Story: Rules of the Game
Author: chocoGONEsushi
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"'s already past midnight..."

Neji looked at the round clock hanging on the far wall, his triumphant smile evaporating once he realized it was true.

He sighed.

"You're right. You start school tomorrow."

Hinata stood from the floor after hours of trying to beat her self-proclaimed genius of a cousin in a game of GO, finding her bottom a little stiff.

She headed towards the wooden staircase with slow steps, suddenly grateful for the fact that school started in just a few hours.

"But don't forget soon as you have free time just call me and we'll play all day!"

She grumbled something under her breath and waved him goodnight.

The girl was used to his ways, since nobody else would play with him -for the simple fact they always lost- she was the one who got left behind and play with him.

Or as TenTen always phrased it, 'keep him occupied as the others escape.'

She climbed on her beloved bed ready to sleep her troubles away.

Yup, no one ever said being seventeen was an easy task.

But she loved her niisan none the less, though full of himself yes, but who wasn't these days? He was always there for her, good times or bad.

Oh yes...her niisan was a large gift wrapped in an uptight box.

She snuggled sleeply into her brown quilt, a cute yawn escaped her lips as she finally drifted off to sleep.

When the sun finally chose to expose its bright face, Hinata was deep asleep, her indigo black hair covering her naturally rosy cheeks.

"Come on wouldn't want to be late for your first day of boarding school."

Her pearly white eyes flew open, just realizing her cousin's presence outside her door.

Damn it! Did I oversleep?!

She jumped out of bed and straight into her bathroom, almost tripping over a fallen stuffed animal.

Neji stood outside her door, a teasing smirk on his wise lips.

I knew it was a good thing to wake her up an hour before departure, she's too tired to wake up on her own.

He sat on her bed, which was still ruffled up.

Slowly, memories of his clumsy cousin began to dance trough his head.

And he smiled warmly.

Yeah...I'm gonna miss that kid.

Soon after Hinata walked out of the bathroom, a large white towel wrapped around her head.

"Mornin' Niisan...", she smiled and walked over to her large closet.

She took out a lavender short-sleeved sweater and ragged jeans, then snatched a white long-sleeved shirt form her dresser and placed it on her bed.

"Get dressed quickly, I'll go make breakfast." With that he stood up and left, leaving Hinata to change.

Hinata looked towards the door where her cousin had left, a warm smile carved itself on her lips.

After changing and brushing her hair, she slowly walked down the stairs and into the large spotless kitchen.

Neji was sitting on one of the stools waiting for her.

She sat next to him by the smooth granite counter top and began to eat her breakfast.

When she finished Neji snatched his keys from the coffee table and put on his leather coat, "let's shouldn't be late."

Hinata nodded and was about to follow out the door when she suddenly remembered something, "AAHH! Wait! Hold on!"

In a dash she was up the stairs and down again.

"What's in there? I thought we had already shipped your luggage..."

Hinata hugged her duffel bag, "Yes, yes we did...but I couldn't leave without bringing some snacks with me...I heard they don't have any over there."

Neji just stared, "you mean to tell me that thing's packed with junk food?"

Hinata smiled triumphantly, "to the very top!"

He stared hard before laughing his short meaningful laughs. "Oh Hinata, what am I gonna do without you?"

Hinata casually walked out past him, "I don't know... Maybe finally ask TenTen out?"

She had to run to the black SUV before Neji could get a grip on her, "what have I told you about saying that?!"

Hinata shrugged, "come on niisan we'll be late!"

- - - - -

For two long hours they were on the road, chatting and laughing their last moments together.

When they finally reached the large school, Hinata was already drowsy. But as soon as her eyes fell on the building she squealed with pure joy.

The grass was a bright jade green, freshly cut. The sakura trees that lined the path ways were in full bloom, giving it all a magical effect. The occasional student group here and there, all happy and joyful.

"Nice isn't it? I knew you would like it."

They headed towards the main entrance, larger oak doors awaited.

Hinata stared at her soon to be home, the halls were large and spotless.

"Here we are, the Dean's office," Neji knocked twice, while Hinata just admired the large pine door.

"Come in!"

A loud voice echoed from inside.

Neji opened the door and went inside, Hinata slowly managed to walk in.

The office was poorly lit, there was a large wooden desk right in the center. The high walls decorated with stuffy case files and shiny trophies, some as old as 1972.

"Yes? What can I help you with?"

A slender woman looked up from piles of paperwork, evidently once which were put off.

She was pale, long blonde hair falling off her shoulders.

"Yes, my name's Hyuuga Neji, this is my cousin Hinata..she just--", the woman stood up.

"Say no more! Hi! I'm Tsunade, the headmistress of this whole place."

She signaled them to sit on the double leather seats, which they did.

"Hinata, I hope you've found the school to your liking."

Hinata crossed her arms.

"The campus is alright I guess...when do classes start though?"

Neji looked at her through the corner of his eye, playing it tough I see...that's a Hyuuga for you...

Tsunade opened a folder full of messy papers, "here--that's your schedule and all classes start tomorrow."

Hinata took the piece of paper and looked at it, "oh and here's your room key, your possessions arrived yesterday."

Hinata grabbed the key, she had room 1350.

"Well I'll go check it out, you can come get me when it's time to leave."

Neji nodded if not a little hesitant and she left.

As she made her way down the halls and into the stairwell, she realized just how prestigious the school truly was.

The walls were decorated with even more trophies of various electives. Busts of founders and old deans were found on every corner. The stairwell even, had pictures of important people, which were many.

When she finally arrived on the fifth floor, she was out of breath.

Okay so...1320...1322...UGH! The room must be all the way down the hall!

She began walking, realizing for the first time how empty the halls were compared to the outside.

When she finally reached her dorm, she didn't fidget with the key, she wasn't even nervous.

What a girlie dorm...

The room had light yellow walls with a maroon plush carpet. It was large, with two queen sized beds on each end. One was neatly made and the other had her stuff on it. The covers were a dark violet, almost plum.

Looking around she noticed three doors.

Must be the two closets and bathroom.

Walking around she spotted the tiny kitchen and an even smaller room, it had a black leather love seat facing a small television.

She went back to her bed and began organizing her things into a larger dresser. She stapled her treasured music posters on her side of the wall and got out her beloved guitar, which she named Vi, because of its violet color.

Right then, there was a knock on the door, "Hina-chan, hey you in there?"

She opened the door to be greeted by Neji and Tsunade.

"Oh's pretty...girlie."

Neji walked around the room, analyzing the polka dotted curtains with utter disgust.

Hinata held down her laughter, boy did she love to see her niisan scared.

"Well, it's time for me to go," he hugged her, "love you Hinata and please, try to call me every night alright? And stay away from perverts...oh and of course, have fun."

He kissed her forehead and she waved him goodbye.

"Hinata, I really do hope you find this place to your liking, Sarutobi Academy for the Arts will be your home from now on after all."

She nodded, "of course, especially if I'm studying what I love; music."

Tsunade left, finally leaving her alone.

Hinata ran towards her bed and snatched her towel rushing into the bathroom, which oddly enough, was completely white.

She took this time to take a long warm bath, full to the brim with bubbles.

- - - - -

When she finally came out -forty-five minutes later- her roommate was already there, or so she guessed from the television being turned on.

She wrapped the towel around her mature body.

It's no big deal, we are both girls after all.

She opened the door slowly, spotting her dresser at least ten paces away. She quickly dashed towards it, managing to grab some underwear and a large baggy t-shirt.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Hinata stopped once she heard the voice. It was deep... really deep.

What the heck...?

Her lavender tinged eyes fell on a slender boy about her age, possibly older. Black spiky hair with bangs that craddled his face, his eyes two black abiss where anyone could get lost in.

She snapped back to reality and looked at him once again.

Yeah...he's a guy.

She crossed her arms, making her already large chest significantly larger, "No, nonono. What the fuck are you doing in my room?"

He grunted and began flipping through the channels, "don't you know? I'm you roommate--this school is coed, same goes for dorms."

Her eyes widened, "you're lying...they can't do that! What if you try to take advantage of my innocence?!"

His sarcastic laugh echoed throughout the large room, "trust me, the feeling's mutual. And if you don't want to get raped," he turned and looked at her, a smirk set on his pink lips, "then I strongly suggest you change...your towel's slipping."

She blushed just remembering her state of undress and ran back into the bathroom, left speechless and utterly blank. After changing into something more decent she walked out slowly, trying to understand how on earth Neji had gotten her into a coed school.

"Please don't think too much about it--wouldn't want your brain to crash."

She glared, and hoped he could feel it burning the back of his skull.

"There must be a mistake, I'm fixing this once and for all!"

She walked out of the room, straight to the Dean's office. "What a weirdo."

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