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Chapter 1- "Sasuke Isn't With Me"

Hinata's P.O.V

I was in class again and my mind was wondering when it wasn't supposed to but I couldn't help but eye Sasuke Uchiha. He was one of the ninja's that had a celebrity status and every girl wanted him and I was one of them but what chance did I have to get with him? He probably didn't know who I was anyway, I didn't talk very much and I didn't have the confidence to go up to him and talk to him.

There wasn't many boys I was intrested in but Sasuke and Naruto but I was starting to like Sasuke more than Naruto. Sasuke had all the attention but he didn't care if he got with someone or that so many girls wanted him. I always saw Naruto dying to be in his position because he wanted all the attention, but Sasuke was always a mystery, he rarely talked sometimes.

Everyone thought it would be cute if I ended up with my cousin Neji but I wasn't sure if I would. Neji was my cousin and it didn't seem to be right if cousin's like each other that way when they were first cousins, Neji had been eyeing Tenten and he seemed to be intrested in her and I decided that Neji wasn't the guy I wanted.

I continued to eye Sasuke as I wrote an essay for the question on the board, I sometimes wondered what Sasuke was thinking or what he did when he was at home. He seemed kinda of lonely and maybe he needed someone to love him and see his real feelings which I kind of did but I don't think he would say yes to me to be his girlfriend.

Sasuke dropped his pencil near my desk as I gasped, he was going to have to get from there and I began to get nervous. He got up and walked slowly toward my desk as looked down and pretended to do something else so I wouldn't look obvious but it was too late.

He bent down to get it and I was reaching for it when I accidently put the pencil in his hands and I began to freak out as I locked eyes with him.

He continued to stare, "Thanks Hinata..."

"Y-You're welco..me..." I replied, I can't believe I was looking at him.

He walked back to his desk as my face turned bright red and Sakura and Ino where whispering about Sasuke and noticed my different complexion as he walked away. Now they knew about the secret I had been keeping and I wanted to hide now that they knew and they couldn't believe that I was also keeping an eye on Sasuke.

"That's Hinata, right?" Ino whispered, "I think she has a crush on Sasuke..."

Sakura looked at her, "...You're kidding right? I thought she was after Naruto..."

"It doesn't look like that anymore, she's been eyeing Sasuke a lot now..."

I didn't want to look back. Sakura had the intention that if she couldn't have Sasuke that no else could either and that's what started Ino and Sakura's rivralry. It was always over Sasuke and who liked him more than the other and Sasuke sometimes got sick of it and then I wondered how he dealt with Sakura being on his team all the time.

We had fifteen minutes left as I continued to watch Sasuke stare out the window and around the room. The seat next to me was empty because Kiba was out with the flu and he wouldn't be back until the end of next week, Sasuke was eyeing the seat and I began to get nervous again thinking that Sasuke was going to sit there.

I was right. He moved from his seat to the seat next to me and I began to get nervous all over again. What was he going to ask me? What if he wanted something from me? My mind began to race like crazy and I didn't have control of my thoughts anymore.

Sasuke peered over at me and began talking, "...Where do you normally sit at lunchtime, Hinata? You always seem to sit by yourself..."

'Does he want me to sit with him?' I grinned a little as my eyes looked away, "Umm...I sometimes...sit with Sakura...W-Why?"

"It's nothing...I thought I might sit with you today..."

'Why? I don't exsist in your eyes' I thought, "Are you...sure? I-I don't think...that's a..."

Sasuke looked out the window and looked back, "...Don't worry about the other girls, screw them, they're annoying anyway..."

I blushed heavily, "Okay, you can sit with me...i-if you want but won't it look...obvious?"

He looked at me, "Don't worry about it, they won't bother you..."

"O-Oh okay..." I replied, "That's fine..."

I went to stand up when Naruto ran by me and knocked me over and I ended up falling into Sasuke's lap as I blushed even further and struggled to get my balance back to the way it was. I looked up at Sasuke who had this weird look on his face but it returned to normal and he was cool with it but he yelled at Naruto.

"Naruto! Watch where you going, loser! You almost hurt Hinata..."

"Jeez Sasuke, I didn't see her...I was trying to reach to the end of the room blindfolded!"

"Who in the hell dared you to do that?" Sasuke looked at him, "Don't tell me it was Lee again! You guys always make stupid bets!"

Naruto turned his back and refused to argue anymore as I struggled to get up and Sasuke looked over at me again. I couldn't believe he was giving me all this attention, it was almost...too much at once but it was still good.

"Are you okay?" he asked, "I'm sorry about that..."

"N-No it was okay...I didn't get hurt..."

"So, are we still on for lunch or what?" he asked again, "...It's okay if you don't want me to..."

"Yes! I-I want you to sit with me, I'm perfectly fine with it..."

"Ok..." I couldn't tell with Sasuke's emotions sometimes because he was serious all the time. "I'll meet you over there, I guess..."

Sakura eyed the two of us as she looked at Ino, "Guess where Sasuke's going to be at lunch? He isn't sitting at his regular table, he's sitting with Hinata..."

"...? Why? This is too weird..."

"I hope he isn't getting any ideas..." Sakura sounded mad and I didn't want her to be mad at me over this little thing, "This better not be going the way it is."

I still had my doubts about Sasuke, why would he want a girl like me? I was insecure with myself and I was quiet, I still think I didn't exsist in his eyes but maybe things were going to be different and maybe he would sit with me at lunch from now on.

I was still watching Sasuke as he went back to his desk, I blushed silently.

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