A/N: I wrote this about six months ago for English class. It's not my best, but I had no inspiration, as classrooms are generally very dull and offer little to work with. I hope you enjoy my little poem anyway.


She used to think that one swift bite was all it took to achieve one's goals.
She used to believe that the world held only this one truth.
She used to look at memories as unwanted hindrances,
And she viewed humans as ignorant and stupid.
The wolf was what she was, if not in body, then in soul.

But now she knows that one must tire one's prey and chase it before the final blow.
She knows that the world holds many truths, if only one may come alive.
Her memories have saved her life too many times, it seems,
And she now knows that humans are anything but stupid.
And still, the wolf is what she is, if not it body, then in soul.