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The sun made its way into Naomi's eyes. She shielded them with her hand and sat up, looking around to see that Bakura was no where in sight. She felt her heart sink, but made no reaction except for laying back down on her side with her back facing the balcony. She felt cold, but not chilly. Inside, Naomi was cold and empty.

"What happened?," Naomi spoke quietly to herself. "He was sleeping with the girl… I walked in, he got angry, and she ran out. He threw me to the floor and yelled. I confessed, he got shocked, and tried to talk me out of it. I can't deny that I wept because I felt weak… I told him I was no lower than dirt, and he got angry and threw me on the bed. Then he…"

Naomi paused and slowly lifted her fingers to her lips. She was slowly recalling everything that happened, and her hand fell limp.

"He kissed me… I can still taste him. He was so sweet. I can still feel him holding me close… I can feel his hand on my cheek. He stayed like that until I fell asleep, but he.."

Naomi looked at the empty side where Bakura had been.

"He left after telling me all those things about being special and strong. After he held me the way he did and kissed me, he still left…"

Naomi could no longer weep; she was now beyond tears. She sat up, walked over to the bathroom searching for something, and grabbed a scented soap bottle. She stuffed that in her pocket as well as ointment and perfumes. Naomi walked out into the balcony and leaned on the edge, supporting herself with her hands. She heard the yelling and arguments in the room below her. She concluded it must have been midday with all the noises again.

I cannot believe I slept for that long and wept so much last night. Why did I have to walk in at that time? Why did I have to see them? He just had to notice me. Why do I even possess these feelings in the first place? It's not like I ever wanted them. And he sure as hell does not want to put up with it. Well, my life was cursed to begin with. Maybe I would have been better off if I had fallen for Pentaware, who actually would love me back. Naomi pondered about all this.

Who's to say Bakura doesn't love you?

Naomi snapped back into reality at the sudden voice. Her eyes became dull again after realizing who it was.

"Oh… It's you again," she mumbled.

Yes, it is. The voice replied in a singsong tone. Well? Answer my question. Are you sure Bakura doesn't love you as you love him?

"Is it not obvious? He's gone," she replied.

Ah, but are you sure he really left? Or maybe he went out to collect supplies?

Naomi's eyes widened slightly, but it narrowed.

"Are you trying to get my hopes up? They will only be crushed again."

No. I'm just saying you can't be sure on anything.

"But he doesn't care. He even said so," Naomi argued.

Yes, at one time. But like you, maybe he has only just realized. she persisted.

"Bakura never cared, and never will."

The kiss was quite a contradiction to his word. The voice slightly teased.

"It was just like any kiss. He has given it to dozens of women. Hell, he was kissing that girl last night, and doing a whole lot more, too!"

I know you felt it. That small feeling of love coming from that kiss. You felt it; I know you did.

"I would like to believe you, right now. But I cannot allow myself to hope for such things and it ends up not happening," Naomi was finally getting irritated.

You're right. Don't let your hopes rise too far, the voice sighed. But don't give up as well.

"…I won't…" Naomi uttered.

So what are you going to do? she asked slyly.

"I'll.. Wait here until dusk to see if he comes back. If he doesn't, I'll stay here the night and collect supplies tomorrow. Is that right? Is that what I should do?" Naomi sighed.

There was no answer. She had left her to answer that for herself. Naomi smiled faintly.

"…I'll wait. I'll wait for you," Naomi whispered to herself.

Naomi did wait. And she was bored out of her mind. She waited, but he never came back. It was getting dark again, and Naomi looked outside to watch the last color of the sunset melt away, allowing the stars to come out. Naomi stood up from the bed, and walked into the bathroom, dipping her hands in a small water dish. She scooped some of the water and splashed it in her face. Taking off her cape and outfit, she replaced them by putting on a white linen gown.

It was made of thin, clingy material and was tight from the waist up. The oval neckline was also tight, which clung near her neck. The sleeves looked as if it had been cut, so it hung by her shoulders loosely. The bottom of the linen touched the floor, but she was still able to move around. Naomi undid and brushed her hair for about the thirtieth time that day, and redid her hair style. She glanced at the mirror.

"Well, this is a bit too formal for me, but I need something new for bed…" she shrugged.

She washed her old outfit and hung it to dry. As she walked out of the bathroom, she saw the torches had gone out, and the fire had died. However, Naomi did not mind. The moonlight was enough. There was also a small candle on the stand next to her. Naomi laid on the bed for some time, but she could not fall asleep. She quietly sung a lullaby to herself. Soon, she closed her eyes and once again, dreamed the same horrible dream like she had every night.

While Naomi slept, Bakura snuck up onto the balcony with bags in his hand. He placed them on the floor in the corner, and stayed silent since he knew Naomi was sleeping. As he took off his jacket (Yeah, he's stripping just for you fans, huh?), Bakura crawled in the bed next to her sleeping form. Naomi never stirred. He laid there, listening to her quiver in fear from her nightmares. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, watching her as Naomi's back was facing him. Bakura smirked at the sight of Naomi's outfit, and rolled over onto his side, propping his head up with his hand.

As he looked down at her, he could not bring himself to touch her. (Pfft. Not yet, if you know what I mean). Naomi eventually rolled over, her face finally facing his direction. He watched as every once in a while, her peaceful face would seem to fight the urge to wake up, forcing herself to sleep again. He smirked again, and laid back down, falling into a peaceful sleep himself.

Naomi's eyes slowly opened, feeling as if she was laying on something. Her hand was wrapped around it, too. As her vision cleared, she could not help but softly smile. It was Bakura. She was laying on his chest, her arm lazily laying up his stomach. One of his arms held her around her shoulders, while the other lay at his side. Naomi looked closer to see Bakura was still sleeping, and the sun had yet to spread its light fully across the sky.

He came back. He came back… were her only thoughts as she continued to stare at his face.

His face held no anger, and did not have its usual arrogance. His face actually seemed at peace, as if nothing in the world was a bother to him. Naomi laid her head down on his chest once more, and listened to his steady heart beat. There was a sudden change in his breathing.

"I didn't get everything," he suddenly spoke. "We need to go out and get the rest of the supplies."

(How did he know she was awake!?).

"All right," she sat up.

It was never really her style to make a morning mushy and lovey-dovey in the first place. She was just at ease to know he was still there. She went over to her clothes only to feel that they were still damp, but her cape was completely dry. She did not mind; she put back on her normal clothes either way. Naomi fastened her knives on her thighs, and placed her sword on her back, hidden in her cape. She did not bother with her hair. After washing her face, she opened the door to see Bakura swing his jacket back on. He looked up to see her.

"That was quick," he smirked.

"Did you expect it to take hours?"

"No, but you were faster than me."

"I suppose. But it's not as if you got out of bed quickly yourself," she playfully answered.

Bakura and Naomi both exited the room. She noticed he had grabbed two bags from the corner, and hauled them over his shoulder. They made their way down and noticed it was not full of people fighting. However, everyone was still chatting very loudly, trying to be heard over other people. Naomi had been walking behind Bakura, until she saw the girl from the other night, prancing up to him with a big smile. Naomi immediately cut in front of Bakura, and took out her knife, placing it near the girl's neck. Everyone suddenly went silent as they watched Naomi and the girl, who was full of fear.

"I am fine about what had happened that night… It is in the past. However… make one more step toward him, and you will be dead before we can call for a fair fight. Understood?" Naomi said in a deadly, yet calm voice.

The girl fearfully nodded, and stepped away. Naomi walked out as if nothing had happened, and went toward her horse. She saw Bakura smirking as he attached the bags onto his own horse before mounting on it.

"Well, that was interesting," he continued smirking.

"I think you would have found it far more entertaining to see the actual fight," Naomi rolled her eyes.

"I suppose you're right. Having two women fight over me? What a sight."

"Oh? And how often has that happened?"

"Once, or twice. Not often," he smirked.

"I see," she answered.

Naomi nudged her horse, and rode off toward the streets with Bakura. The streets were busy, so it had been difficult to find everything. Fortunately, they finished by noon, and were already on the outskirts of the city. Naomi lowered her cloak.

"I hate this time of day," she sighed tiredly.


"Because there's never room to walk, or breathe."

"Indeed. However, it's the only time to get everything. It all closes as the sun goes down."

"It still doesn't change the fact that it's uncomfortable."

"No, it doesn't. It's also harder to keep your identity a secret considering people can easily be close enough to see who's under these cloaks," Bakura agreed.

"Only for you. No one has seen my face."

"Let us hope they don't. Otherwise, you'll be caught on the very same day, or the next. Your face will be plastered on every wall across all of Egypt. You would be caught before you know it."

"Hn. You underestimate me," Naomi slightly smirked.

"I don't know if I would call it that," he smirked. "I know you're well equipped with many skills. However, when you see an enemy from your past, you have the tendency to go overboard, and wish them to be punished gruesomely. They would see you for sure because you would reveal yourself in an instant just to make the death more memorable."

Bakura dropped his smirk and continued.

"I also have heard Percious had put together a little band of guards to come after me. All you need is one slip up, and he'll know you're back."

"He's actually that foolish? To put together a band of guards to come after you, the one he betrayed? He must know how infuriated you are. He couldn't possibly think you would allow his actions to go unpunished, yet he makes it so much easier for you by coming to you instead."

To think Naomi thought Percious was just a little smarter than that.

"He thinks because he took out so many of my men, if not all of them, that I am weakened. He believes that it would be the perfect time to attack. There's no other reason as to why he would be so foolish."

"Indeed. He is extremely foolish. He has been marked as the walking dead in my book," she glared at the air.

"Well, I intend to make sure that he will never walk again. I assure you," Bakura's voice hardened.

Naomi saw that his grip had tightened on the reigns of the horse, and his eyes were narrowed and full of anger. She turned back to the horizon to see that the sun was almost set, and the sky was lit with its fiery colors.

"It seems that time has escaped our grasp," she changed the subject. "It's nearly night, and we're nowhere near the hideout."

"Well, it looks like we'll have to find a place to stay for the night," he smirked.

"I suppose so," she nodded. "I think it would be nice. Tonight is the full moon, and the stars will be plentiful. I would enjoy sleeping under them."

"I think I know where we can stay."

"Well then, lead the way."

Bakura took off, and Naomi hurried behind him, following him through the desert. The sun was set by the time they arrived, and the sand had turned into a sea of white crystals by the moonlight. It was a rather large area. It was, in fact, an oasis with many trees. Toward the center was a large pond full of clear, beautiful water with rocks surrounding it. Naomi smiled as she dismounted her horse. She grabbed the reigns of her horse, and followed Bakura until he led them to a small clearing. It was a way away from the water. Naomi built the fire, while Bakura set up the beds.

After she finished with that, she walked back over to the horses, and pulled out loaves of bread and some meat. Naomi headed back over to Bakura, and sat down next to him, but not too close as to make them both feel uncomfortable. She stuck the piece of meat on a stick and placed it over the fire. She broke the bread in half, and gave one half to Bakura, keeping the other for herself. Bakura smirked and took the bread from her hand and took a bite out of it. Naomi smiled and began to eat it herself.

"So, did you hear anything of any use while we were out?" Bakura finally spoke.

"No. I had my ears out, but nothing was really important," Naomi shook her head. "Well… except for one thing, but it's more important to me than you."

"Oh? What is it?" he was curious.

"The Pharaoh's throwing his birthday celebration in about three months from now."

"I see. And why is it important to you that this is occurring?"

"I can't tell you why," she hesitantly answered.

"Why?" he persisted.

"Because I never wish to tell anyone. All I can say is that a long time ago, I made a vow. And it involves our little Pharaoh along with the rest of his family. And I intend to keep it…" her eyes narrowed.

"I see. So you have a past with the Pharaoh."

"No; his father. But he will just have to do."

"Well I, too, have a past with his family. This news is very interesting, and I'm surprised this news didn't reach my ears. Where did you hear it?"

"It was when you were negotiating the prices for the herbs. I heard two men talking about it. I don't doubt it's the truth, either. I think it will be announced soon."

"And why is this information undoubtedly true?"

"Because," Naomi looked over at Bakura, "the men were the Pharaoh's guards."

Bakura arched his brow.

"So he was there," he smirked.

"After you told me that he was searching for you, I had no doubt about it."

"But it's just as well we didn't run into him. I would really like to give him a proper death," he glowered at the ground.

Naomi sighed and laid back on the sand. She stared up at the moon, which was round and beautiful. The stars hung delicately around its borders, and it shared its light and beauty with those who looked up at it. Bakura reached over and grabbed a piece of meat. She smelled it, and knew it was done.

Naomi sat up as Bakura handed her the piece of meat. She smiled, took and piece, and held it near his mouth. He arched a brow, but then smirked and allowed her to feed him. This continued until Bakura decided to feed her back. She smiled again and opened her mouth, letting the piece fall inside. They both continued sharing, until Naomi finally shook her head.

"I'm afraid I can't eat anything more," she said.

Bakura nodded and set the stake into the ground. He stood up and stomped the fire out.

"I think it's time we went to sleep. If we aren't back by morning, they'll begin to worry."

Naomi smiled and nodded, walking over to their beds. She noticed that Bakura had only made one large one instead of two. She smiled and shook her head, taking off her cloak, and crawled onto it. He did the same. She could not help herself from laying on his chest, placing her hand softly slightly away from his chest. He wrapped his arm around her.

"It amazes me how you being so small can be so strong and can bring men to their feet. You can throw them away from you, cut off their limbs, and pierce all the way through his flesh with ease. You're strong, yet small and gentle in every aspect. I can hardly understand any of it.

"I never really thought about it, but all I can say is when I'm fighting in battles, I'm so caught up in them that I don't seem to think about my limits. All I do is think about how I will kill them. It's only when my mind wanders to other things that my weakness truly catches up with me."

"Like fear."

"Yes… But I've found a way to block out my fears."

"But you haven't found a way to block out your nightmares," Bakura reminded.

"No. I don't think I ever will," Naomi sighed.

"Why not?"

"My nightmares are my past, and it is its way of haunting me by attacking my sub consciousness."

"What if you replace the horrors of your past with new, safe memories filled with happiness. Would it work then?" Bakura wondered.

"I… don't know," Naomi thought about it. "I only recently discovered happiness. I don't know if they'll be gone, but it would be wonderful if they did leave. If I could have a night of peace… I dread to fall asleep… I fear the visions of my past more than most. What makes them so frightening is that there is that I don't know how to defeat it."

"There is always a way to defeat things. Everything as a weakness."

Naomi moved her head to look up at Bakura's eyes. His eyes were directed to the sky, his face serene. Naomi pushed herself up a bit further causing him to direct his attention back to her. She placed her hand on his cheek, tracing the scar with her fingers. Bakura gently took her hand and led her fingers to his lips before pressing her hand against his cheek, holding it in place. Naomi smiled, leaned up to kiss him lightly on the lips, and laid back down.

The rest of the while was spend in silence. She felt the change in Bakura's breathing as he finally fell asleep. Naomi slowly sat up and gently placed his arms at his side to stand up, smiling at his sleeping form. She quietly giggled at his position. It was as if he was standing straight with one arm at his side and the other over his heart like he was pledging an oath. Naomi grabbed her cloak, walking away through the trees out into the open area where the lake reflected the majesty of the moon. She smiled, letting her cloak drop to the floor, and proceeded in taking off her outfit.

Grabbing the bottle of soap, she ventured inside the warm water until she was waist high. Naomi held the soap in the air, letting her whole body submerge into the water. As she rose back up, she used the shampoo to wash herself, then rinsing off. Afterwards, Naomi swam around blissfully. She stopped and turned around after hearing a sudden movement behind her only to see Bakura standing there staring. Naomi merely stared back, neither smiling, nor upset.

He walked into the water regardless of her being uncomfortable or not, still fully dressed. He pulled her toward him into an embrace, placing his lips against hers in a soft, passionate kiss. Bakura leaned his head down to crevice Naomi's neck, taking both her arms to wrap around his neck, then gently placed his hands on her waist. They both stayed still until Bakura broke the silence.

"I am truly intrigued by you, Naomi," he whispered in her ear. "I don't even know what I feel. All I know is that I need you."

Naomi smiled at his words as he continued.

"You under the moonlight made my heart beat faster than ever before. My arms ache to be around you, and I long for the taste of your sweet lips. I don't understand it, or how it happened, but it did. And I would have it no other way."

Naomi tightened her arms around his neck as he fully wrapped his arms around her waist. At that moment, nothing else in the world mattered. There were no questions, or hate, or fear. There was only him and her in a paradise with the newly discovered feeling they both shared. The feeling of love.

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