Bad Romance

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Troy had stayed up all night feeling guilty about his plan. He was doing something bad and wrong on so many levels and yet it was as though someone else was taking control of his body, about to do something unforgiveable. The devil in his conscience was telling him that it would be fine and that she would never know about. Everything would be perfect.

Troy was turning the paper around in his hands waiting for Gabriella to come down the stairs and join him in the living room. They hadn't spoken since their fight, both being as stubborn as the other. But Troy had to break his silence for this though. It was something that had to be done before the wedding.

Gabriella sauntered down the stairs in a daze still half asleep. She looked up to see Troy in deep thought but rather than snapping him out of his reverie she decided to ignore him, it was becoming their usual routine.

Troy's eyes looked up as soon as he felt Gabriella's presence, but she was walking away.

"Gabriella, wait!" Troy exclaimed. Gabriella stood still, she wasn't sure whether she imagined Troy calling her name or whether it actually happened. She hadn't heard his voice in two weeks; he couldn't possibly have called out her name. She began to carry on moving when she heard him call her name again and she was sure it wasn't her brain making it up. She turned around to face him.

"Gabriella, I need to speak to you," Troy said solemnly. Gabriella had a small smile on her face. He'd caved first and was going to apologise.

"If we are to get married, I need to know that if it doesn't work out the money that I earned will be safe if we get a divorce," Troy said point blankly. The smile fell from Gabriella's face straight away and her eyes filled with anger.

"Do you think I'm some kind of gold digger? You jackass! Is money all you care about. What about that speech the other day when you were like I can spend your money and then you gave me your car, what happened to that Troy? I was starting to like that Troy?"

"Gabriella, stop being a drama queen and just sign the prenup. What's wrong with it? All it says is that what is mine is rightfully mine and what is yours is rightfully yours," Troy argued.

"Fine, because it will be proof that I'm not here to worm my way to your money and that I'm here for the full ride," Gabriella took the pen that was lying on the table and hurriedly signed the paper that was in Troy's hand.

As Gabriella exited the room Troy felt a sense of relief and immense guilt. Gabriella hadn't signed a prenup. She had signed his contract specifying that this marriage would only last a year; it would only last longer if Troy is satisfied with the marriage. Troy had chickened out of telling Gabriella the truth; he knew she would say no and then he would have to go through this whole process again with another girl who would probably be a worse person than Gabriella. This was the only way he could think of jumping over this hurdle. It had worked like Troy predicted, Gabriella hadn't read what was written on the document as she was blinded by anger and annoyance. She had trusted him enough to not bother reading it and this fact made Troy feel guiltier, if it was possible. It was now too late to turn back.


Gabriella couldn't believe that it was her hen night. She was getting married the next day. Christmas had flown by and still neither Troy nor Gabriella had forgiven each other. Every now and then they would mumble a few words to each other but their conversations had no depth. Gabriella had bought Troy a watch for Christmas and he had gotten her a bracelet, both nice presents but weren't extremely sentimental. They were both as stubborn as each other and hadn't gotten over their arguments that had taken place over the last month and half ago.

Kelsi had flown over from New York and with a lot of her cousins had planned Gabriella's hen night. Gabriella had specifically asked for no stripper. So Kelsi had planned to just stay in a nightclub. Gabriella was thoroughly shocked at how many people there were when she entered the nightclub. Sharpay and Taylor had even come even though Gabriella hadn't seen them since her first argument with Troy. The bar was full of balloons and streamers. A huge banner saying 'Have a great wedding Mrs Troy Bolton'. Gabriella blushed deep red whenever she looked at it.

"Gabi, can you believe it? You're gonna be married tomorrow. I myself can't wait. This is the first time I've been maid of honour. Thank you so much Gabi!" Kelsi said ranting about anything at all.

"Hey do you wanna go dance?" Gabriella shouted to the girls, feeling a little tipsy due to the alcohol she had consumed.


"Dude I can't believe you didn't want a stripper!" Chad exclaimed. Troy chuckled in response.

"After seeing the disasters that occurred at both yours and Zeke's bachelor parties I think I would like to stay away from strippers for a very long time," Troy replied.

"Hey, it wasn't that bad!" Zeke denied. Troy just gave him a look in response. "Okay, it wasn't great either," Zeke added.

"Can you believe it though? This time tomorrow the Troy Bolton will be married," Chad announced as they walked into the new club that had just opened.

"I know, the guy who has been on hundreds of flings without one relationship is getting married at 23 years old," Zeke said.

"Yeah, who would have known?" Troy said softly before proceeding to get himself a drink.


Gabriella rolled over in her sleep when she was thrown awake by the scream that left Sharpay's mouth, to get up. Gabriella's eyes snapped open.

"What's all the yelling about?" Gabriella asked annoyed at all the screaming.

"Gabriella, it's your wedding day and you're meant to be awake!" Taylor said waking Gabriella up faster than Sharpay ever could have with those few words.

"Oh my God! What time is it? Am I late? Am I meant to be in my dress already? Is the make up artist here?" Gabriella asked in her panic stricken state.

"5:30 am is the time, no and no," Taylor answered.

"Oh God, I've got to have a shower!" Gabriella fretted as she pulled the duvet cover away and jumped out of bed, the panic never ceasing.

Troy focused his eyes on a spot on the floor as he zoomed out all the mummuring voices residing in the church. This was it... make or break, fight or flight and there was nothing more Troy wanted to do other than run for his life and never look back. But he had to do this. There was no choice, escape or easy way out. He had to do this for his parents. It was tradition to have arranged marriages in his deranged family. If he ever had a kid, he vowed he would never force this tradition on him or her. Sure, he liked Gabriella... sometimes, but there was nothing more there.

Troy suddenly came out of his reverie at the sound of the wedding march beginning. His blue orbs shot up, to look down the aisle. There she was, Gabriella in all her glory, looking more beautiful than Troy had ever seen. She was literally glowing, well at least radiating light. Troy could not help but stare. He'd known Gabriella was beautiful but this was like supermodel beautiful. When did she get such polished skin? Such beautiful brown eyes? Sleekly brown hair? She was beyond words. After what felt like forever she had reached where he was standing in front of the priest. Troy took Gabriella's hands into his causing her to look up at him. The priest's talk went on forever; at least that's how it seemed to Troy. Troy and Gabriella said their vows, the traditional, unoriginal ones and swapped rings.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Troy leant forward as did Gabriella and as their lips met in the middle for the first time electricity ran through their bodies but only for a few seconds before the kiss ended. It was short and sweet. Everyone clapped with joy and Troy and Gabriella walked down the aisle together and out of the room.

At the reception Troy and Gabriella spoke to the many guests. Gabriella got to meet Troy's sister, Camilla for the first time but the girl was shy and barely spoke three words to Gabriella. Troy and Gabriella danced together a couple of times to the secret delight of both.

Gabriella threw her bouquet in to the crowd and Kelsi was the one to catch it. Troy moved toward Gabriella and slowly lifted up the end of her dress and ran his hands up her leg in search of her garter. Gabriella shivered at the touch and almost moaned at the sensual strokes. Troy was teasing her and was most definitely enjoying Gabriella's reaction and appreciation of his touch. He reached the garter and slowly dragged it down her leg before throwing it to the men in the crowd. Troy faced Gabriella with a grin on his face as Gabriella turned away in chagrin.

As the festivities ended, both Gabriella and Troy returned to the mansion. They had mutually decided that they would not go on a honeymoon as it would be useless since they would not be able to spend it in the traditional way. Instead they would postpone it to a later date.

"Goodnight Troy," Gabriella called before heading towards her bedroom.

"Goodnight Gabriella," Troy called after her before heading to his bedroom.

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This chapter is named Bad Romance after the new Lady Gaga song from the album The Fame Monster.