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Character List: Shawn Michaels, and Triple H, as well as the Original Character of Cailyn Morrison.

Summary: A routine part of the job becomes so much more for one of the WWE's finest. How will he cope when it hits a little too close to home and to heart?

Authors Notes: While I am still currently working on three other fictions, this one is a new one based on some inspiration that I found this morning. Reviews are wonderful and appreciated but are not mandatory by any means. Just having it read is enough. Enjoy as always :)

One of the necessary jobs when working within the WWE is the time spent with children that may not live to see the next pay per view and who adore you so much it is their last wish that they meet you. Each and every one of the Superstars on the WWE roster knows this and actually looks forward to it. Putting a smile on a fans face, even for just a few minutes means that the job they do is done right and it puts a higher note on their career choice at the end of the day.

So it was no wonder that when Shawn was called and told to attend another meeting regarding a sick child that he would be seeing, he was actually looking forward to it. This was the part of the job that hurt him the most because he wanted to do so much more for the child but at the same time, made him the most happiest.

He could really be himself with these kids and he took great pride in it. Having children of his own and then his deep seated faith meant that he understood what these parents felt and knew that if roles were reversed, he would be doing whatever it took to make his kids feel their most comfortable before their time was up.

The real truth was that not a whole lot of these kids lasted past their next birthday, and even for some, meeting the wrestlers was like the one last thing they had to do before they died. This time was no different, only that he was being briefed on it before hand, which was hardly ever done.

So knowing about this going in made it easier for Shawn. He made his way past the secretary, who just smiled politely at him as he passed through and she motioned that he could just go ahead on in the board room. Which he took full advantage of.

"Shawn, so nice of you to join us. We were just going over with Ms. Morrison here when the best time to visit her daughter would be. Have a seat and maybe you can give us a better look at your own personal schedule."

As he took the seat that Stephanie had motioned to him to take he pulled his schedule out of his pocket. Ever since he had his children, whether he was with their mother or not, he always kept days open and days blocked off so that he knew just what he had planned ahead of time. As it turned out, it helped the company because it made it easier for them to book events for him in the interim.

"Here you go. I've got a full week off coming up where I do not have anything planned. If it matches with what you all have then I am sure we can sort something out rather quickly."

This was the only part he hated. If he had a choice in the matter he would do away with these meeting and planning times. The last thing the kid he was visiting needed was to know that he was just another notch on a calender. Shawn preferred to keep it simple and just make the kids feel special. It was just a thing that he did now that he had his own kids. It was all about letting them know that there was no fear and it was okay to be sick.

As the mother of the child in question looked over his agenda for the coming months, she nodded her head a few times and motioned to Stephanie to show her days she thought might work for her own schedule. Shawn took a moment to watch her and what he saw told him a lot about the type of mother she was or what he assumed she would be.

She seemed to smile a lot, which meant that as much as it was tearing her up inside having a sickly child, she didn't let it show as much as most parents did. It meant that for the sake of her daughter she would do anything she could and do it with a smile on her face. He had to admit that after dealing with many a parent in this instance, that kind of response was usually never the case. Usually on the face of a parent, they always looked worn and tired as if they knew the end was coming and just couldn't handle it anymore.

He felt for each and every one of them but with this woman he was sure that he wouldn't convey that to her. She seemed stronger then most in that sense and he felt that showing her how badly he felt for her and for her family, that it would just end up making things more tense then relaxed. Something he just didn't want to do.

She wore her hair short, cropped around her shoulders, business like to a degree. She was dressed in a dark blue business suit which meant that when she wasn't with her daughter in the sick times, she was something to someone in the business world. He had to admit that he admired a woman who could clean up nicely and wear different hats so to speak for the different areas of their lives. He had been brought up with a mother who was always there, but who had always looked pretty much the same. Times had changed since then and watching this woman now, he was sure of that more then anything.

As the two women talked at the boardroom table, Shawn felt the need to interject. "How old is your daughter Ma'am?"

The woman looked up and the minute she did, Shawn was hit with the bluest eyes he had ever seen. Given that his eyes were blue and a lot of people he worked with had the same eyes, he shouldn't be surprised at them but hers were different. They looked almost like delicate crystal. Piercing too he took note of as she stared straight at him.

"She is five. Her name is Langston."

Shawn nodded, content that she answered him and also gave him just a bit more information. He found there were a lot of questions he had that Stephanie obviously hadn't gotten around to telling him about so he decided there was no better time then now, given that he had the womans attention.

"What is her illness?" He always hated asking this one because it always seemed like he was acting as if someone was lying. He knew the little girl was sick otherwise they would have been notified of a scam but it didn't make asking the question any easier for him or the parents. Of which right now there was only one.

"She has a severe case of bone cancer. The medical name for it is Ewing's sarcoma. It is going through her entire body as we speak. From the day she was born I knew she was special and different but I never expected this." The woman said, pulling a tissue from her pocket and dabbing lightly at her eyes as Shawn watched on, partially mortified that he had caused this woman to relive it all over again.

Shawn leaned back in his chair now, certain that the next time he opened his mouth it would be to answer questions not to ask them. He had enough experience dealing with parents of sick children but right now, he felt horrible. Like he didn't know anything and was a first timer for the program that the WWE offered.

"Shawn, given your schedule, both with us and personally speaking, we find that the best day to have you visit is next week on Wednesday." Stephanie said, breaking the silence in the room and turning to face the WWE Superstar and ex Champion. They had a personal relationship outside of work, him being godfather to her daughter Aurora and best friend and brother to her husband Hunter. But right now, this was all about business, nothing more.

"That seems fine with me." Shawn agreed, until an idea hit him. What if he could do all of this sooner then that? Surely this woman would want to give her daughter anything she wanted and she obviously wanted to meet with Shawn before her time passed. What if Shawn did something on his own time, something where the WWE was not involved in any way?

Willing to go along with what the company wanted, he made a mental note to talk to the mother before this meeting was officially done. When he had the chance to do it away from Stephanie. He loved her like a sister but at the same time, he knew that if he wanted to do this for the little girl Langston Morrison, he had to do it with the mother only.

"Well since we are all in agreement, there really is nothing more to discuss. Ms. Morrison, thank you for coming in on such short notice to work with us."

The woman nodded, having put the tissue away and now all businesslike again. She stood from the chair and Shawn instantly moved out of her way to let her pass. He did not envy this mother and the job she had to do to keep her composure, which he had seen crack for himself today but he found that he wanted to do whatever he could for her.

He couldn't tell you where it came from but he knew that at the end of the day he had better run with it. If he could help one person out in this world then his job was well worth the money he was paid. Something told him though that this one time, it was more then just the job he had to do and more about wanting to do it for himself and for this young mother.

He followed her quickly but quietly out into the hallway and touched her arm lightly as she started to make her escape. As she turned around and Shawn got an even closer look at her, he felt his heart start to pound. She wasn't down right gorgeous, actually more on the plain jane side of things but it was obvious her beauty was there, at least for him.

"Yes Mr. Michaels? Is there something else?"

Shawn cleared his throat and worked the words out in his head before speaking again. "Off the record and away from the business end of how this works, what would you say if I used my personal time and made a special visit to Langston?"

Taken aback that he was even suggesting this, Cailyn had no idea what to say. It seemed like a really sweet thing to do on the surface but not really knowing a lot about the business end of the WWE, she worried there was more in this then just him trying to do the right thing. Surely this had to do with money.

"I can't offer you anything if you came to see Langston on your own Mr. Michaels. Other then maybe a home cooked meal. I am not exactly what you call rich."

Shawn shook his head and then took his hand into hers, realizing with instant clarity just how small it was when locked in his own. "Call me Shawn, and this has nothing to do with money. I work with the WWE and the Make a Wish foundation a lot of times a year, but something about you and your daughter tells me that maybe I need to step away from the company and do this for your little girl and for myself too."

Satisfied with his answer and partially thankful that she had been wrong about the money, she removed her hand from his and immediately put her hand into her purse, pulling out paper and a pencil. "Call me at this number when you want and we can set something up." She scribbled her number down and passed it right into Shawn's open hand. "And thank you. Mr., Shawn."

She turned then and left the building, leaving Shawn standing there with the young womans number in his hand. Looking down at the paper, smelling the scent immediately of her off the page, he knew that he had done the right thing. He also knew the first thing he was going to do when he flew home to Texas was to call her and make sure he went through with what he had just promised.

It was the right thing to do.