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It had been seven years since she had last seen Aang. Seven Years! Numerous guys had asked for her hand in marriage. But she had said no to every one of them. She was waiting for one guy. For him. Every afternoon she looked up at the sky. Hoping to see a flying bison coming towards her. But everyday, she saw nothing. Of course she had kept in touch, sending letters whenever she could. Her brother had already seen Aang. Since he was living in Ba Sing Se in the summer and the South Pole in the winter. He was married to Toph, her best friend. She remembered how happy she had been for them when she heard that they were getting married. But she felt a little bit of jealousy, Sokka got to have his happy ending. Why couldn't she?


"SOKKA!" Katara ran up to him and hugged him with all her might. "I missed you sooo much. When are you going to decide to live here all year long?" she laughed and looked over his shoulder. Seeing the girl that she had wanted to see for months. "TOPH!" Katara quickly pushed Sokka away from her and went to hug Toph.

"Uhh Sugar Queen, I know your happy to see me and everything but, I can't breath!" Toph returned the hug but gasped for breath.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so glad to see you guys! How have you been? You guys are early. is there anything special going on?" Katara lead them to their quarters of the palace. Seven years ago, when they got back from winning the war, they found their home looking very familiar to the Northern Water Tribe. But, the city still had some of it's southern charm.

"Actually yes, in fact, there's someone very special coming to see us," Sokka smirked and looked at Toph.

They look like they know something I don't…

"Well, who is it?" Katara eyed Sokka. She knew it would be much easier to get it out of him rather then Toph.

"Sorry Sugar Queen can't tell you, it's a surprise. Besides, you will see him tomorrow at the New Moon Party" Toph smiled and walked into her door. "Come on Sokka I'm tired and it's been a very long and uncomfortable day."

"Coming" He started to follow her before he turned around to Katara's puzzled face. "You will see him tomorrow; now don't stay up to late wondering"

Katara smiled and walked to her room. He knows me to well.

She pulled back the curtain that served as the door to her room. She could see that it was a full moon. When she was her strongest. "I'll see him tomorrow, if only I knew who he was."

Katara slipped into her nightgown and snuggled into her bed. Dreaming of what was to come the next day.

"Ooof" Katara opened her eyes only to see the cold, ice floor.

"Rise and shine sleepyhead! It's almost time for the Breakfast celebration and you slept in!" Toph giggled and helped her up. Katara could see that Toph was dressed in a beautiful earth kingdom gown. Her hair was up in her normal bun but for the first time, her bangs were swept to the side.

"Wow Toph, I think that this has to be the first time that I have seen your full face." Katara smiled and walked into her closet. Not even bothering to shut the door.

"Yeah well, your brother says that I look much better when he can see my face, of course I wouldn't know." Toph felt for the bed and sat down. I hate the South Pole. I am completely blind here.

"Well you look very pretty, just to let you know." Katara's head popped out from the closet. "Now, I have to find something to wear, something that's not to formal, but it is still a little dazzling."

"Wish I could help you Sugar Queen but there's two things stopping me. One, I am completely blind out here and two, Sokka's expecting me to be back." Toph stood up and felt her way out of the room. "See you soon!" and with that, she was gone.

Katara searched through the millions of clothes she had. Finally she came across one particular dress. It was like the one she had wore on that night in Ba Sing Se to get into the earth's king party. Except it was Light blue, Indigo, and snow white. This is perfect…

Katara quickly pulled on the dress and ran down the stairs to the banquet area. She knew that she was already late and she was one of the most important people there. She finally made it only to see the place packed full of people. There was one big table in the middle of the room and a buffet table set up next to it. On the other side there was a dance floor, full of people making light conversation

Katara quickly found Toph talking to a few people from the earth kingdom.

"Toph, what am I supposed to be doing right now? Usually my dad tells me if I am supposed to stand and make an announcement or if I am just supposed to stand here and look pretty…." Katara shuffled her feet and looked at the blind earthbender.

"Well, you could walk around and make some friends besides me. I mean seriously sugar queen talk to people. Make yourself noticed." Toph smiled and turned back to the conversation she was having.

I have other friends…..I think

Katara did what Toph told her and started to walk around making acquaintances. It wasn't long before Hakoda had walked on to the platform above everyone and spoke.

"Hello everyone! My name is Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe. We are here today to celebrate the gathering of four heroes. The four people that took down Fire Lord Ozai and restored peace and balance to the world. I am happy to say that two of them are my very own children. And the other two I have come to think of as my own. I am also glad to say that all of them are in this very room right now."

All four of us are in this room right now? What, that has to mean Aang is here right now. He's here! That has to be who Toph and Sokka were talking about! I've got to find him!

Katara's thoughts were interrupted when she felt two very soft hands cover her eyes from behind.

"Guess who…" a very familiar voice said out loud. Katara spun around and saw two stormy gray eyes staring at her.

"AANG!" Katara practically screamed. She quickly pulled him into a big bear hug and held on tight.

Aang chuckled and slowly pulled away. "Nice to see you too!"

"I can't believe you're here! you have no idea how much I missed you." Katara blushed at what she had just said.

"I came to see you! You look really pretty Katara, really"

"Sorry to break up this little reunion but it's time to eat, and I'm starving." Sokka came up behind them. Toph hooked on to his arm and sighed.

"Can you wait for at least a minute. This Is the first time we have all been together in seven years."

Sokka smiled and patted his stomach.

"Oh, I almost forgot, there's somebody I want you guys to meet." Aang turned around and pulled somebody up next to him. She smiled and waved a little.

"Hi! My name's Airi, you must be Toph, and you must be Katara."

Airi was wearing a white, strapless dress and she had a light complexion. She had light brown hair and green eyes.

Katara smiled disappeared for a min but quickly was back.

"Hi Airi, I see you already know me, but, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

Toph let out a small laugh. She always has to get right to the point.

"Airi's my soon to be wife." Aang beamed proudly. Both Toph and Katara's smile quickly vanished. Toph was the only one who knew that Katara still had strong feelings for Aang. She had kept it a secret from everyone, even Sokka. Just because Katara had wanted her too. After all, she was her best friend.

"Why didn't you tell me Aang was getting married." She whispered to Sokka as they made there way to the head of the table.

"I wanted to keep it a surprise" Sokka frowned. Why does Toph care? "Why, what does it matter to you anyway?"

"Nothing, nothing at all." Toph took her seat next to Sokka. Katara was on the other side. Aang and Airi were directly across from her.

"So…how did you two meet?" Katara asked. How could he do that….he's going to marry, that, that, that, that bitch!

"Well, I meet Aang probably about Two years ago. He was at this restaurant I was eating at in the fire nation. He looked pretty lonely so I asked if I could join him. And it just sort of went from there." Airi giggled and rested her head on Aang's shoulder. Katara clenched her teeth. Ohh, romantic she thought.

"What's wrong Katara your barely eating" Sokka looked at his sisters plate and saw that she had only eaten half a muffin. That's weird; I thought breakfast was her favorite meal.

"Sorry please excuse me, I'm not feeling to good." Katara stood up and ran out the door. Leaving Sokka, Aang, Airi, and many other people confused.

"She looked perfectly fine this morning, what could have happened?" Aang said. He had a worried look on his face.

"Good riddance" Airi said under her breath thinking that no one could hear her. And nobody did hear her except for a certain blind earthbender.

"Maybe I should go check on her" Aang stood up and was about to make his way out when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"No twinkle toes that's probably not such a good idea. It's probably just girl stuff or maybe she forgot something really important and it made her sick. I will go check on her." Toph felt her way to the table and got her walking stick.

She walked out of the room leaving one girl particularly pleased and two very confused boys.