1:Tell the school he's been neudered

2:Tell him his mom called and she wants her underwear back

3:Jinx a bottle of shampoo to make it follow him around all day. (hopefully he'll get the hint)

4:Point to him and yell "It's Micheal Jackson!"

5:Tell the school he's slept with Dumbledore

...and Voldemort

...and Lucious

...and Sirius

...and James

...and Draco

...and Lupin

...and all of the death eaters

6:Turn his wardrobe pink

7:Tell him that Lily is at the Playboy Mansion in a bunny suit without James

8:Take a picture of him with Playboy bunnies around him

9:Kick him in the balls (if he has any) and yell "Rip off artist"

10:Tell him that Elvis Presley called and he wants his grease back

11:Point to him and yell "The Burger King Man!"

12:Walk up to him at random times and say "Your gay"

13:Set fake dementors on him and when he casts his patronous yell "A doe? That's gay!"

14:Everytime he does something wrong say "Harry Potter can do it"

15:Bewitch the Great Hall's roof to say "Snape sucks eggs"

16:Tell him Lily is in the shrieking shack...tell James to be there instead

17:Make him read the chapter when he dies in the Deathly Hollows

18:Put a spell on him to make him do the "Cha-cha" all day

19:During a Hogsmeade trip...pass out "Wanted" flyers with a picture of Snape

20:Put the crime that he is a child melester

21:Give him one of the flyers

22:Ask him why he's so angsty

23:On Valentines Day, carpet his flooring with pink hearts

24:Hang up gold and scarlet banners in his office

25:On a full moon, tell him that Lily is in the shrieking shack (Remus turns into a werewolf there)

26:Point to him and yell "AAHHHH! A Gorilla escaped from the zoo!"

27:Change his clothe to an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini

28:Make him sing that song all day too

29:Corner him in the halls and yell "Thanks alot...now Dumbledores pregnent"

30:If He gets a girlfriend...tell her that He's HIV Positive