It's the following day after the trials. We pick up with Megatron at school. Boy is he in for a surprise!

Megatron grinned happily as he left school and headed towards the regular meeting place to wait for his brother. He was glad school was over for the day. He was never as good at it as Optimus. He never had to be since father was more interested in his sons' fighting abilities than their schooling.

That didn't stop his little brother from striving so hard for father's affections by getting the highest grade in his classes. Apparently, even the fact that father said he wanted nothing to do with Optimus didn't stop Megatron's little brother from trying anything for father's affections.

Megatron was absolutely blown away that his baby brother forged father's signature on his consent form. That was so not Optimus. Then Megatron was stunned that his little brother got the highest awards at the Youth Trials yesterday. Yet, he was even happy that father finally gave Optimus some recognition instead of putting him down.

It had always bothered Megatron how father treated Optimus. He didn't think it was fair that he received all the high praise while his little brother received very little, if anything at all. Still, Megatron wasn't going to deny the fact that he enjoyed any praise he received from father. He just wished for his little brother to get some of it.

And finally, he was getting it.

That may change at the sparring grounds if Megatron kick's Optimus little aft as he often does. Father doesn't like losers. Megatron learned that quickly. And he doesn't like weakness. Optimus may have proven himself at the trials but he still has yet to show he has the strength to beat his elder brother.

"Primus, Optimus, where are you?" he grumbled to himself, glancing towards the classroom door to the room his brother learned in.

Tardiness is something father hates as well.

Megatron didn't want his little brother to get into trouble so he head over expecting to find Optimus having another long debate with his teacher. It wouldn't be the first time Megatron has had to save his baby brother's aft from father's wrath for being late. Only to his surprise, the classroom was void of students.

"Where's my brother?" he asked the teacher.

"Your father came by to collect him a few hours ago."

Oh. Megatron blinked a couple of times. That jolted him for an astrosecond. He was a little hurt. Why had father only collected Optimus from school?

"Ok, thank you," he said then hurried off as fast as he could unable to find the answer to his question.

Sure enough, there was Optimus at the sparring grounds with father, uncle Praxis, and a young mech that wasn't much younger than Megatron. Starscream was his name from what Megatron recalled having picked on the mech a few times at school.

The two younglings were sparring under father's watchful optics. And from what Megatron could see, his brother was getting the better of Starscream despite the fact that he was much taller than Optimus. Starscream suddenly found himself on his back with Optimus standing over him.

"Are you ok?" Optimus asked, extending his hand to help the young mech up.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Starscream wearily said taking hold of Optimus' hand.

"That's not how you do it, little brother," Megatron smirked as he arrived at his father's side.

"He appeared injured; I was merely trying to help."

"And in doing so, put yourself at risk," father remarked harshly. "I've told you both time and time again; do not waste the opportunity to finish off your opponent. He could have been faking his injuring to lure you in. Best to finish him off then be sorry about it later. You must show no mercy Optimus."

I saw the confusion in my brother's faceplates. I sensed he was about to open his mouth to say something that was going to get him in trouble.

"But that's not the honorable thing to do, father."

Sure enough, father stepped forward making Optimus jump back in fear. Only to Megatron's dismay father didn't strike Optimus nor did he use harsh words. Instead, he knelt down before him.

"You still have much to learn. I don't expect you to learn everything in one day," he said. "But I expect you to learn it."

"Yes, father."

"I'd like to see just how much he's learned!" Megatron confidently challenged.

"Very well, perhaps you can teach him a thing or two," father said to Megatron.

"Remember what I taught you, Optimus," Praxis told him as the two younglings took their place.

"I will uncle," he smiled.

Both waited as father and Starscream moved to the sided.

"Begin!" father ordered.

"So, you think you can beat me yet, Optimus?" Megatron asked, mockingly.

"Try me," Optimus smirked with a bit of arrogance.

As usual, and so predictable, Optimus charged at Megatron. And as usual, Megatron prepared to side step. Only this time, Optimus leapt up and kicked his feet up at the last possible moment, hitting Megatron square in the chest. It was enough force to knock Megatron onto his aft.

"How was that?" Optimus snickered, looking down at his brother.

"Not bad…for a runt," Megatron smiled, getting to his feet. "Try it again…I dare you!"

Optimus obliged. Only this time he squatted lower at the last moment. Megatron felt arms around one of his legs. Before he could react it was being lifted off the ground. His entire center of gravity shifted and was sent onto his aft…again!

Father let out a loud chuckle which of course infuriated Megatron. No one laughs at him! And no one makes him look like a fool!

"What's the matter brother? I thought you could not be defeated!" Optimus scoffed.

Megatron let loose a guttural growl as he got to his feet. He charged at his little brother with the intent of taking his head off! His hands grasped Optimus' shoulders and Optimus countered by using Megatron's momentum against him.

The small mech rolled backwards onto his back, tucked his legs between them and then lifted Megatron into the air. Megatron went flying upside down then landed hard on his back.

"Excellent Optimus!" You learn quickly!" father beamed proudly.

Megatron rolled over, watching his father in confusion. For the first time his feelings were hurt while father showered Optimus with high praise…praise that was supposed to be Megatron's.