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"So anyway, I finally called that hotline, y'know, the one that sounds like the "Rudy" soundtrack in the commercials, the dun-dunn da dunn…"

Gracie looked up from her breakfast to make sure that Jensen was infact singing and that a smoke alarm wasn't going off on a different floor before returning to her breakfast. Four months out of the hospital, and she was still limited to semi-solid foods after her stomach surgery. It wasn't like she wasn't happy to be alive. She was just getting sick of scrambled eggs or runny oatmeal every morning.

A dribble of egg dropped on top the blueprint she was working on, and she cussed to herself and wiped it away with her fingers. Her desk was semi-neat, yet cluttered (she had a system) with mounds of paper, her computer and a few framed photographs of her and Eric. Despite her hatred of deskwork, the daily sight of her boyfriend made the day somewhat bearable.

"So I told her I knew kung-fu," Jensen was sill re-hashing his late night phone call. "You think I could get away with that, Harte?"

"Only if by 'kung fu' you mean the Chinese place in Brooklyn." She told him, then took another bite of eggs. Jensen's ears reddened.

"Yeah, well, you could show me a few moves. Unless you're too busy with Eric… maybe I could get a tape of you two." His voice trailed off. "Whaddya say?" Gracie rolled her eyes.

"How about you get back to work, Jensen?" Eric made his way around the corner, and Gracie gave the already startled Jensen a glare.

"Yeah, sure, I've got- photocopier." He made his way towards his office. Gracie sat back on her chair and sighed.

"How was your briefing?" Eric's gaze fell to the floor.

"I got a new op."

"Why the long face? It's not a beauty pageant or anything, right? I mean, if you want another chance to see Macdonald in his underwear…" Her giggle broke into a snort that made Eric smile.

"I wish. It's a 2-man undercover in the Catskills. Drug trade covered by hunters." He was still withdrawn; unsure of taking the assignment. She knew he was worried about leaving her.

"That's 4 hours away Eric. It's not Texas. I'll be fine."

"Macdonald wants me on the road in two. I just-" She stood to meet his eyes, and his arms went around her waist, one of the few times either of them had broken their unspoken anti- FBI-PDA agreement. "I can't leave you. Not yet."

"I'll be fine. The doctor said I had eighty-five percent back in my hands and it's not that hard to make scrambled eggs."

"I know. And I know you're gonna be fine. It's just, this is the first time I've ever worried about this stuff. You'll be fine without me. I just don't know how I'm gonna do out there without you."

"Break that drug ring faster." He smiled.

"I figure that's my best option. I've got some maps for you to look over before I go." He was slowly pulling her towards a janitor's closet.

"Okay, I'll get on that…"

"I'll just need some good luck from you, too." He slowly opened the closet door with a smile. She caught on in an instant, and she pulled him inside, planting her lips to his before the door clicked shut.