The Boss' Famous Son

Gabriella was having a bad day and it was just getting worse…she was told by the boss' assistant that the boss wanted to see her. This couldn't be good the boss only ever called people to go into his office when he was about to fire them. Gabriella could not afford to get fired from her job at magazine company POISE, she needed the income it was the only way she could afford to take care of her family which consisted of her mother, her father, her older brother Dean and her younger brother Sam. She didn't need to pay for her older brothers' necessities since he had a job being an accountant. He could pay for some of the things the rest of the family needed however it was mainly Gabriella who paid for her parents' bills and Sam's college funds. Her parents couldn't pay for everything since they both had unsustainable jobs.

Dean was 25 years old and had always been overprotective of Gabriella since she was the only daughter in the family. He had always stood up for her when she was in trouble with their parents or beat up any of the kids who had teased her or made her feel inferior. Gabriella remembered when she started high school how some of the cheerleaders at her school kept calling her math freak or geeky Gabi. When Dean found out he yelled at them and they shut their mouths at once since Dean was the football captain. From then on they just gave Gabriella silent death glares.

Sam was 20 years old and had been the cleverest of all the children in the Montez family; he was even at Harvard University studying law. Even though Gabriella was proud of her younger brother she got very annoyed whenever she had to pay for his studies, she had to pay so much because he was attending a top university in America. Sam wasn't one for sports he preferred politics hence why he wanted to be a barrister. However he did like to go to their parents' house occasionally and watch a game of basketball every now and then with Dean.

Gabriella's day was destined to be bad as soon as Gabriella had started the day by falling off her bed when the alarm went off she even managed to get a bruise on her back from the fall. She then spent ages choosing her clothes but as soon as she entered the kitchen she got out some butter and jam from the cupboard and as she was walking to the counter she slipped on a piece of paper that was left on the floor, she managed spill the butter and jam all over her shirt. This frustrated her more than ever as she was already running late for work. She changed her whole outfit and decided to skip breakfast altogether. When she arrived at work she discovered that she had lost all the work she had done the previous night.

As Gabriella started walking to the boss's office she silently said goodbye to the walls the pictures and anything she could see as she was walking past. Gabriella stood outside the door and took a few deep breaths before silently pushing the door open. As she looked up at the boss she saw that he hadn't noticed her enter so she lightly knocked on the door to get his attention. His head shot up from the work he was looking at.

"Ah Miss Montez please come in. Take a seat I have been meaning to talk to you these past few days," Mr Bolton said.

"Yes sir, so why is it that you called me here?" Gabriella asked the man aged between 40 to 50 years old whilst silently praying to the gods above not to let her get fired.

"Well you see Miss Montez…" Mr Bolton started to say before he was interrupted.

"It's alright I completely understand, I guess I'll just start packing my things. I guess I expected this I mean my work has never been up to the standard set it's amazing that I've lasted so long at this job. At my previous jobs I would only last a week or so but I mean this job has been going for nearly a year now," Gabriella rambled.

"Miss Montez if you would quit rambling I would like to actually tell you why I have called you into my office and it is not because I want to fire you," Mr Bolton replied back with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Oh yes I'm sorry," Gabriella said her face turning to a light shade of red due to her embarrassment. However she was glad to hear that she was not going to be fired and was thanking the gods above.

"Your work here Miss Montez has proven to be of high standard and I am beyond pleased. Your work shows great passion, commitment and wit. I was just going through your work here on Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre review and I must admit that I was surprised by how much you know about music and how very carefully you listened to the beats Timbaland produced and the backing vocals by Justin Timberlake. You must have a knack for writing and know your stuff when it comes to music."

"Thanks," whispered Gabriella. She was having the shock of a lifetime she had never received so many compliments, well except from her family but they just did it because it was a requirement. All families gave each other compliments right?

"Anyway so that it why I decided to promote you," Mr Bolton said with a wide smile on his face. Gabriella froze, she was getting a promotion?

"A promotion? How is that possible I haven't even been here for a year, I don't think it's fair some people have been here for years."

"Ah but Miss Montez none of their work has ever been as amazing to read as yours. Actually I wanted to ask you something else as well that also ties in with the promotion. If you take this promotion you will be moving to Los Angeles. Since you will be going to L.A, I was wondering if maybe you would consider marrying my son who lives in L.A." Mr Bolton proclaimed.

Gabriella could barely move too much was trying to be processed. If she were to take the promotion she would have to move from New York to Los Angeles? How was she going to tell her family that? And here boss wants her to marry his son? How is that possible? She didn't even know his bloody name. She had always pictured meeting her knight in shining armour after he saved her and then riding of to the horizon. Okay so it was a stupid fantasy but she was a hopeless romantic. What would happen if she said no? Would he take away the promotion? Would he fire her? So many questions were spinning round in Gabriella's head she didn't know what to tell him.

"I…I umm… I need to t…think ab…bout it," Gabriella managed to stutter out.

"Sure just get back to me as soon as possible," Gabriella's boss replied. Gabriella slowly got out of the chair and walked out of the office. Still in a daze she sat down at her desk. She noticed that some people were staring at her. Did they all hear what he just told her? No that couldn't be it. Was there something on her face? Gabriella quickly picked up the mirror on her table. Her face seemed to look like it always did to her. She quickly grabbed the women next her desk and asked her why people were staring at her.

"Isn't it obvious, people are amazed that you're still at your seat everyone thought that you were gonna be fired. Also your face is really pale," the woman with blonde her replied.

"Right thanks," Gabriella replied. Meanwhile Mr Bolton sat in his office and looked at his photo of Troy, his son.



Troy and his dad entered the house that Troy's parents lived in, in Albuquerque.

"So son how is the training for the upcoming season?" Jack Bolton asked his son.

"It's going great dad this season is gonna be great dad I just know it. Man you know it still hasn't sunk in that I have been playing for the LA Lakers for nearly 3 years now. I can't picture my life any better than it already is," Troy replied.

"I can," Jack answered sternly.

"Huh?" Troy questioned.

"It would be so much better if you had a wife your life could be absolutely perfect once you have a wife," Jack said.

"Dad I don't want a wife. I am 23 years old for goodness sake. I am still young, I don't plan on getting married till at least 29ish." Troy replied with an annoyed tone.

"Oh please can't you do this for me and your mother we really want you to settle down so that we can have little grandchildren running around the room."

"No way dad I don't even plan on having kids until I am 33ish, that's in 10 years," Troy replied annoyance taking over him.

"Oh please Troy you promised when you was younger that you would marry whoever your mother and I wanted to and whenever we wanted you to get married."

"Hey that's not fair I was young I was tricked by you and mum," said Troy as he slumped onto the couch staring at the ceiling.

"Come on Troy be a man suck it up and marry someone already I know the perfect woman for you!" Jack exclaimed, clearly lying.

"Alright, fine! On one condition," Troy said finally giving in.

"Sure whatever you want," Jack replied pleased with his persuading skills.

"She has to sign a contract saying that we will get divorced after year is up and I am not satisfied. If I do fall in love with her well then there will be no need for a divorce." Jack stared at his son not knowing what to say. How could his son actually say that? Jack mulled things over in his head for a few seconds before coming to a conclusion.

"Okay, she has to sign the contract," Jack replied in an upset tone.

"Alright," Troy said whilst getting up to leave, "oh and no grandchildren." Once Troy had left the room Jack went to sit on the couch now he had to find the right woman for his son who would accept his son's contract and will make his son fall head over heels in love with her so that he wouldn't want to get a divorce. Where was he going to find a girl like that? There is probably only one in a billion who would accept this. Well actually his son is famous so almost everyone would say yes. However his son would just divorce a girl like that, it wasn't his type. Jack knew his son well he liked the genuine girls the sweet and caring ones. Yes there would only be one in a billion girls who would accept this proposal. He had 3 days to find her.

Jack looked at the photograph; he sure hoped he made the right choice.

"Man I hope I made the right the decision. She's the best that I could find and she is as close to the perfect wife that I can think of. I just hope you don't mess it up with your stupid contract."

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