Hello! This is my first C.Y.O.A. story. I have been attacked by plot bunnies and they are forcing me to write this! I haven't seen any c.y.o.a. On fan fiction so I did this one!


This is a 'choose your own adventure' story. After you have read the main paragraph, you will have two choices at the bottom of the page.

(Ex.) To --------,go to page .

You would then go to the chapter selector and go to the page specified.

I would also like to point out that in this story that if you make a bad choice, you can die, or be badly injure so choose wisely!


It's Friday afternoon. You just got home from school and you're exhausted! Throwing your school stuff onto the floor, you decide to watch some Naruto .So you turn on your computer/TV. Put on Naruto and sit back, relax with a sigh, and your favorite drink.

Half way through Naruto, the screen goes black. Annoyed, you press random buttons to try to get the screen back to normal.

Nothing happens. The screen is still black.

Then white writing appears on the screen. You read it aloud.

"If you wish to fulfill you hearts desire, it could take your mind higher. An opportunity like this will never come again so, speak your wish and prepare yourself and get ready to go…"

You sit down and read the lines again and again. "Hmm," you say "I wonder" with that you walk up to the screen, place your hand on it and say aloud "I wish to go to the Naruto world."

A few moments pass "hah! I knew this was a joke!" you say. Just as you say that the glass screen disappears and a gust of wind pulls you into the darkness of the glassless screen. You fall down, down, into unconsciousness.

Page 1.

You open your eyes and look around. "Great" you say. You're in the middle of a giant forest and you have a pounding headache. Then it dawns on you. 'Why am I in a forest?' you stand up and start walking.

'But I was at home, how'd I get here' you think as you push your way through some thick bushes and find a path in front of you. You decide to take the road north, and you begin walking up the road.

Soon the road splits into a 'Y' and there are no road signs specifying where the two roads go. You study the two roads. The one to the left the forest seems to become thinner. The road to the right the forest seems to become thicker.

Which road do you take?

To take the road to the right, go to page 2.

To take the road to the left, go to page 3.

Well as of now I'm grounded for a week so I'll try to update as soon as I'm free. Anyway I've got up to page 8 done in my notebook, so I'll still write more then update! Thank you for reading my first c.y.o.a!!