Well this is it, the final chapter. I could keep going, but I think I am at a point where the story ends naturally. Thank you to everyone who has read and commented.

Wilson cleaned them both off, and left House to sleep. He pulled on House's robe, and went into the living room, stopping off at the kitchen to get a beer. He opened it and sat on the couch. He put his head in his hands, and began to mentally run through the events of the day.

He was unsure how long he sat there, until he was poked in the shoulder by a cane shaped object. He looked up to see House standing there, dressed in a rumpled t-shirt and pajama bottoms. His hair was unusually in disarray, due to the earlier activities.

"Hey." House said. He walked past Wilson and went to retrieve his own beer. When he returned Wilson moved over so House could sit down. They sat there in silence until House cleared his throat and began to speak.

"I know you're sitting here analyzing everything like we live in a fishbowl," he began. Wilson had to chuckle. "Am I that transparent?" "No," House said. "I just know you." He paused. "Nothing had to change . . . . I mean, you, me, this, it doesn't have to be any different. Except for what happened in the bedroom. I'd like to keep that, have it happen again?" He looked over at Wilson, trying to keep the smile from spreading across his face.

Wilson looked up from his beer and looked into House's seeking eyes. And he smiled too. "So," House said, relieved that Wilson hadn't gone all weird on him. "How about that Chinese food? All that exertion, now I am really starving!"

Wilson had to laugh. As he got up and reached for the phone, he jokingly jostled House in the ribs, which led House to smack Wilson playfully on the ass. The playfulness continued, after the food order was placed, leading to kissing and petting and the two of them behaving like sex crazed teenagers until the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the food.