Dang It's short…

All right I'll create a distraction! You think. You crawl to a nearby tree and hide behind it. Then you pick up a stone as big as your fist. You pull your arm back, aim, and send the stone thought the window.

"What the?!" Kisame yells. You smile to your self.

"Its rude to interrupt secret meetings" a voice says behind you. You turn, it's Itachi.


You look down to find a kunai protruding from your chest. You caught up blood as you fall to your knees.

"Maybe I should have thought this through." You say. Your vision begins to fade.

"Indeed" Itachi says as he turn and walks away, leaving you to die…

Sorry your adventure end here.

As Shino once said "the wise man does not court danger"

Better luck next time

Well I did say! think carefully! Sorry guys I warned ya!!