Chapter 8- " Who He Is"

Sasuke's attitude began to change more cynical and more dark to the point of Hinata worrying if he was thinking anymore. Sasuke wasn't, he was after power and he wanted nothing more to do with life. He would be around one day and dissapper for days on end. Hinata grew used to it and it no longer bothered her, she brought it up no more when Sasuke and her last fought. He ended by saying he'll do whatever.

Sasuke reappeared again and walked past her. "You haven't been telling people things have you, Hinata? I'm very wanted now."

Hinata sighed. "I didn't. Sasuke, do you really like living this way?"

"You worry too much about me." Sasuke smiled. "Itachi will soon be dead and this will all be over."

Hinata had a feeling it wouldn't be over. "How do you know? You'll run again."

"No." he paused. "Because after this, you're coming with me. You will leave home for good."

Hinata couldn't believe what he said. "Sasuke, I-I can't do that. I belong at home until I'm married. My father-"

Sasuke growled, he didn't want to hear it. "You love me, don't you? Hinata you will do it if you love me. You will pack your things after he's dead. We will run away."

Hinata became frightened. "Sasuke, why did I ever bother?"

Sasuke crouched in front of me. "You will run away with me, understood? The only feelings I put aside is how I feel about you."

Hinata couldn't believe how fast things changed. She wasn't facing the same Sasuke anymore, she was seeing the stages of hunger manifest itself into something dark and lonely. It would only get worse and worse, Sasuke could care less and just wanted power. Power was something he wanted badly.

"Sasuke...Can't you just start over?" Hinata grabbed onto Sasuke. "This can't be the same Sasuke I liked."

Sasuke shook his head. "There is no starting over, Hinata. Didn't anyone teach you that as a ninja everytime you go out you may die? Every battle could be your last. If you die, you died fighting as you were. Death is always around."

Hinata knew it. So did every ninja but how Sasuke said was so lifeless and deadly that it seemed to Sasuke that it didn't matter if he died or not. He didn't care. His life changed for the worse and he no longer cared about just as long as he went to the next thing. Hinata knew better than to say it was just a phase.

Hinata wondered one thing but didn't want to say anything. Sasuke caught her witholding a thought and knew she had something to say. He turned around and walked towards her and looked straight in her pure eyes.

"You were wondering about something, weren't you?" Sasuke was interested in what it was. "Hinata, tell me what you were thinking."

Hinata blushed and shook her head. "No. It's ok, Sasuke. We will talk later."

"Tell me now." Sasuke eye contact demanded an answer. "Now."

"Um...Well, what about doing other things?"

"Sex?" Sasuke asked. He understood. "That we do when we run away. I can tell you're not ready, so you have time. I'm not heartless when it comes to you."

Sasuke wasn't lying when he said that but he still was cold when he was around. Hinata didn't always agree but her heart still called out for him, she still wanted to be with him no matter what. Hinata knew it wasn't her fault why he had become this way, everything Sasuke was did was because he wanted to do it. His brother wanted to protect him from things but it looked like Sasuke wasn't fully aware of that yet. Sasuke would do anything to make his brother die for revenge.

Hinata gave Sasuke soup as he ate it. "Sasuke, I don't like what you're doing...but.."

"You're still behind me, right?" Sasuke looked at Hinata. "I hope you are, I am on my own for this but for you not to be there would devestate me."

Hinata blushed. "You about me?"

"Of course I do." Sasuke replied but Hinata could see the dark gaze. "I still do eventhough I'm a little darker than before. My feelings haven't changed for you, Ina."

Hinata was still happy but worried about her boyfriend. "I...worry about you, everyday."

Sasuke heard it but didn't respond to it. Hinata knew it meant he cared but at the same time didn't want her worrying all the time if something happened. Sasuke lived for today and not for tomorrow and his life went around that. Sasuke continued to eat as it began to thunder and rain, just like it always did when something unfortunate was going to be coming this way.

"Sasuke..." Hinata called him. "Will you ever...kill me?"

Sasuke shook his head and glared. "What would make me do that, Hinata? Do you hear how you're talking? I would never hold a blade to you even if I was forced. What, you didn't realize the last good of me resides in you? It does! I know it's hard for you...It isn't any easier for me."

Hinata ran to Sasuke. "Sasuke...You have to promise me..."

"Promise you what?" Sasuke was gentle. "What do you want me to do?"

"Take care of me." Hinata responded softly. "I want to be...looked after."

Sasuke knew that couldn't fufilled half the time and how could he promise that to his love? Sasuke closed his eyes as his expression changed to uncertainty. Sasuke knew when his wanted level would go up that Hinata would be the only one by his side. No one else would be and so he was lucky to have some be able to go through so much just to be with someone.

"Hinata..." Sasuke sighed heavily. "I will try but you can't expect it from me all the time."

"Sasuke but..." Hinata still didn't like it but there was no other way. "Ok...As long as you try."

Sasuke gripped her harder. "I love you so much, Hinata. I can't be away from you too long."

Hinata knew that because she felt the same towards him. It wasn't just about Sasuke or her anymore, it was about how they were going to live their lives when things happened. Sasuke knew that Hinata was having a hard time but he also knew in his heart that it was tearing him up to have her make decisions that she would or wouldn't get used to, even some that caused her emotions to be unsettled and the fear creeping around on every corner.

"I love you, Hinata. Please forgive me." Sasuke replied as he looked at her.