Cailyn has gone back into the hospital room after a few minutes of allowing him the pleasure of holding onto her; comforting her. She was more then just a little bit concerned about her daughter and Shawn innately felt the same way. He knew that if this was his kids, in any way shape of form, he would bend the Earth to do what it took to save them. While Cailyn knew that she was so far gone from saving, the woman did not want to give in and give up. He could tell it just wasn't in her vocabulary.

Sitting in the seat, and watching all of the candles of the chapel around him, each one burning a prayer for a sick patient or family member he was hit with instant regret. When he had been there with Rebecca for the birth of their son Cameron all those years ago, he had sworn that he would never the wrestling lifestyle he had lived get in the way. But here he was now, brought in with the Make a Wish foundation and Cheyenne was now two. He had allowed the one thing he had promised against and it almost brought tears to his eyes.

He had always made himself out to be the best parent he could be. He was nowhere near perfect but he knew that it was the special moments with the kids, the bike riding, the book reading that meant more then the actual time clock of time he spent with them. But now, watching the strength that Cailyn seemed to display, while working at a job and spending every other moment of her life here in the hospital with Langston, he knew he didn't come close to being the best parent he could be. What Cailyn was doing now was true devotion and he was nowhere close to it.

Not wanting to wallow in his own darkness, he stood and left the chapel, this time an idea forming in his mind and one that would not rest until he dealt with it. Not only was this going to be a life changing time in his own life, but he was going to make sure it was for a lot of other people. His kid, Cailyn and Langston included. While he didn't know exactly how to go about it, he just knew deep down that he had too. Which is what brought him to the pay phone, where he finally stopped.

Picking up the receiver, he dialed the familiar number and waited until the person he needed for this task picked up the phone. He knew what he was now going to attempt was a long shot but he had been through long shots before and he was still kicking. He was going to do this and do it right.

"Hello?" the voice said as he coughed through the phone receiver right into Shawn's ear. The one thing you could always depend on with Hunter was to always be out of breath and his throat taken to extremes. This time was no different and Shawn was thankful.

"Hunter its Shawn. Listen I know you want to do nothing more then get off the phone right now but I need your help."

Hunter spoke again and as he did, Shawn could tell it was much more focused and clear. "Help with what? Shawn what the hell did you get yourself into this time?"

He wanted to laugh at his friends words but he knew that with him, Hunter was right. There was always something Shawn seemed to do one way or another, usually always well intentioned that got him into more trouble then he intended. This wasn't one of those times but given the way Shawn was taking, Hunter had to assume it was.

"I didn't get into anything. Just hear me out alright?"

He continued to explain to his best friend just what he wanted to do and what he needed Hunter to do for him in the meantime. He also let his friend know his exact location and after listening to Hunter freak out about not following protocol, he laid the rest of the idea out.

"Now I know it might not work given that I don't know hospital policy but man, you aren't here. If you were, you would see why I need to do this so badly. Why this girl needs this and her mother too."

Hunter laughed then and Shawn wasn't sure how to take it. He knew Hunter well, probably better then anyone else in the world minus his wife and never once had Hunter laughed this way after something this serious. There had to be more going on here. Little did he know he was about to find out.

"It always come back to a woman right?" Hunter said, his voice still containing the last bits of laughter.

"Its about more then a woman Hunter. For once this isn't about me looking to score a date. This is about me doing the right thing by a family that I think deserves it. It also would help me a lot in terms of my own relations with my kids. So do you think you can do what I asked of you?"

After a few seconds of silence, and Shawn waiting with baited breath through the entire thing, Hunter answered and gave Shawn the information he needed to hear.

"I can do it Shawn but you had better make sure the hospital can do this. Because if they can't then there really isn't a point to this at all and you're only going to hurt people and yourself."

"I know and I plan on checking into that right now."

"I love you like my own brother man but sometimes when your heart is this open to someone, it ends up badly and I just want you to make sure you know what you are doing before you go too deeply into it here. This mother and her daughter adore the ground you walk on right now, but that could change in an instant if something bad happens."

He knew what Hunter was saying was correct and he knew that whatever he planned to do here, he had to always make sure that Cailyn and Langston were taken care of and that he didn't get their hopes up only to get them thrown down again. Neither of them needed that and he was going to do his best to make sure that didn't happen.

As he hung up with his friend, he played Hunters words over in his head again for emphasis. He needed to make sure this wasn't just some fly by night thought and that he really could follow through with this for himself, for that family he was here to be a part of something bigger with and also his own kids. There could be no do overs and he didn't plan on needing any.

He was going to make Langston's dream come true and if he didn't, he was going to die trying.

After speaking with the doctors, getting any necessary paperwork and planning out of the way, he headed back to the hospital room. He was sure that Langston and Cailyn even would assume he would have left, and the reaction he got when he walked back in silently and stood near the young girls bed told him that much.

"We thought you had left, given that you have already been here for hours." Cailyn said letting him know what he had already assumed. He was thankful that she was considerate enough to admit it and he just shrugged it off the way it needed to be. While they did not know him, only from what they knew of him on television, he was going to prove them wrong. Shawn Michaels did not walk away when the going got tough, nor did he walk away when people assumed he should. He stood there, like a man in battle and never backed down. In this case especially.

"Langston," she said, breaking off as he watched the girl look at with him happy but tired eyes. "If you could have one thing, not a material possession, but a real thing, what would it be?"

The young girl seemed to take the question seriously because her brow knitted and went into think mode instantly. He knew that this young woman, even at such a tender age, would answer him the way he expected and he was not mistaken when she did open her mouth to speak.

"To be a normal kid again. To be out of the hospital and to get the chance to just enjoy my life."

Cailyn shot Shawn a look, one that was mixed with love at the more adult answer her daughter had given, and also confused as to where Shawn was going with this. She wanted to come right out and ask but knew better. She knew that questioning anything where this man was concerned was only asking for wasted time because all would eventually be revealed.

"What if I told you that I can give you that?" he asked Langston again, noticing Cailyn's look but choosing not to deal with it right in that moment. This moment right now was about Langston first and he was going to treat it as such."

"You are silly. You aren't God! You can't get me out of here."

Shawn sat down then and moved the stool closer to where Langston was now sitting up in bed again. With a small whisper he came to her ear and he told her exactly how he was going to give her this dream, this last thing that she wanted more then anything in this life. He knew she was right in that he wasn't God but he was able to give her one last wish if her time was coming to an end. In fact he could more then do it, he was going to do it.

"Mama did you hear what he said?" she exclaimed, almost knocking Shawn back with the shrill tone of a young girl excited. It was evident that she had taken what Shawn had said and she was about to run with it. In a way, to this young girl, Langston Morrison, he really was going to be her Savior.

"No honey what did Shawn say?" Cailyn shot back, throwing a look of serious concern in Shawn's direction. Whatever he was promising her daughter upset her because he didn't understand what a promise this big could do to a girl that was this sick. Cailyn had been there, had sat through treatment after treatment and she knew that a surprise this big could really crush her daughter. Something she just did not want and would not stand for."

"Can you tell her Mr. Shawn?"

Shawn smiled at the use of the Mr in front of his name, thankful that the young girl had more manners then most teenagers and adults he knew and then proceeded to nod his head.

"I have cleared everything with the hospital and as soon as you can get what you all need packed, I am bringing the two of you back to my home in San Antonio Texas, where Langston here will get to live the life of a real princess and most of all, she will get to be a real kid again and not some sick girl and another statistic in this hospital."

Cailyn's mouth dropped open as he spoke, shocked that he had been so touched by their family that he would be willing to do this. After the shock started to wear off though, common sense came back with a flash and brought her back to reality.

"She needs the machines, the treatments. Shawn as nice an idea as this is, you cannot possibly give us all of that. Langston needs to be here."

Shawn shook his head, letting her know she was wrong without saying the words.

"Cailyn, I have more then enough money to get the best machines and Doctors in this entire world to be there with Langston and thats exactly what I've already put in motion to do. She will have everything she needs and she will get to live this dream. I know you're frightened and you think I must be short a few bricks but darling, I am completely sane and I WANT to do this."

He eyed her and when she didn't say anything for a few minutes he attempted to push her again. "Will you allow me the pleasure of doing this for your daughter, and most of all for you?"

Cailyn looked at Shawn, for the first time not looking through the man that seemed larger then life, and then looked at her daughter, whose eyes were so bright that Cailyn knew she couldn't say no. If Shawn was telling her that everything would be taken care of, then she had to believe it, for Langston.

"Yes Shawn, if you really want to do this and need to do this then we are not going to say no."

Langston jumped then, using all her energy of which there was so little to show her enthusiasm for what was about to take place. To what her mother had just agreed too.

"Well Langston, be prepared to spend a lot of time in my house and most of all, be prepared to meet two very small people who will be more then happy to have you there with them."