23rd November 2007

Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, Sakura is 18+.

Rating: T

01. Mistake

Eighteenth birthdays were always something a bit special. Sakura was the first of the Three to turn this special number, and she celebrated it the way most eighteen year olds celebrated anything – with music, friends and great quantities of alcohol.

Kakashi had simultaneous both wanted to come and avoid the whole thing. He did not do parties. He did not do snack food or silly dancing, or small talk, or little shots of vodka. But he did want to see Sakura on her special day, because after all, you only turned 18 once.

And she had threatened him with dismemberment if he didn't show up, so that was also a nice motivator.

But as he usually did at large social gatherings, Kakashi found himself hovering at the fringes of the merriment. He had a drink in one hand that he hadn't so much as sipped all evening, because he wanted to at least look like he was part of the proceedings, and in the other hand he held his beloved Icha Icha Sports; a social security blanket and defensive tool to ward off anyone who might foolishly try to engage him in conversation. All he really had to do was linger until he saw Sakura, wish her a happy birthday, and then be free to leave.


She pounced on him as if from no where and threw her arms around his neck. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

He could tell she was a little drunk, because the sweet smell of alcopops clung to her like a sour perfume, and she was being awfully friendly, even for Sakura. Her front pressed tightly to his as she squeezed him, letting him feel her every contour against his.

"Are you enjoying your party, Sakura-chan?" he asked, with a slightly embarrassed laugh as he attempted to extricate himself from her grip.

"I am now," she purred, rubbing her cheek against his shoulder. "You smell wonderful, sensei."


"Did you bring my present?" she chirped swiftly, although she still had yet to release him.

"I already gave it to you this morning, remember?"

"Oh?" She frowned, gazing up at him through slightly glazed eyes. "I don't remember that…"


"Can I have another one?"

"Forgetting you've received a present off someone doesn't quite entitle you to another," he pointed out kindly.

"Oh, what? Won't you indulge me?"

"But I have nothing to give you."

"I can think of many things you could give me," she said, in the same purr as before. "Some of them I feel entitled to."


"Oh, sensei," she sighed, running her hands over his chest as she leant against him. "Alcohol does such strange things to your mind. Thoughts and feelings you normally guard so carefully come pouring out and people you are terrified of suddenly become as approachable as cuddly kittens."

"W-What?" His voice hitched. Where was her hand going?

"Sensei, indulge a birthday girl," she coaxed. Her knee forcibly slipped between his legs and Kakashi thought his heart would explode it was drumming in his ears so loudly. "I used to fantasize about you, you know. I always looked up to you. I've been such a naughty girl, sensei. Maybe you should spank me?"

"S-Spank you?" he repeated.

"Yes. Spank me," she whispered wantonly. She looked up at him and licked her lips as one of her hands slipped over his hip to stroke his thigh, dangerously close to parts of him that her hand had no business getting acquainted with. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, sensei?"

Before he could formulate a reply, she suddenly leant back sharply and gave him a suspicious glare. "Wait a minute," she slurred. "You're not Iruka-sensei!"

Then without further ado, she pushed away from him and staggered away through the crowd of people.

Kakashi tore down his mask with a trembling hand, and downed the entirety of his drink in several gulps. He couldn't go home yet, he decided. He needed several more drinks before he could recover from that terrible shock, along with a couple of years in intensive psychotherapy.