I always loved the city. The sights, the smells, the sounds. I always would visit the park with my beloved fiancé Eddie. It was a magnificent city, filled with towering buildings as far as the eye could see. In short, it was quite a sight.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to enjoy any of it.

I was running like mad down the street. I couldn't remember this particular part of the city; everything looked so much bigger. I was lost, my legs were aching, and my lungs were threatening to burst. But I couldn't stop. I dared a quick glance to behind me to see if I had shaken my pursuers. Two Houndours, led by a tall Houndoom, were after me, the lust for blood glinting in their eyes. I sped up, tearing around a corner leading down a short alley.

Which was a dead end.

I frantically looked around for an escape when I heard a low, growling chuckle from behind me. I whipped around, fearing the worst.

"Well, well…look what we've got here. A little pretty." growled the Houndoom, slowly advancing towards me. The two Houndours trailed closely behind, grinning and panting in some sort of mad anticipation. I backed up slowly, feeling the deep-seated panic rise up within me, until I hit a wall.

"Let's have a little fun." said the Houndoom, licking his chops and grinning wildly. The two lackeys cackled madly, closing in the gap in either side of their leader.

I couldn't help myself. I fainted.


My name is Christine.

I think.

My life is a car wreak right now; I can't think clearly. You see, I'm a human…well, sort of, I guess. It's complicated. I guess it's best I start at the beginning.

You see, I received a letter from my fiancé, Eddie, about two weeks ago telling me to meet him at the headquarters f a company called 'Beyond', located at the outskirts of town. It said he had a surprise for me. So, like the naïve person I was, I went. So the next day I stepped inside the large, gray building and asked the secretary about Eddie. I was told to wait, so I patiently sat on an old couch by the far wall.

I hate waiting. I always have. So I soon grew restless. I was about to ask what the holdup was, when I heard a voice shouting from behind a door. A familiar voice.

Eddie's voice.

I stood up quickly and rushed for the door, only to be stopped when I was grabbed roughly from behind by two men in white lab coats. I didn't hear what they said, but it sounded along the lines of, "Take her."

Everything went black.

Details at this point become a bit vague. Or perhaps my brain doesn't want me to remember. All I remember is being the subject of some sort of experiment that day. The details haunt me in my sleep, ever since my escape from that horrible building not three days ago. And I already find myself up to my head in trouble. But there was one major problem I faced now: the results of the whitecoat's sick experiment.

I'm an Eevee.