immediately. He looked at her up and down then smirked saying,

"Well aren't you an awkward looking one? However, still beautiful... Perhaps since you don't have anything worth stealing, I could just take you instead!"

He began his stride towards her and she just kept walking backwards towards her dresser until she bumped into it. Naomi searched around, never leaving eye contact when finally he was right in front of her. His hands began trailing down her body, and as he leaned in for a kiss, Naomi looked away. This gave her the opportunity to see what she was looking for. No sooner had Naomi grabbed it, he struck her across the face causing Naomi to spiral down onto the floor. He quickly jumped on top of her. Naomi pointed the knife that she had grabbed upwards causing him to jump into his own death. She pushed the corpse aside without emotion.

Naomi looked outside and saw that dozens of people were being slain and raped. However, her attention was diverted to a group of men heading towards her house. She had to think fast, so she grabbed the man and dragged him into the closet. Naomi quickly stripped him of his clothing and put them on making sure that she covered her face and hair. She heard the others who lived in the same house screaming, which informed her that the thieves were close. Naomi ran out, quickly got underneath the bed, and grabbed her bag that had all the treasuries she had stolen earlier. She got out and stood up just in time as the door opened, and in walked two men. One had the woman who lived down the street, draped over his shoulder. And the other had a bag, which were filled with all kinds of different things. They looked at Naomi and asked,

"Is there anything worthwhile in here?"

Naomi opened up her rather large bag. It was her collection throughout the past year. Inside was filled with all the very expensive things she stole, including that one bracelet. They took a look inside and both smiled and said,

"Well somebody hit the jackpot! Anyway, come on! There are other places we need to go to."

That one grabbed her arm and began pulling her, so Naomi had no choice but to go with them. When she got into the streets, all she simply had to do was walk through since everyone thought she was with them. Though, she began getting annoyed, so she looked around and soon saw a guard riding toward her on a horse. Naomi turned and faced him completely, staring him down as he came toward her. When he saw her, he simply smirked and yelled the word, die. The men that had grabbed Naomi earlier began yelling at her to get out of the way. But instead, she began running toward the horse. When the horse was right in front of her, Naomi stepped aside and grabbed the reigns, latching herself onto the side and swung herself onto the horse's back, throwing off the guard in a matter of seconds. This was all done without ever receiving a scratch.

Naomi made the horse halt to a stop and saw the two men with their jaws dropped. The man from before with the red cloak had his hood off revealing his entirely shocked face. Naomi immediately recognized him. He was Bakura, the famous King of thieves. The man who had a bigger bounty on his head than probably any other man in history. Suddenly, Naomi's thoughts were interrupted by a man running up to her with a sword. She caused the horse to rear back on its hind legs, kicking the man in the face. She looked back and saw Bakura slightly overwhelmed, so Naomi quickly began to ride over. He looked up and saw her hand outstretched toward him. Bakura smirked as he took a hold of it, swinging himself onto the horse in a standing position. He stayed on for but a few seconds before grabbing a clothing wire and swinging himself over into a different fight.

Naomi's attention was on him. So much that she didn't notice a guard riding toward her with a spear. As he rode closer, he was able to strike her shoulder, causing Naomi to fall off her horse, which has took off. Naomi was then forced to pull out her sword and fight. But since the guard got her good shoulder, she had to fight with the wrong hand. After a while of fighting, she finally found herself out of the mess. Naomi climbed up onto the roof of a building and looked around for a second. Soon, she saw Bakura in yet another jam. He was cornered in an alley way by far more men than he could handle. Naomi quickly jumped from roof to roof until she was there. Naomi noticed that they were standing right beneath the scaffolds.

She waited until Bakura backed up far enough. Then, she jumped onto the top of the unsteady platform causing it to fall and crash through the next one and the next. It fell all the way down until Naomi landed right on top of all the men. She stood up and brushed herself off. Naomi looked up and saw Bakura just staring at her. She too, kept eye contact for a while, until she heard a loud victory shout. Naomi looked out and sprinted off. Out there, she saw all the men shouting in triumph. Bakura then passed her, though she didn't mind him not thanking her. It was best if no one spoke to her at all. Soon, they began packing up, and while Naomi thought everyone's attention was off of her, she started walking away, hoping to get away quietly. Suddenly, Naomi felt someone put a hand on her shoulder.