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Summary: This is based on the ABC Family movie Three Days. I haven't actually seen the whole movie, but I know what it's about. Please review! This is my first Bones fic.

Three Days

Chapter 1

"Bones!" a familiar voice called from behind.

Dr. Temperance Brennan turned around and couldn't help but laugh at the ridicules Christmas hat her partner was wearing. "Booth what the hell are you wearing?" she asked him.

Booth frowned. "Come on Bones, It's Christmas Eve."

"So," she told him, and immediately returned her gaze to the pile of bones that lay in front of her.

Booth rolled his eyes, and quickly walked up to the platform. "I'm rescuing you!" Booth said, giving her his famous smile.

She finally put down the bone she was examining, and looked him in the eye. "And what exactly are you rescuing me from?"

Booth smiled at her, and softly poked her nose. "You," He whispered. When she gave him a confused look, he continued, "Because I know you so well… I knew you would be working on Christmas Eve. No one should be alone on Christmas, so I'm taken you to my house!" Booth told her happily.

Brennan frowned, and angrily replied, "No Booth! You know how I feel about Christmas. Besides, I need to finish what I'm doing here." She ignored Booth's glare, and quickly returned to worked.

Booth sighed deeply; he wasn't going to leave without a fight. "We don't even have a case to work on! It'll be fun, and Parker will be there! We'll watch Christmas movies, eat Christmas cookies, and open presents in the morning!"

She scowled at him. Why couldn't he just leave her alone? "No, I don't want to go. I like the lab, and I have to finish examining these bones –"

Booth interrupted, "Bones that can wait. I'm sure Cam will understand if you don't finish. Parker will be really upset if you don't show up," Booth told her. I'll be upset if you don't come, he thought.

Brennan thought this over for a second. She did enjoy the little boy's company, but did Parker really want her to come? Booth was probably just told her that so she would come, but deep down she really wanted to go. "I don't know."

"Please," Booth pouted his lip, and bashed his eye lashes at her.

"Booth! Stop! Not the lip! Stop it, Stop… Fine! I'll go! Happy?" she asked him.

Booth jumped and punched the air with victory. "Ok let's go!"

"Wait, you go," she told him. When she saw him frown she quickly added, "It's seven now. You go pick up Parker, and I'll meet you at your place around eight. Ok?"

Booth rolled his eyes, but accepted her wish, "Fine, but if you're not there at eight I'll come looking for you."

Brennan watched as he quickly left the Jeffersonian, and as soon as he was gone she quickly finished what she was doing. Once everything was cleaned up, she quickly locked up and ran to her car. She knew she couldn't show up without a Christmas present for Parker, so she started her car and prayed that at least one store would be open.

Ok... i know this chapter was really short, but i just wanted to get it started. Please Review! i have never written a Bones fic. before.