Title: Denial
Summary: House has to solve a case and finds himself confused?
Disclaimer: If I owned House, the bill collectors wouldn't be calling me every day, no would they?
Rating: PG-13 to start, R + ch 14 and later

Chapter 1

A young woman and her mother are driving in a car. The young woman is driving. The daughter is lecturing her mother about the dangers of smoking.

"You wouldn't have that cough if you'd quit when I asked you to when I was 6."

"You mean the time you flushed the pack down the toilet?"

"Yes, that time," the daughter, said sarcastically. "Not the other 10 thousand times."

The mother continues to cough as the daughter drives. She looks over to see her mother barely conscious she freaks out and starts yelling at her and shaking her as she drives.