The dark, black night smothered the streets of Voltura, Italy. The dim lights of the small lanterns that hung over the shop windows reflected off the worn, cobble stone roads, thus filling the narrow streets with somewhat of a choked light. The stars glittered in the heavens above, shinning brighter than the city lights bellow, their ancient brightness unable to be contained by the equally ancient, timeless darkness.

A scattered handful of innocent, oblivious civilians wandered the streets aimlessly, their long, dark cloaks blending in with the darkness. Occasionally, a civilian would step into the dim glow of the shop lanterns to find themselves face to face with another civilian. They would stop abrupt ably, excuse themselves politely in quiet, apologetic tones, step around each other and wander in the darkness once again.

A black alley cat stalks silently toward the narrow end of the narrow street, its emerald green eyes staring intently ahead, as though something terribly exciting were to pop out, such as a plate of fresh fish. It trots along, never slowing down for a second; lightly stepping over the pebbles that litters the road before coming to a stop at the end of the street.

Before it lays a seemingly empty acropolis, ancient buildings lining its edges, directly ahead a clock tower hovers over the buildings, its face lost in darkness. The fountain in the middle of the acropolis eliminated a dim glow, the light reflecting off ripples, thus glowing off the surrounding walls.

The cat continues its way toward the pond with caution, its ears twitching as it listens to the distant hushed voices and the sounds of the crickets.

Just before reaching the outer stone wall of the fountain, the sound of the swishing of a garment sends the cat to a stop, its fur sticking up, its eyes wide with terror and its breathing short and quick. As far as it can see, no other living organism is in the acropolis but itself.

The swishing comes again, gentle and soft, brushing against stone. Cold night wind brushes the cat's whiskers as its head frantically darts from side to side, searching for the source of the sound.

Its tense muscles relax as it locates the source of the sound. In one of the ancient surrounding buildings, a window has been left open. A white, fringed curtain flutters in the wind, brushing against the old stone frame.

The cat returns its attention to the stone wall above it, its muscles winding up as it prepares to spring. After a moment, it springs into the air with grace and poise, the faint light glittering dimly off its black fur for a millisecond. The cat lands on the wall, peering into the pond. The water glows, making the water look a metallic light blue, the reflection of the ripples danced and you could now perfectly see the cat.

As the cat leaned down, staring at the water intently, a dog barks in the distance. The red, rough tongue of the cat slinked out of the cat's mouth and started to lap at the cool clear water.

Only moments after the cat started to drink, the sound of the crickets stopped. All was deathly silent in the acropolis, its air seeming to thicken as the silence deepened.

The cat stops drinking, its muscles rigid, and its eyes moving across the acropolis, its sensitive, keen eyes searching every corner.

There was one dark alley, one with no shops or homes, just a narrow, empty, black street that was located near the clock tower. The cats gaze stopped when it caught sight of the alley way, its gaze never wavering from the alley's ink black, still shadows.

Moments passed, and nothing moved. The cat could not look away; its instincts screamed at it that something UN touchable, something it couldn't quite see, lurked within the dark shadows of the alley.

The movement in the shadows was so silent, so sudden that it caused the cat to suddenly turn around from whence it came.

Out of the dark alley way, the shadows moved till the shape of a hooded figure was formed. It moved gracefully, as if floating toward the acropolis. It was so silent; it was as though the figure never touched the ground…like it was some ghost, or an illusion.

It came to an abrupt halt on the edge of the acropolis, liquid gold eyes shining from under the ink blackness of the hood. It observed silently, its body still like a statue.

Wind blew toward the figure, pushing at the figure's hood and causing the cloak to brush against the withered stone under its feet, and hug the front of the figures body.

The figure drew in a deep breath, as though it hadn't been breathing before that moment, and slowly exhaled. The sound of the figures sigh was like the soft, gentle fluttering of angel's wings. The figure lifted a delicate, deathly pale feminine hand, pushing the hood of the cloak back and let it fall to her shoulders.

The glow of the fountain reflected off the woman's heavenly face, casting an un-earthly glow around her face. Her long brunette hair draped around her shoulders, part of it pulled back away from her face and clipped behind with a clip with blue sapphires glittering beautifully off of her skin. Her hair, and also her somewhat rosy lips, contrasted with her pale skin. But nevertheless she was stunningly beautiful, definitely not mortal. A mortal man would have claimed that she was the most elegant woman he had ever laid eyes on, and would trade his soul to be with her…but that was exactly the price; one soul.

She stood there for a moment before slowly making her way toward the fountain. No mortal could hear her footsteps, and she moved very smoothly. When she reached the fountain, she peered over the side, staring at her reflection.

25 years…she hadn't seen him for 25 years. If she could have, she would have started to cry. Her dead heart yearned for his touch, his lips on hers, to hear his voice in her head…her memory of him was fading. The woman turned away from the pond to look up at the stars.

What if she escaped? Not that it was possible, but what if? She of course would attempt to find him. But where would he be? He couldn't possibly be in Forks, not with the werewolves. He broke the treaty when he sank his teeth into her 27 years ago. If he were to return, surely the wolves would declare war. She shuddered to think about it.

And if…no, when she found him – she refused to think if, because she knew she would one day find him, she refused to give up – would he still want her? Her lips curled downward as she contemplated this. No, he wanted her. They were mates, weren't they? And if he knew about them, he would definitely want to be with them as well…

Her thoughts were interrupted by a low voice behind her. "Where are you going, Bella? It's a bit late to be taking a walk." Bella's lips curled upward, but her smile held no trace of humor.

"Calm down Felix, I wasn't going anywhere. Just enjoying the fresh air; I am allowed to do that, aren't I?" Bella turned to face him, her expression sarcastic. Felix's lip curled into a snarl.

"As long as you stay within Voltura walls, its fine." His red eyes gleamed within the glow of the fountain. He sighed and crossed to her side, looking down into the depths of the fountain water.

"We lost your children's trail in Tokyo a couple nights ago." Felix suddenly whispered. Bella was silent, not wishing to say anything. If she did, he would Imeadietly know her true feelings on the matter; she wanted them to stay away. Hopefully, they would find their father…

"For a while it seemed like they were going to return here, but they somehow managed to wind up in Tokyo. We trailed them for a couple days, and then they completely disappeared. About three months ago, it seems that another vampire joined them. At first we used him to follow them, but your son is in good control over his powers now; it seems that he can erect a barrier around his companions as well."

"I suppose he's a lot like me, then." Bella answered quietly, her tone blank and emotionless. Felix shot her a puzzled look, egging her to explain. "What I mean is none of you can use your powers against me. So I believe that my children are the same way. I believe my son is able to lend that power to any one close to him, not just companions. I don't believe it's that strong." Felix was silent, contemplating her theory.

"I suppose it makes sense…but anyhow, hopefully they'll return soon. They sure have given the Volturi the longest chase that we've ever seen. We almost catch them, and when we can practically touch them, they disappear out of nowhere. If I'm not annoyed, I must say that I am very impressed that they're avoided us this long. Ten years of running and chasing. It's like we've been playing tag, and we've been it for ten years." Felix chuckled humorlessly to himself. Bella said nothing, only stared up into the starry night sky.

"Well, Aro would like a word with you Bella, I'm sure you understand. He gets a little uncomfortable when you're not close to him, he feels like you're going to pull the same stunt your children did." Felix sighed, stepping away from the fountain and turning to head toward the dark alley way.

"Yea, I understand." Bella replied tonelessly, her eyes not leaving the glittering stars. Her thoughts were turned elsewhere. Where were her children now?


"Liz, what time is it?" My brother whispered, nudging my side with his elbow. I shot a glare toward him.

"I don't know why don't you check for yourself? There's a clock around that corner there." I pointed down one of the hallways of the airport filled with mortals heading to the boarding gates, their baggage rolling behind them as they trotted past our small coven…not that they knew we were a coven of Vampires. To a mortal, we're just a small group of freakishly beautiful teenagers. But we aren't teenagers either.

Our coven isn't quite the regular Vampire coven. Most Vampire covens are easily broken apart, since it's mostly just for temporary companionship. But our coven is built on trust, love and friendship. Our numbers are strange as well; there are four of us.

There is my older twin brother, Jade. Often times I must wonder how in the world I got stuck with a brother like him. We're completely different; I'm a very calm, intellectual Vampire who loves the arts, such as music, acting, dancing and painting. My brother pretty much does whatever pops into his head; if he wants to play sports, he plays sports, if he wants to sing, he sings. You get the point.

Though my brother may be a bit odd at times, he's still like any other vegetarian Vampire as far as I'm concerned. He, like me and our mother before us, is immune to the powers of other Vampires. Unlike my mother and me, he can disguise any of our companions as long as they're within a five mile radius of where he is.

At times, such as now, Jade can be overly impatient. "Maybe I will go look for the clock!" Jade sarcastically exclaimed, standing up at a normal human pace, running his long pale fingers running through his thick, un-kept black hair, pushing it out of his auburn eyes. A couple mortal teenagers giggled as they walked past him, blushing furiously. I rolled my eyes. How could anyone, even mortals, who were naturally intrigued by our beauty, ever see anything in my brother? Okay, maybe if he hadn't been born as my brother, I might have said he was un-humanly beautiful. Because, truthfully, he is inhumanly beautiful. But I am his sister, and I've spent my whole life with him. Believe me, Vampire or not, he's still a guy. And those of you, who have brothers, know what I'm talking about. You love them, but they can be pains in the butt.

As my brother almost silently walked toward the hallway I had directed him down, I smelt the scent of mouse blood. I sighed as my natural instincts tried to take over my consciousness. If it had been a regular mouse, I would have gladly done so. But there were a few problems; one, I was in the middle of an airport. Two, it was Crin's kill, though I could think of no possible explanation as to WHY she would be…surrendering in the middle of an airport.

I snapped my head toward her, a low snarl rippling from my chest. "Crin, what do you think you're doing?" I whispered quickly, too low for any mortal to overhear, no matter how close they were. Crin, who had her hand curled around her mouth so she could hide the mouse, flashed me a look of annoyance.

"I want to eat something. Since I do not hunt humans anymore, I keep myself distracted with small animals. You know that." She whispered back, her voice sounding like an angel.

"Crin, we hunted just before we went into the airport. You caught the biggest buck out of all of us. How can you tell me you're hungry when it hasn't been more than an hour at the most?" I whispered back, rolling my eyes and leaning against the arm of the chair. "Besides, they're not going to let you take that on the plane. You'll get caught."

Crin pouted, but nevertheless clenched her hand and stood up, heading toward the trash can.

Crin is the oldest member of our coven. She is about 479 years old, and had been serving the Volturi for most of her life up till ten years ago, when my brother and I escaped from the Volturi. When our mom was taken into the Volturi's 'protection' – from what, they never told my mother – Crin helped her, helping her take care of us. When we separated, mom made Crin promise to protect us…as though we needed it.

Don't get me wrong, Crin's like a sister to me and all, but…she has an eating problem. When she met my mother, she was so intrigued by my mother's vegetarian diet that she 'converted' as well. Ever since she 'converted', Crin's had sort of a…habit. She loves eating, especially little animal's in-between meals.

I suppose its fine, since she never seems to have the same problems with humans as a certain member of our group seems to have …

Suddenly, that certain member's lips were at my ear, his cool breath brushing against my skin. "We're alone now." His smooth, velvet voice sounded in my ear. I breathed in slowly, turning my head to look at him. His lips caught hold of mine in an instant, softly touching them almost as though he were merely tasting.

Quickly, before my thoughts could scatter, I pulled away from him, my fingers reaching up to touch his spiky dirty blonde hair. "Not for long, Royce. Crin went to throw that mouse away, so she's heading back now, and Jade will be here in a couple seconds as well. Don't get my brother upset, please. I don't feel like having him get upset with too many people around."

Royce chuckled, kissing the tip of my nose and wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Your brother is way too protective for his own good." I smiled up at him, gazing into his rich gold eyes, forgetting to breathe for a moment – not that it mattered that I didn't breathe.

I met Royce about eight years ago off the coast of Mexico. He had only been about a hundred years old, but had been in a coven of about ten vampires, most being newborn. His creator was the leader, the one who chose the newborn vampires. When I met Jade, it felt like I had found my missing half. He stood there, and in this rich Spanish accent, said "Perdon Bonita." Meaning, "excuse me beautiful" after we had almost smacked into each other.

He had just looked so cute, being all polite and gentlemanly. His politeness is what kept me from moving on, and the color of my eyes is what kept him from moving on. He asked about why they were like that, and when I told him what life was like for my coven, he seemed so interested that he tried it out. Ever since then, he's been tagging along with our coven.

At first, my brother was completely fine with Royce. But when we started romantically seeing each other about a year ago, my brother became protective. Now my brother is basically like, "stay away from my sister or I will kill you."

Now as I look into his eyes, I can't help but think about the future. What does he have planned? Will we ever become permanent mates? Hopefully, if we ever get the chance to settle down…

"You know it's a good thing that your brother learned to expand that power of his. For a while there I thought that the Volturi was going to catch up with us. I didn't want to get you into trouble because of me." Royce said, leaning back to stare up at the ceiling. I leaned into him, sighing slightly. I just loved his voice. Though it no longer had that thick, Spanish accent, that accent still sometimes slipped into his voice, making it sound even sexier than it should have been.

"Well, they can't use you anymore, nor can they use Crin. They're going to have to track us down the old fashioned way, I guess." I answered quietly. Royce frowned, his eyebrows pulled together in a disproving manner.

"Are you saying you want them to find us again?" He asked his tone emotionless. Royce had issues with the Volturi. In one of our various…encounters with the Volturi, Royce ended up getting a bit protective – if you call punching Felix in the jaw just 'protective' – after Felix had ended up grabbing me from behind. It had been the only time the Volturi had been close to capturing one of us.

"Let's face it Royce, no matter how much protection we have, no matter how big of an advantage we have over them, they will ALWAYS find us, there is no escape until we rescue my mom." Royce's expression soured.

"Elizabeth Swan," He never called me "Liz" like my mom, brother and Crin did, not that I minded. But when he used my last name as well? Yea, that was almost always a bad thing. "What happens afterwards, huh? When you have your mom back? How do you know that they'll let us off the hook? Do you really think they'll leave us alone? Elizabeth, they will hunt us down. I don't want you to be under their care ever again." He leaned closer, his forehead resting on mine.

If I could, I would have blushed. "Of course I don't believe…that…" I was having a hard time gathering my thoughts together as his breath mingled with mine, "they'll leave us alone." I finished simply in a whisper. Royce, as though he could read my thoughts, grinned and pulled away.

"It's a good thing you're not human, or else it would be really hard to be close to you without the fear of you passing out." He joked. I smiled and shook my head.

"I don't believe there has ever been a Vampire who's tried to have a relationship with a human." I told him as Crin sat down on the other side of me, choosing to ignore our conversation to the best of her ability.

"You never know what's possible till you try it." Royce chuckled, his fingers starting to run through my thick, silky black hair…you know, we don't really have time to wear nice clothes, much less keep them from getting torn. So, I have to keep at least something looking nice, right?

Crin's hair has natural wisps and ringlets that always bob around her face – she usually wears her hair up in a pony tail. My hair is somewhat similar; except mine is black and the ends of my hair are just natural curls, not perfect ringlets.

"I've already found my true love, thank you. I don't plan to try going out with a mortal anytime…well, actually, never." I grinned, squeezing his ice cold hand. He smiled back, leaning down toward my lips…

"Royce, I wouldn't do that if I were you. Jade is coming back, and you know he won't be happy with either of you if he catches you doing that. And frankly, I don't want him to be grumpy the whole plane ride to Seattle." Crin stated her voice as cheery as ever. I glared playfully over at her for interrupting our moment.

"Well, I personally don't like seeing you making out with my brother. I could seriously do without the images." I retorted sarcastically. It was a little mean, I know, and if Jade were here, he would Imeadietly snap right back at me.

"I'll see what we can do to connivance your already scared mind." Crin piped back just as Jade came back into our line of vision; almost as though he had appeared out of nowhere in the thick crowd.

He sat down next to Crin, taking her hand in his while warily eyeing Royce's arm that was no casually draped over my shoulder...well, as casual as a gesture like that could be. I sighed and leaned into Royce's chest, and as I did so I could almost feel Jade's angry vibes shooting at me. I chose to ignore him, and instead listened to the sounds around me.

From across the hallway, a little girl dropped her ice cream cone. She started to cry, her cries echoing over the mummers of the pedestrians and the rolling of suitcases. The smells of various different foods lulled over the air, mixing together with the scents of other mortals.

Suddenly the intercom above us clicked. "Now boarding flight 1824 from date (a city in Japan) to Seattle Washington." The woman's voice was heavily accented as she spoke in English before she said the exact same thing in Japanese.

I sighed heavily, standing up and slinging my worn out green back pack over my shoulder. Royce slid his arm off my shoulder and instead grasping his hand in mine. As we headed toward the boarding gate, Crin and Jade following behind us, Royce squeezed my hand, silently communicating with me. His simple gesture meant so much to me. I squeezed back, not letting my hand relax. He grinned, squeezing back. It may seem silly, but to me, that meant he was saying he loved me. But I suppose that's what happens when your older brother is overprotective; you can't really tell each other how you feel all the time, since your brother is ALWAYS there, glaring at the backs of your head.

Stupid, protective, older brothers…


Seattle, Washington

We stepped down the stairs, our sneakers making no sound as we stepped onto the blacktop. We weaved through the civilians around us, making our way toward the stairs. Royce fidgeted nervously as another plane landed a little ways off, its deafening roar filling our sensitive ears.

We climbed the stairs faster than the other mortals did, yet we still went at a considerable mortal speed. Without pausing at the top of the stairs, we started up the hallway toward the Seattle air port.

"Where are we going now?" Crin asked from behind me. I said nothing, hoping that Jade knew where we were going. Though I was a bit more responsible than Jade was, he was still considered the leader of our Coven.

"I'm not sure yet actually. All I know is that we're going north…I don't know for how long, or where exactly…but we're going to stay near the coast for as long as possible." Jade answered, his voice informative, meaning he was addressing all of us, not just Crin.

"Are we going to stay the night here in Seattle? There are some good forests around it, and it's a major city, so if anyone came looking for us…" Royce asked, his voice not higher than a whisper as we stepped into the airport, bunching together so we could keep track of each other. No, not for that reason; there was something in the air that made us feel…on edge. That was why Royce had asked. Something ominous was lurking in the shadows of Seattle; I wasn't sure where, but it was here…no, not it, I realized as I threw a glance back at Royce's expression. Hatred danced in his eyes, his lips were curled into a small snarl.

THEY were here. The Volturi, I mean. They were here, lurking in the shadows, waiting for us. My eyes darted around, my guard up, my muscles tensed, ready to spring. The mortals wouldn't notice…if they did notice, they would think we were a mere dream…the funny things that mortals will come up with after seeing something that couldn't be explained; such as a group of teenagers in ragged clothes walking down the hallways together, and then suddenly disappearing.

But what did that matter? If we were going to get into trouble with the Volturi, we couldn't do it in the middle of the Seattle airport. But a better question; HOW, and Why did they know where to find us?

We soon saw the entrance in sight…but it seemed so far away at a mortal speed…it felt like it was too far. I longed to run, but for some odd reason my feet wouldn't move faster…

As we weaved past civilians gracefully, it was then that I caught sight off them. There were only two; the regular size group that they sent after us, but still, just two of them was enough to make me edgy. "Jade, Crin, Royce…over there…" I whispered, too low for human ears.

"Yea, I know. They probably know were we are as well…" Jade whispered back. "Crin, what should we do?" Crin, a former member of the Volturi, was often given command whenever we were up against another member of the Volturi.

"Run." She whispered. We didn't need more than that to suddenly speed off as soon as there was an opening in the crowd.

We reached the doors in no time, all of us just barley moving around a civilian and through the open door. We weaved through the crowd; cold, wet wind blowing in our face as everything but the front of us suddenly grew blurry. But we were still alert; we knew they were on our tail, following us…hunting us.

"We can probably loose them easily if we speed up and head through traffic…" Crin said calmly. To a mortal, his voice would have been drowned out, but to us we heard it clear as a day.

We nodded and sharply turned, heading toward the free way. I was the fastest in our group, so naturally I was a little bit ahead of my coven. I cast a glance behind me to make sure we were still together. Crin's face was calm and blank, Jade's was as tense as mine probably was, but Royce….the look was so painful that I nearly slowed down to talk to him…but then I remembered that we were on the run, trying not to get captured again…we were playing hide and go seek with the Volturi, and there was no safe base.

We leapt into traffic, leaping over cars, never once slowing down. Cars speed at us, but we were too quick for them…quick enough that we were nearly invisible to them.

We reached the other side of the road, the light drizzle that had been in the air now turned to a heavy rain, pelting against our bodies and making sight almost impossible. The dilemma made us slow down a bit, but we still kept going, afraid that if we stopped, we would end up getting caught.

"Hey Crin, I have an idea…its risky, but its good." Royce suddenly piped up, his voice was sullen. We slowed to a stop in a park…no one was around. In the distance, a swing creaked in the wind, leaves brushing across the ground. We all stared at him. I carefully kept my expression calm as I stared at his carefully emotionless face.

"What is it Royce?" Crin asked her voice not as cheery as before.

Royce glanced at me before speaking again. "Before Jade learned to cover our existence, the Volturi were using me to track us," He started slowly. I swallowed, my breathing becoming quicker as I realized what he was trying to suggest. "I feel that it is best if…we split up for the time being."

We were silent. I could feel that my expression was no longer calm, and though I tried to fix it, it simply would not become calm. "What do you mean by that Royce? They used Crin as well." Jade asked, his tone hard to describe, like he himself wasn't sure how he was feeling about loosing part of his coven.

"I mean, you three go north, while I lead them away." Royce sighed, closing his eyes.

Jade and Crin were silent. I couldn't contain myself much longer. My voice shook as I tried to keep him there by my side. "Royce, that's preposterous! How could such a plan like that work? It…it's foolish! Insane!" I looked to Crin, her face sullen. "Tell him he's wrong Crin; tell him he needs to stay with us!"

Crin looked at me, and it was then that I knew. She agreed. And when she agreed, it usually meant that it was final. But I couldn't give up. I looked at my brother, my eyes pleading with him. "Please Jade, please! Tell him; tell him he has to stay!" Jade closed his eyes and bit his lip lightly.

"Liz, I'm sorry but, I have to agree with Crin and Royce…this may be a good chance for us to get some time to escape…They will know that something is fishy, but…they'll still go after him. They won't know where we are, so they'll go after him. He will be their best bet." Jade answered.

I stared at him, my mouth dropped open. I looked at Crin, but she said nothing and continued to stare at the muddy ground under our feet.

I looked at Royce. "Royce, please…don't go!" I pleaded my voice below a whisper. Royce sighed and looked into my eyes.

"Royce," Jade cut in, "This may be the right thing, but do you really want to go? We can still run and continue on together, we won't suffer from it. But do you want to go?"

I stared at Royce, and he stared at me. I probably looked pretty pathetic…well, as pathetic as a vampire could look, but I didn't care. He stared back at me, his emotionless mask still there.

"Yes, I want to go." He answered finally, not looking away from me. If I had been born with a beating heart, my heart would have died right then.

"Please…no, don't leave!" I whispered again. But Royce shook his head, stepping toward me. He wrapped his arms around me, his grip on my waist tight. The hug scarred me; it was as though he thought we wouldn't see each other for a very long time.

"I promise I will find you, I will come back, Bonita. I love you." He pulled away and leaned down, his lips caressing mine. His kiss did not scare me, only made me want to never let go. I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

He kissed me back, but after a few seconds, Crin said "Royce, you better get going; they'll be here in a couple minutes." Royce let go of me, and instead pushed me away, untangling my arms from around his neck.

"Royce, please…" I whispered. If I was mortal, I would have been bawling my eyes out. But I wasn't.

"I'll see you soon, Elizabeth." He replied a little louder, turning away from me and dashing out of my sight. For a moment I stood there, the rain drenching my clothes to my body. I didn't care. I didn't care that my hair was completely ruined, or that the items in my bag was as drenched as my clothes were. All I cared about was that he was gone.

"Liz, lets go, they'll be here any moment now!" My brother whispered his voice gentle. He was probably trying to put himself in my situation. What would he have done if Crin had suggested that? Would he have let her go?

I turned to look at them. They were trying not to look at me, trying not to let me see their pity. It didn't matter. I looked behind me, hoping that Royce would be standing there, a smile on his face.

He wasn't of course.

I sucked in a deep breath, not realizing that I hadn't been breathing, and turned back to what was left of my torn apart Coven.


I really wasn't planning on writting a story for Twilight. I usually write stories for anime series, and though I had ideas for Twilight fanfictions, they didn't make me want to jump onto the computer and write them down. But when my mom said, "Alice, when are you going to write Twilight fanfictions?" I said, "I don't know, probably never." I was serious. But then suddenly the idea for this story popped into my mind and...well, I couldn't resist. So here we are. "Vita Per Sempre" is an Italian name meaning "Life forever". I asked my, thats not a good term for brother what I should name it. So I give the credit to him. I also give credit to him for comming up with the name "Jade." I didn't know what to name the older brother, and none of the names I got from other firends quite fit his personality. So this story will be in Elizabeth's point of veiw, since I didn't want to do it in point of veiws from characters we already know. I think it will be fun to get to know new characters.

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