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"We've got mail!" Sokka shouted from downstairs. Katara sighed and pushed herself off the bed. She waited for Aang to get up and they headed down the stairs, hand in hand. Sokka and Toph were sitting on the couch, with a huge bag full of fan mail.

Aang groaned and sat down on the couch, "More fan mail? I'm getting sick and tired of that stuff."

Toph raised one eyebrow and looked in Aang's direction, "Sick of people worshipping you? Something's seriously wrong with you Aang."

Katara laughed and sat down next to Aang, "He's sort of right. Going through all that mail takes a long time, and it's not usually that fun."

Sokka snorted and emptied the bag out in front of him, at least 50 letters came rolling out, but one caught his eye, "Hey, what's this?"

He picked up a scroll and examined it, it was on plain white paper, but the ribbon tying it was black and red. Aang's eyes widened when he saw Sokka pick up the scroll, red and black meant an urgent message from the fire nation. I thought everything was settled over there.

"Umm Sokka, could I see that?" Sokka handed it over to him, and he sat there for a second, staring at it. Katara sensed something wrong, his normal sparkling gray eyes had gone dull, and he became tense.

"Are you ok Aang?"

He snapped out of his gaze to see Katara and Sokka staring at him. "Umm, well, not really."

Toph once again raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about twinkle toes?"

"You see, after I defeated Ozai I had to travel the world, so I couldn't always be where I was needed."

Toph, Sokka, and Katara nodded, what is this leading to? Katara thought.

"There were still people acting up in the fire nation, and most of the time, Zuko and Iroh could handle it. But sometimes, things got a little out of hand. And I was needed. At first I wasn't getting there letters, seeing as I just threw away some of the fan mail without reading it. So when I finally came back to the fire nation, Zuko and Iroh asked why I hadn't replied to any of their letters. We figured out what happened and came up with this. Whenever something's going wrong there, they tie a red and black ribbon around the letter. So they can be sure that I get it."

Katara watched as Aang finished his explanation and looked down at the scroll he held. Sokka, as always, was the first to break the silence.

"So are you going to open it or what?"

Katara shot him a glare and leaned over on Aang's shoulder as he slowly undid the tie and read the letter out loud.

Dear Avatar Aang,

Sorry to cut your visit to the South Pole short, but something has come up. People are starting to vanish, and strangely, these are all people who have an important role here. Unfortunately, nobody here knows what's going on. But I have a feeling it has something to do with Azula. We never found her body after the battle, so she could very much be alive, and this is something that only Azula could think of. We ask that you make your way here as soon as possible, we can discuss what we are going to do over a nice pot of tea. Thank's.


P.S- it may be wise to bring some friends along, this will not be an easy task.

When Aang finished he looked up at his friends faces, their feelings were written clearly on their face.

"Woo hoo! Does this mean we get to go on another journey across the world to kick some ass!" Toph said, ginning from ear to ear.

Aang looked unsure, he didn't want any of his friends getting hurt, "Well, I don't know…"

"Are you kidding me! This is awesome! We'll be the fearsome foursome again!" Sokka beamed.

Katara chuckled at the old name of their group, "Yeah, and Iroh said to bring some friends along! This will be perfect! I will finally get out of this place."

Aang still hadn't looked up from the ground, so Katara did the only reasonable thing to do to get him to change his mind, she lifted his chin, and gave him a short, sweet kiss. When they broke apart a few seconds later, she breathed in his ear, "Plus, I'm not going to let you leave without me. Again."

Aang smiled and finally spoke, "Well then it's settled, we will leave at sundown."

Sokka and Toph jumped up from the couch and smiled in satisfaction, they rushed up the stairs to pack right away, Katara could hear their voices fade away as they rushed up the stairs.

"Finally, some excitement." Sokka said.

"I know, about time." Toph replied.

Katara smiled and turned to Aang, he was giving her a goofy grin and staring at her.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?"

"Oh, I was smiling?"

Katara laughed and stood up, "I'm going up to pack." She announced.

Aang nodded and watched her leave, Great, I just agreed to Sokka, Toph, and Katara fighting all the way to the fire nation. We are finally the 'gang' again. The fearsome foursome, The Aang gang, The boomerang squad. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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