UPDATE: I will put up a new version of this story, instead of erasing this one completely. Too many people have come to love this fic as it is, so I'm just gonna post the other one when I'm ready. It'll have a variation of the name. Keep your eyes peeled!

This story will be rewritten. Somewhat.

I mean, ....yeah. It'll be rewritten!

I've looked over the whole thing and noticed how absolutely craptastic it is. I was effin' 13 when I wrote it. ...Fuck yes I've improved, thank you very much. Got a long way to go, though.

SO! I am currently working on chapter 1-5 at the moment. When they get posted you will notice some similarities, but all in all it will be different. Different plot and everything.

Yes. The plot bunnies are in mating season, people.

I know most of you will be glad... ugh. I still can't believe so many people liked this fic. It's crap people. There are way better SasuHinas out there. *coughPROFILEcough*


When I'm done with chapter one it'll be put up here, while the rest go down.

And Itachi isn't the villain.
I like him too much for him to be the villain...

Question is, will there be a villain?