"Come on in, Jacob." Edward invited Jacob after he'd changed back into a person, holding the door out for him. Jacob stared at Edward suspiciously. "This isn't a trick, Jacob. We seriously need to talk." Edward answered Jacob's unspoken thoughts aloud, his voice hard. Edward apparently wasn't in the mood for Jacob's tomfoolery, I mentally thought, trying to see a bright side in this. So far there wasn't any.

Jacob was alright looking, for a technical human, I thought. He was extremely tall – I didn't even know that it was possible to get that tall; he could be a basketball player if he wanted to!—but although he wore a tough-guy expression on his attractive face, I could see that underneath he was still practically a boy. But obviously if he knew my mom before she married Edward and became a vampire then he obviously was not as young as he looked. I was twenty five, and my parents had been together for ten years – not including the time they'd been human—before they were separated. So he was obviously much older than I was.

And I was taken. Not to mention I didn't think Edward would be too happy about me being with a werewolf.

"Let's make this quick, blood-sucker; I don't want to be inhaling your stink all night." Jacob growled as he walked up the steps and quickly walked into the house.

"I do not smell bad," I murmured to Jade as we walked into the house behind him. Edward shook his head.

"Ignore him, he just doesn't like the way any vampire smells like we don't like the way werewolves smell." Edward murmured quietly as I passed him. He smelled? I wondered. I didn't smell anything unpleasant about him. Sure he smelled a little dirty, but nothing a shower couldn't fix. Mostly he just smelled like pine needles…

When I entered the living room, everyone was already in the living room, sitting on the furniture in a casual way as possible, but all of them were tense. Crin stood in the furthest corner, glaring at Jacob. From what I could see, no one liked the idea of being in the same room with Jacob.

Poor guy.

As soon as Edward had shut the door, Carlisle stood casually, a broad and yet tense smile on his face. It was like dealing with the Volturi all over again, except this time it was with a werewolf, something I had no experience with. "Welcome, Jacob; long time no see. How have you been?" his voice sounded genuine though, that was good.

Jacob stared at him for a long time before his eyes started to take in the inhabitants of the room. "Where's Bella?" he asked, his voice gruff. All of us tensed, looking at one another. "Where is she?" his voice rose as he observed our reaction to his question.

"Jacob, you're going to have to remain calm." Edward started, "She's fine…" for now, I added mentally, knowing that was what Edward was thinking as well. "Jacob…after we left we spent ten years up here, all of us were together but…well…something happened." You could tell Edward didn't want to share this with anyone, especially Jacob who had been his rival in love.

"What happened?" Jacob barked, turning on Edward. Edward didn't look phased.

"Almost twenty six years ago she went hunting. She wasn't feeling well and she was feeding more often, so she left on an extra hunting trip alone. I didn't think anything of it, it wasn't the first time she'd gone off hunting alone, but she was supposed to come home a few hours later. When she didn't show up, we all thought that at first she was just a little late, but after an hour and a half had passed and still no sign of Bella, we went searching for her." Edward paused, his voice tightening as pain started to trickle into his expression. It looked to me as if he were trying to hold it back; maybe it was because he didn't want Jacob, his formal rival, to see his pain, or maybe it was to look tough. I didn't know. All I knew was that even though his expression battled between pain and tranquility, it was obvious just by looking at the look in his normally calm and yet sad eyes that he was going through a lot of pain just to even re-tell the story. The expression in his eyes was…tragic. Even me, who was sort of mad at him for grounding me felt bad for him. It was like all the anger and blame I'd been feeling towards him disappear.

But when I looked at Jacob to see if he was feeling the same, I decided that he wasn't. His expression looked appalled and angered. It didn't look like he was going to have a change of heart towards Edward anytime soon.

"We found her car on the roadside of the reservation she said she'd be at, but when we scoured the forest for her…we couldn't find a trace of her." Edward turned away from Jacob, staring at the floor as if he were trying to regain composure. Watching him like that, I could understand why he didn't tell us how our mom had been kidnapped in the first place; it was obviously something he wasn't ready to talk about. But although I could see that, I still felt bad. If he had told me that in the beginning, maybe I wouldn't have felt like he'd abandoned me – though yes, I know that wasn't possible since he didn't even know of my existence till about a week ago, but still. How could I have let a complete stranger walk into my life, acting as a fatherly figure? How could I trust him? Those had been my feelings about Edward before; I'd tried to avoid him, tried to avoid anything that would allow him to get to know me, for me to get to know him, and I had thought I'd been doing a good job of keeping him out of my life.

But now I could see that I was wrong. Whether I liked it or not, I was allowing him to slowly get into my life, and maybe subconsciously I could see that; maybe that was why I fought so hard to be rude to him, to avoid him. But listening to him speak about how he'd lost my mother and, technically, us as well – not that Jacob knew that…yet—I could see his pain. How much he loved my mother, how much he longed for her. It reminded me of my own pain of losing Royce; and Royce hadn't been gone for almost twenty six years—thank goodness for that. Not only could I see that Edward and I somehow shared this bond between us, what with both of us knowing what it was like to lose someone you cared about for a long period of time, but I could now see that he truly did love and deserve my mom. And anyone who loved my mom that much was someone I would fully accept and love as well.

"What about her scent? Surely you would have been able to find a scent…" Jade's voice pulled me out of my contemplation and back into the present where Edward was still looking intently at the floor, his auburn hair falling into his eyes and shadowing his expression and his fists clenched at his sides.

"It had been raining all day." Edward answered in a flat voice. That was all that needed to be said; rain would wash away the scent within an hour and a half at least. If the Volturi had grabbed my mom immediately after she'd started hunting – which had probably happened since they usually liked to leave no traces of evidence behind—then the rain would have washed the scent almost immediately.

"Why didn't you go find her?" Jacob demanded; his whole body was shaking in an alarming way. How could someone not lose their balance with that much shaking?

"We all tried," Alice spoke up; I didn't think Edward could take anymore. "We searched anywhere we could think of, we spent years searching, Jacob; it was us who dragged Edward back. Normally we would have let him go, but…we didn't trust Edward alone. We were all starting to lose hope, even Edward, though he'd never admit it, and when he loses hope…well, you remember the last time he thought he'd lost Bella." The last time? I wondered, looking at Jade curiously. Jade met my inquiring gaze and shrugged. I mentally filed that question into the "ask-someone-later" folder in my mind.

Jacob acted as if he hadn't heard her. "You claimed you'd protect her, and now you don't know where she is or if she's alright! You're here moping around, letting yourself waste away while Bella's probably in danger, knowing her! You call yourself a man?"

That was it. I couldn't take Jacob's crap anymore. Before I knew what I was doing, I stepped forward, my hands on my hips. "Oh please, Jacob; shut up and listen to yourself. You have no idea what he's been through…what we've all been through these past twenty five, almost twenty six years! If the Cullen's had allowed him to, Edward would have torn the universe apart looking for my mother; how dare you, out of all people accuse my father of not protecting her? He did EVERYTHING possible to protect her and he still holds to that. You think he's a sorry excuse for a man? How about you? You're the one who had no chance with my mom and yet you still had your little fantasies of her leaving my father to go with you. Stop getting your panties in a bunch and let us freaking tell you what we know! Edward was speaking in past tense, you idiot!" I sighed irritably and rubbed my temples as though I actually had a headache, "stupid hypocrites like you make me so angry…" I groaned in a quieter, calmer voice.

Absolute silence.

Everyone in the room stared at me, utter shock and confusion written all over their faces. Jacob and Edward stared at me; Jacob with some anger but mostly he just looked confused. I didn't blame him; here I was a vampire he'd never met before in his life and I was spouting things about his personal life that a complete stranger wouldn't have ever known. Edward was looking at me like I'd told him a ground hog had eaten my baby. I replayed over what I'd just said in my mind and realized why Edward might have been shocked. "How dare you, out of all people accuse my father of not protecting her?" I'd called him father out in front of everyone, out of my own will. If I could have blushed, I knew I would have been doing it at that moment.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you accuse me of…" Jacob started but I groaned, cutting him off as I rolled my eyes, forgetting my embarrassment momentarily.

"Oh my GOSH, are you dense or do you purposely choose what you want to hear and what you don't want to hear? I just told you that Bella is my MOTHER and Edward is my FATHER! How hard is that to understand?" I exaggerated the 'mother' and 'father' to get my point across, but it only seemed to shock everyone – especially Jacob and Edward—even more. Jade was suddenly immediately at my side, his eyes wide and cautious.

"Elizabeth, shut up." He muttered in my ear. I looked up at him in annoyance. Why was he always trying to tell me what to do? I may be five minutes younger and he may be the leader of our broken coven, but he was still my brother and we were technically in America. I had a right to do whatever I wanted and say whatever I wanted.

"Why should I?" I demanded my hand on my hip.

Jade leaned down to whisper in my ear, casting a wary glance at Jacob who was still staring at me. "Did you see his teeth earlier? Those things would rip you apart! Please, for once in your life, shut up." He growled seriously.

I looked back at Jacob skeptically. I could remember the old stories about how werewolves defeated Vampires, but it was still hard to believe staring at this boy. Sure, he had anger issues, and he was dense in the head, but he was still more human than we were. Physically, I mean.

Jacob stared at me for a little while longer before he turned back to Edward, who was now staring at Jacob warily, his body tensed and leaning towards me as though he were expecting Jacob to lose control and attack me. "How is that possible? Who is she seriously, another one of your new vampire friends?" he sounded like he was trying to sound disgusted, but his vocal cords sounded numb with shock still.

Edward sighed and nodded. "It's true, Jacob; I can't not only read their minds like I couldn't their mothers, but I saw the evidence in Crin's memories. She was with Bella from almost the time she found out she was pregnant till about ten years ago, when they escaped from the Volturi."

Jacob's face had frozen in shock the more Edward talked about the proof, but when he mentioned the Volturi's name his face melted into a look of pure horror. "You mean…"

Edward nodded. "They're the type of Vampire's your kind hates. They are the true meaning of 'vampire'. They apparently captured her…I should have known; Aro had been trying to convince Bella to join him when he learned of her powers and how useful they could b to him when properly trained." Edward's expression hardened, "and Aro's method of 'training' isn't what you'd call a 'nice' learning experience."

Silence followed his words. I looked back up at Jade, our eyes meeting and instantly both of us shuddered; we remembered what they did to her. What they were still doing to her. It was never physical torture of course; it was more of a mental torture. Aro would keep working her till she could go no more and then as soon as there would be energy he'd have her test more. Sure, her powers had grown tremendously, but they shouldn't have been strengthened with that method.

"Why didn't she escape then?" Jacob demanded, turning on Crin, his eyes blaming. Jade tensed by my side, ready to help Crin if Jacob attacked her.

Crin didn't look phased. She looked more irritated that a werewolf was speaking to her directly. "We tried to escape, that was the plan. But the Volturi was hot on our trail, and Bella being…well, Bella, figured the only way to free her children from the grasp of the Volturi was to stay behind and distract them. We didn't want to leave her, but she made us go."

Jacob stared at Crin, trying to see if she was telling the truth or not. After a while he sighed and shook his head. "Foolish Bella…" he murmured and turned away from Crin and turning his gaze on us. "And what about you two? Why aren't you two fighting to get your mother back?"

I wanted to smack this boy; not just for accusing us of abandoning our mother but for bringing up painful memories. Leaving my mother behind was the worst day of my life; I didn't need to be reminded of it. I was about to chew Jacob out some more but Jade interrupted me in his calm manner; "We've been doing everything we can, Jacob; there isn't much just…a few of us can do against a army of well trained vampires." I relaxed; he'd kept from revealing our broken coven's true number.

Jacob scrutinized my brother, his dark eyes boring into my brother's gold ones. "So what are you going to do?" he asked his voice low and husky.

Edward didn't waste a second to answer, his voice dangerous and his expression looked very much like the expression a vampire would typically have. I shuddered, taking a step backwards behind Jade. Sometimes Jade's presence was comforting. "All of us will attack the Volturi at once. Three vampires wouldn't faze the Volturi, but ten of us…that could at least stand a chance."

Jacob had turned back to Edward, his body tense. "And what about you? You've said the Volturi has never been overthrown before; how do you know that you'll come out of the battle successful?"

Edward's expression was hard as he looked at Jacob, and by the expression on his face I knew what he would say. "We don't know; but I'm not going to abandon my wife." I shuddered, and looked up at my older brother. He was still staring intently at Edward and Jacob, listening and watching to their conversation. Although my brother could be a complete idiot sometimes, but I still loved him. He was my brother, nothing could change that. We were the only two alike in the whole world; we were like peas in a pod. I couldn't see any future without my brother at least being near where I was. We'd never been separated before. I didn't want to lose my brother; just the thought was unbearable.

And Crin…she'd always been there, watching over us, protecting us…and now that she was Jade's, she was even more like family. Sure, she was a little…odd…but that had just made her…Crin. She'd helped deliver us, heck she'd even eaten baby food to show me that it tasted good – although it hadn't; I wonder if human babies don't like baby food as much as vampire babies don't. I couldn't lose her either.

Then my eyes scanned over the Cullen's. I'd only met them a few weeks ago but I'd already developed a relationship with most of them – I still hadn't talked much with Rosalie and Emmett—and I couldn't lose them when I'd just gotten them in my life.

Just as my eyes turned back to Jacob, a thought pierced me. What if this fight wasn't just with Vampires? Jacob had a relationship with my mother before; if he still cared for her, would he come to her aid still? Yes, she'd chosen my father and become his enemy, but she was still the same girl…at least that's what I assumed. "Jacob," I gushed excitedly, stepping in front of Jade again. Jacob and Edward turned to me, their expressions expectant and slightly annoyed – well, Jacob's was at least. "What would you say if I said that there was a chance that you could help out?"

"Why would I want to help you out?" Jacob protested angrily, taking a step towards me. Jade crouched in front of me, snarling in warning. The rest of the Cullen's tensed, their eyes on Jacob, watching his every move. Jacob's eyes stayed on Jades and then he backed down by Edward's side again.

"Because don't you want to kill vampires, the ones who do people harm? The ones who would even harm their own kind?" I answered Jacob's question calmly as though nothing had happened between my broken coven, the Cullen's and Jacob. "If your pack works together with our coven, then maybe we can save my mother and teach the Volturi a lesson in messing with innocents!"

"It isn't the first time that we worked together; the last time it was a major success." Carlisle quietly reminded Jacob. Jacob stared at me for a moment, and then at Edward.

"What about you? Do you think this is a good idea?" Jacob demanded in a hard voice.

Edward was quiet for a moment. "Your pack was of great help to us the last time; I would appreciate your help again."

Jacob nodded and then looked down at the ground as if he found the carpet very interesting. He stood like that for a while; all of us had our eyes intently on him, waiting. Finally, Jacob looked up at Carlisle.

"I will talk to my pack about helping you. I can't guarantee anything yet." Carlisle nodded as all of us let out a breath at once.

"Thank you, Jacob." Jacob hesitated and then nodded. He then turned and headed for the back door.


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