Kim Possible in "Kim's

Baby Blues" by Kim's # 1 fan

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Chapter 1: Transformations

Part 1: The Plot

Shego was in a large room, sitting in a chair, reading the latest issue of "Villainess" magazine.

She barely Noticed Dr. Drakken, the blue skinned mad scientist walk into the room scowling.

"Blast her!" Drakken said angrily,

to no one in particular.

Shego looked up from her magazine, and asked scowling,

"What are you blathering about Dr. D?"

"I am talking about Kim Possible,"

snapped Drakken angrily,

"she's always ruining my plans!"

"What else is new?" said Shego still scowling though she did put her magazine on the table and look directly at Drakken.

"I have been thinking , if we could take out Kim Possible somehow, my world domination plans will never be ruined again," Drakken said clutching his fists,

his face still contorted with rage.

"There has to be a way to beat her!"

"News flash Doc,"said Shego, sitting back in her chair, her arms crossed against her chest.

"If there was a way, we would have used it and beat her already."

Drakken groaned , took a separate chair and sat down, his left hand against his head.

"I suppose your right Shego." said Drakken disappointedly.

Shego scowled, wishing that she wasn't right for once.

"It's too bad we can't turn Kimmie into a baby," said Shego flexing the fingers of her right hand. "Then I could --"

"Wait, what was that?"

Drakken asked with a wild look in his eyes.

"I said, it's too bad we can't turn Kimmie into a baby, then--"

Drakken jumped out of his chair and shouted, "Eureka!! And who says that I'm the only evil genius around here?"

"What are you so excited about Doc?" Shego asked not understanding what her boss was up too.

"Got to go Shego," Drakken said turning to leave.

"I've got to use your plan while it's still fresh in my mind!"

And he ran out of the room.

Shego frowned, wondering what was going on, then it clicked.

"He's gonna turn the little Princess into a baby?" she said with an evil grin,"This could get interesting."


Hours later, Shego was asleep in her chair at the table.

"Shego!" Drakken yelled from his work room.

The shout startled Shego awake.

Causing her to fall out of her chair.

Growling softly she got up and said,

"Coming Dr. D."

Shego entered the workroom, Drakken wore goggles on his head, he had some kind of gadget that looked like a laser or something on his worktable.

"Shego , I need you to break into a toy store and steal a toy gun for me." Drakken said removing his goggles.

"Why a toy gun? Why not a real one?" she asked sarcastically.

"Shego! Don't you know that guns are dangerous?!" Drakken snapped.

"Do you want me to shoot my foot! Now GO!!!"

Shego Stifled a snicker and said

"Yes Dr. D." and left to steal a toy gun.


Less then an hour later, she returned with a sack full of toy guns, which she immediately opened and threw on Drakken's workbench.

"You never said what kind of toy gun you wanted, so I brought you one of each." She growled angrily.

"This one will do ." Drakken said, fondling a toy water pistol that looked like a machine gun.

Drakken took the water gun over to his work table, put in his formula, and attached a laser.

"O.k. , so what does this thing do exactly?" asked Shego frowning.

"I call it the Babyfier" Drakken said,

proudly holding it over his head, a mad gleam in his eyes.

"But first I need to see if it works.

And I need a test subject to find out."

Shego frowned; her eyes widened when she saw Drakken point the gun at a black cat in a cage, and fired.

"No , not Mr Whiskers!" Shego shouted.

"What?" Drakken asked sounding puzzled

Shego stared in horror, and to her surprise a red glow surrounded her cat, and her cat had changed into a black kitten. The kitten meowed softly.

"What did you do to my cat?" Shego demanded.

"Relax Shego , I turned the cat into a kitten, he is unharmed." Drakken assured her.

Shego somewhat calmed down and stared at her cat in surprise and relief.

"Amazing. But can you change him back?" she asked threateningly.

"Stand back Shego," Drakken said, pointed the babyfier at the cage and fired;

The kitten glowed and changed back into a full grown cat.

The cat hissed at Drakken angrily.

"And with this device, we will turn Kim Possible into a helpless little baby."

"Awesome," she said looking lovingly at her pet.

"but does it work on humans?"

"Let's find out," said Drakken pointing

the formula gun at Shego and pulling the trigger.

Shego turned just as the beam hit her.

She felt a strange sensation surge through her body, as well as the feeling of falling as everything seemed to grow in size.

Moments later, Shego had transformed into a five year old girl.

She had a slightly chubby body, her face was childlike, her black hair still came to her hips, her skin was still pale and greenish, her black and green jumpsuit had shrunk to fit her small size.

Shego blinked her green eyes for a moment, looked around and discovered

what Drakken had done to her.

Overtaken by childish impulses tears filled her eyes and she threw a temper tantrum.

"Change me back!" she cried between sobs, " You change me back or your gonna be sorry you big blue meanie!!"

"HA , HA, HA, alright Shego!" Drakken

said between laughs.

He aimed his gun and fired the laser at Shego.

Shego felt dizzy as she grew back into her adult self again.

She examined herself for a moment, then with a snarl she jumped on Drakken and grabbed him by his dark blue coat with one hand, her other hand lit with green energy.

"If you ever do that to me or my cat again, I'm gonna hit you so hard you'll have to open your shirt to eat!


"Yes Shego," Drakken said nervously, deciding to change the subject before someone ( namely him) got hurt.

"but don't worry, our next step is to babyfie our little Kim Possible."

"Right away Dr. D" said Shego with an evil grin.


Will Drakken's plan work?

Will Shego Finally kill him?

The answers to these and more questions, next time.

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