Hello. I'm Fourth in Command Cixalea Jwan. Well, I'm back and I have a new fanfiction. Just a warning: I change POV (point of view) a lot so just bare with me. My cousin and I came up with the idea for this story so some of the credit goes to her. The action doesn't happen until around chapter 2 or so. The chapters are going to be super short though. Just a preview.

Here's a bio of Jenny and Audrey for all who care.

Name: Jenny Griffiths

Gender: female

Age: 12

Skin: fading tan

Hair: dirty-blonde, past shoulders

Eyes: hazel

Name: Audrey Raven

Gender: female

Age: 12

Skin: fading tan

Hair: brunette, back-length

Eyes: hazel

Here's a family tree for all who care.

Grandma Raven Grandpa Raven


Jenny's Dad Aunt Beth Audrey's Dad Audrey's Mom

/\ /\

Jenny Callie Audrey Bill

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts. It belongs to Disney and Square Enix. I do own my OCs (original characters): Jenny's dad, Callie, Bill, Aunt Beth, Audrey, Audrey's dad and mom, Grandma and Grandpa Raven, Serena, and the two other ??? characters. Jenny belongs to my cousin.

Alright, you can just read now.

Jenny's POV

"Are we there yet?" Callie moaned for about the millionth time. We had been on the road for two hours, and I knew mom was about to snap. Mom focused her eyes on the road more intently in an attempt to ignore my sister. I dug through my pink, leather purse and managed to untangle my ipod. I adjusted the earphones in my ear and pressed shuffle. I rolled up the window, letting the wisps of my thin, dirty-blonde hair rest on my shoulders. I couldn't blame Callie for being anxious. We were going to our Grandma and Grandpa Raven's house. I couldn't wait to see my cousins Audrey and Bill! I haven't seen them in at least two years! I was excited to say the least.

Audrey's POV

I sat staring out the window of my Grandma Raven's house while I waited for my cousins to arrive (it was tradition).

"Are they here yet?" Grandma Raven asked as she adjusted her wig.

"Not yet." I reported. She nodded and continued playing computer Solitar. The only signs of aging my grandma ever had was the loss of hair and bad back.

"Stupid game!" my brother, Bill, shouted at his Nintendo DS as he slammed his fist on the walnut coffee table.

"I was on the last level then you just had to…" His voice slowly faded as he was again consumed in the game. Bill was never known for his patience, but what can you expect from an eleven year old?

"Why don't you comb your hair again Audrey?" my mom handed me a brush. Over the years she had become more and more obsessed over my appearance. I groaned as I took the brush. Mom wanted me to wear closer fitting shirts so I had some-what of a figure. I, personally, saw nothing wrong with normal shirts and baggy jeans. As I was brushing my hair, I caught a glimpse of something pulling into my grandparents' driveway.

"They're here!" I screamed abandoning the brush. I flung the door open and ran out to meet my cousins. Jenny was the first one I got to. We hugged and squealed like 5 year olds even though we were both 12. (Technically I'm older by eleven months, but still.) My back length brunette hair flopped in the wind as we hugged.

"I missed you soooo much!" Jenny said. We were still both short for our age but that was perfectly fine with me because that meant we were the exact, same height. Well I won't bore you with all the details of the heartfelt reunion, but I'll just say we had a lot of catching up to do at lunch.

"Hey! Let's play baseball like we did last family reunion!" Callie has, by far, the best memory of all of us.

"Sure! Kids vs. Adults!" Well, my grandparents own a huge front lawn that is clear of trees. It has been commonly the center of family baseball tournaments. My dad was first base, my Aunt Beth was second, my mom was third, while Grandpa Raven was pitcher. (Grandma couldn't play because of her bad back.) After a rock, paper, scissors tournament the batting lineup was as such: Callie, Billy, Jenny, and me. Callie struck out but after crying (even though she was nine) she was allowed to move to first base anyway. Billy hit a homerun and proudly walked all the bases before the ball was thrown back to Grandpa Raven. Jenny hit a double into left "field". I was up. I tool the bat and swung at the first ball a little too early.

"Ha! Ha! I told you I was better at baseball then you!" Billy taunted. This is what happens every time no one strokes his ego.

"I'll hit this one out of the park!" I challenged. I swung at the next pitch a little too late.

"Ya! You'll need a bus to catch that one!" Billy laughed. Now I was angry. I gripped the bat hard and it felt powerful in my hand. I was going to kill that baseball if it was the last thing I do! The next pitch was thrown. I missed. Billy clutched his stomach and keeled over laughing. I rolled my eyes knowing I'd never hear the end of this one. I breathed deeply and calmed myself down.

???'s POV

"Argh!" The clipboard of names was thrown across the room.

"Out of all 11 members of our organization, no one is fit for the special assignment!"

"Calm down my apprentice. The problem is their lack of hearts." I informed him.

"Who did you have in mind and how?"

"Well, um…" I glanced at my computer monitor that was receiving images from several different worlds. I saw a cute little family playing baseball appear on the screen. The girl at bat looked angry with the bat in her hand. If that were a Keyblade…

"Her." Serena pointed to the brunette on the screen. "She has a heart. No one would suspect a girl." She stated exactly what I was thinking. It was times like this that I knew we were meant for each other.

"She would do nicely. Round up a few heartless, get her a Keyblade, and then bring her to me."

Yes, I know that was pretty boring and short. Please I beg of you, read till chapter 2!!!!!!!!! That is when it gets good! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!