Every morning it was the same - Rufus scowled at the paperwork in front of him as the door to his office was unceremoniously flung open. He didn't lift his head though and he totally ignored the feeling that rushed through him at the knowledge that only one person would be brave enough to do so. Instead, he kept on working on the letter he'd been writing.

He totally ignored Reno as he came closer, ignored him even more as he felt him standing too close at his side. It was only when he'd finished the letter and read it over to check for any typos that he deigned to look at the red haired man watching him in that manner that was pure Reno. "Something you want, Turk?"

Reno smirked at the question. "You already know the answer to that, boss." Rufus rolled his eyes and sighed. "What do you want? I'm busy. This had better be important – I have better things to be doing than dealing with you."

He ignored too, the flash of pain that tore through him as he witnessed the wounded look that appeared on Reno's face for the briefest of seconds. He knew it was all for show – or if it was more than that, the only thing that was hurt was Reno's ego and that could only be good for the Turk. He didn't understand why Reno insisted on continuing with this charade – no one could want Rufus the way that Reno claimed time and again. He knew it was all just a game to the redhead – just another way to pass his time. No doubt if he'd ever taken him up on the offer, he'd have run a mile. No, it was better by far to keep his distance.

Besides, whether Reno knew it himself or not, he knew why Reno did what he did – obviously there would be a huge advantage to being with the boss or at the least, keeping him sweet so yes, he flirted. Couldn't really blame him for that but, sometimes he just wished that Reno would mean what he said…. So he squished even the smallest possibility that they could be together and watched with a passive expression instead as Reno flirted with him one moment then paraded a long line of different women in front of him in the next. It drove him a little crazier each day.

He'd never let him know how much it hurt though. Never! He had too much to lose and nothing to gain from telling him so, he'd settle for those moments first thing in the morning when Reno would shove into his office like it was his own – he'd continue this little ritual because for a moment, just one small moment each day, he could actually believe that Reno was his, wanted to be his for his own sake, not for who he was.

Only when Reno had imparted his news and left his office did he let down his guard. He dropped the pen from his fingers, let his gaze fall for a moment on the silly paperweight he really should have gotten rid of long ago then rested his head in his hands for another moment and took a couple of deep breaths to regain his control.

For that fleeting moment each day, he allowed himself to be human. When that was done, he was once more Rufus Shinra, President - cold, calm, calculating with a heart that no one could touch…