Ok, just to give my readers a heads up, I am not new to writing fan fiction. However, I am a noob to the Transformers universe. I loved the movie when it came out, especially, Optimus Prime. How can you not love the big fella? He kicks aft and looks good doing it. Also, I barely remember the episodes as I had seen them long ago when they first aired. But I did watch them and still have the toys!

This is an AU as I had already written a good portion of it before I learned exactly how Optimus came to be. So, I beg for forgiveness now if I upset anyone. But any fan fiction writer knows that when you have an idea that has to come out you have no choice but to roll with it. However, I promise to play nice with the characters, keeping each one true to their personality within the Transformer Universe.

Also, there was one episode I do remember, 'More Than Meets the Eye'. Optimus said something that sounded like something a younger brother would say to his older brother. "You're old Megatron. Yesterday's model, ready for the scrap heap!" So to me, Optimus is younger than Megatron…at least for this story.

Please read and enjoy.

Optimus charged forward with his usual reckless abandonment. Megatron sidestepped at the last moment and stuck his foot out. His brother tripped, lost his balance, and fell face first skidding across the ground. It was too hilarious and Megatron couldn't contain his giggles.

"Oh, Optimus! When are you gonna learn you cannot beat me?"

"I can…and I will!" Optimus growled jumping to his feet.

"You're weaker than I," he chuckled, dodging yet another advance.

This time he used his brother's momentum against him, giving him just the right nudge to send him crashing to the ground.

"And you will always be weaker!" he added, just to get his little brother all riled up.

"Blow it out your aft, Megatron!" Optimus replied, slowing getting to his feet.

Megatron laughed at his younger brother's use of curse words. He rarely used them and never dared to say them in front of their mother. Besides, it was just playful banter they used whenever they sparred for father and their uncle. They never meant them and father didn't seem to mind.

"Come and get me you little pit-spawn!" Megatron taunted with a sneer.

This time Megatron was surprised by his younger brother's speed and couldn't avoid being tackled to the ground. The landing was hard and rumbled his inner circuitry…momentarily. He laughed wildly at Optimus' feeble attempts to wrestle with him.

"That's enough! Front and center you two! NOW!"

"Yes father," the young mechs said in unison as they quickly got to their feet.

They hurried and stood before their father and uncle Praxis. Both grown mechs stood at the same intimidating height with similar massive armored frames, the brothers were always together whenever Megatron and Optimus were sparring. Only Praxis never appeared as menacing as father did. He always had a smile on his pale blue face plates while father had a scowl.

"You disappoint me, Megatron! You had the advantage on several occasions and failed to act appropriately each time!"

"But father, he is only half my size…it doesn't seem a fair fight!"

"Half your size and I still took you down!" Optimus smirked proudly.

"Be quiet, Optimus!" Father yelled.

Megatron noticed the instant hurt in his younger brother's bright blue optics as he looked up at father. He appeared on the verge of tears but wouldn't let them fall. Nor did he step back as father moved closer. At times, Megatron envied his little brother - Optimus had more courage to stand up to father than he did. And at times, like this, his little brother inspired him to be far braver than he was. He was just grateful that they were rare occurrences.

"He did take me down, father," Megatron quickly interjected, knowing full well this would take father's attention off Optimus.

It worked, as usual. And like on those other rare occasions, Megatron wasn't entirely sure he wanted to see the deep fury in father's pale grey face plates as his deep blue optics focused on him. Such a look frightened him so much he nearly leaked lubricant down his leg each and every time.

"Sympathy is for the weak! You must show no mercy, no matter who the opponent! You are my son and you will not be weak! Is that understood?"

"Yes, father," Megatron dutifully replied.

"But I read 'The Philosophy of Primus' and it teaches that mercy is not a weakness," Optimus argued. Megatron felt his spark leap up into his vocal processor with fear. He desperately tried giving his little brother a look to make him shut up, but it was useless. Once Optimus' mind was made up he would not be deterred. The stubborn little slag! "It takes great strength of character to show mercy. And it's the honorable thing to do...to show compassion against a defenseless opponent."

Megatron winced as Optimus was back handed so hard he flew to the ground. It was rare that father ever hit either of them. But when he did, both brothers felt it regardless of who got smacked.

"You are so like you mother," father said with disgust. "The femmes have no place in battle! And unless you change your attitude neither do you! It's life or death, Optimus. Honor has nothing to do with that. And compassion will only get you killed. Winning at all costs is what matters." Father moved, his black armored frame towering over Megatron causing his spark to pulse rapidly with fear. "You will fight you brother again and do it right! I expect to be disappointed by Optimus…not by you! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, father," Megatron nodded.

He glanced at his brother and a dull ache pained in his spark for his little brother as he saw the hurt on Optimus' face at father's words.

"Kilynx, they're only youngling mechs, must you be so hard on them? Optimus is barely out of the sparkling phase of his life and Megatron hasn't even finished growing his plate armor yet."

"War is coming Praxis! No son of mine will be unprepared for it!" father snarled. "And don't you question how I raise my sons, brother! You and I both know how much harsher father was on us!"

"Yes. Of course. I apologize. I was out of line," he said humbly.

"Take your place," father ordered Megatron as he moved towards Optimus. Bending down, he lifted the small mech to his feet. He quickly wiped the tears away. "Your mother coddles you too much, Optimus. I do what I must to prepare you."

"I understand, father," Optimus sniffled.

"Good," father simply said then returned to Praxis' side.

Megatron often felt sad for his little brother at times like this. All Optimus ever wanted was a single word of approval from their father and he would do anything to get it. Megatron had even wondered if that day would ever come or if Optimus would ever stop trying.


No, Megatron concluded. Optimus would never stop trying to win his father's approval. His stubborn pride wouldn't let him. He came as fast as ever, surprisingly fast for being so small. The determination to beat his elder brother at all cost evident all over his grey face plates. He clawed, kicked, punched, and growled with every last bit of his energon against Megatron.

It just wasn't enough. Megatron was too big and too strong. And knowing how closely father and Praxis were watching he dared not ease up one bit. He was too afraid of what father would do to him if he showed any pity on his brother.

"I'm sorry, Optimus," he whispered into his brother's audio receptor, when he pulled him in closer.

Then he lifted his brother above his head then threw him hard to the ground. Optimus let out a loud yelp when he bounced hard on the ground and Megatron's spark cried within him.

"Well done!" father smiled. "That's the way it's done."

Father reached down and laid a hand on his shoulder, praising him yet again. But Megatron's eyes never left his little brother. Optimus had gotten up yet. That wasn't at all like him. He was always quick to get back to his feet no matter what kind of discomfort he was in.

Praxis noticed as well for he quickly moved and knelt down beside Optimus. Panic filled Megatron's spark seeing the growing concern in his uncle's face. Guilt filled him instantly. The last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt his little brother. And thank Primus it was Praxis who spoke first.

"Kilynx, Optimus needs medical attention!"

"Not again…very well," father sighed, sounding as irritated as ever. "Take him to see Ratchet."

"Yes, brother."

"Can I go too, father?" Megatron pleaded softly.

"No, I have a reward for you for a job well done. Praxis, make sure Optimus is home in time for his studies. Otherwise, Areya will have my plated aft if he's one astrosecond late."

"Will he be ok, Praxis?"

"I should think so, Megatron," he smiled, cradling the youngling in his arms gently. "Do not worry. Optimus is one tough little mech and Ratchet is the best medic on Cybertron."

He watched Praxis walk off with Optimus for a moment before turning to see father staring sternly down at him. He was angry again. But Megatron had to asked, he cared for his younger brother. As the elder brother it was his responsibility to do so. And he loved his little brother dearly. It was a love that was reciprocated in full.

"It is thoughts like that that will get you killed, Megatron. During battle you will not have time to worry for the weak. They must be left to fend for themselves. Only the strong will survive. Only the strong will be worthy of ruling Cybertron."

"I do not understand father. We already have rulers on Cybertron. Sentinel Prime is our leader along with the High Council."

"Sentinal Prime will not always be leader," father smirked with a distant look on his face. "Enough. You will understand one day. And you will thank me for preparing you. Come let's go to the firing range."

"The firing range?" he excitedly asked.

"Yes, your reward. I have something special for you."

"Really? What is it father?"

"It's a surprise."