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A/N: I copied down this quote thinking I could use it for something. I couldn't think of anything that good, but I guess this is all right. This is a quote from Semi-Detached.

I wrote this before the three angst-y ones knowing that people might need some fluff. Hope you enjoy it!


"She seems very um… nice, you partner." Nelda told Bobby once Alex had left the room.

"She is, she's a great partner." Bobby said without hesitation.

"Really?" Nelda asked. "You don't feel you carry more than your fair share of the work?"

"No, we have uh…" Bobby searched for the word. "Complementary skills."

"That's kind of you to say that." Nelda told him.

At that moment the door then opened. Alex appeared through the door.

"Sorry." She said sitting down. "That was Carver" She then set her phone on the table.

Bobby then spotted his chance and then jumped for it. "I needed to call him. Can I borrow your…?" He then pointed to Alex's cell phone on the table. She nodded. He stood p and took it. "Thanks." He then gestured to Nelda as if asking if he could leave. She confirmed. He smiled back at her and walked out the door.

"He should be careful… and so should you. He told me about his mother. When there's a predisposition to schizophrenia it can manifest itself under stress. You should watch him." Nelda told Alex.

Alex didn't know what to think. She just nodded as the door opened.

"Hey- uh- we need to get back into the city." Bobby told Alex. He then turned to Nelda. "Thank you so much. You've really been uh- a great help."

Nelda then stood up and walked out the door. Alex and Bobby then watched her go. Once the door had closed Alex spoke up.

"I'm supposed to keep an eye on you." She told him.

"And I'm supposed to think that you're not carrying your weight." They both laughed at how untrue that statement was. "Splitting. It's how she forms alliances. It's um- splitting people against each other." Bobby told Alex.

"Well." Alex said wrapping her arms around Bobby. "I would never leave you."

Bobby wrapped his arms around her. "Neither would I, baby."

"And when we get home tonight I'll make up all that weight I haven't been carrying." Alex said her voice very rough and low.

"Well, we wouldn't want that. I need to help too. You can't do all the work." Bobby grumbled against her hair.