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The old man sighed as he rubbed the back of his head, staring out at the village through the glass window that sat high above it. "You really think... it'll be better this way?" He asked, glancing over his shoulder to the woman standing behind him. The blond crossed her arms under her ample chest, cocking her hip.

"Iknow it will. Call it woman's intuition." She said firmly, though she did not smile. Her eyes were troubled, and she averted them from the man's gaze. "Just let him know. I know it's hard for you, but... that means you should understand. Am I wrong?"

"No, you're not."

"It's not an order or anything. Call it a favor."

"Of course." The man headed for the door, patting the Godaime's shoulder as he passed her. Tsunade's eyes moved back to the window, and she moved towards it slowly, resting her hand on the glass. This is why she had run in the first place... refused this position. Reputation or not, she was a woman with a soft heart, and she had no taste for this type of scandal. Why were important men so... damned stupid?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From across the village, a different set of eyes watched over it with an equally troubled gaze. His one dark eye was clouded with an emotion not yet defined, though his lanky, toned form was laid out on the tree branch casually. It had been days since Kabuto's escape, and to his shock he had not been called to see Godaime yet. It was only a matter of time before they pieced it all together, or before Ibiki told. After all, their argument and the torture master's choice had cost him Iruka, from what he heard. The Chuunin currently found comfort in the presence of Kakashi's kohai, Yamato, by the sound of things. Anbu were notorious gossipers, for all of their secrecy. It was one reason that he was shocked that no one had yet to bring up his own shameful affair. He closed his eye as he was brought around full circle into this train of thought.

By all accounts, he should be dead. Orochimaru no longer had any good reason to spare his life, and if it had not been for Kabuto's desperate plea, he would no longer be among the living. He wasn't so naïve as to think it might have been better if he died. He was in no hurry at all to rejoin his father and teacher, as well as his dear friend. No, perhaps what bothered him most... was the fact that while he had not lifted a finger to stop Kabuto's torture, the medic had caused his life to be spared. Why? Perhaps it was all a cruel trick. After all, it would be the best way to assure he felt the worst about everything as he did now. What a useless, shameless man he was. Sleeping with the enemy, and being the only one to stick to their promise of no attachments. Yet who was he trying to fool here? He was attached. Or if he wasn't, why did he feel this awful?

That stubborn, arrogant face would not leave his vision. The Oto's medic would sooner stick him with a kunai than tell him a secret, yet he gave Kakashi his most unguarded moments when they lay in bed together. Neither one ever slept, they didn't quite trust one another that much. Those rushed and passionate meetings had become the lust for living that the Jounin had found ever since his team had been torn asunder. It was not the thrill of the affair, but rather the thrill of the challenge. It was not Kabuto the enemy medic that he was interested in, but Kabuto the younger man who was nearly his equal in all ways, and whose eyes held the same cold depth that his own did.

He could have had anyone... Kakashi's hand swept over his face, rubbing his normal eye as he opened it again, his eyes on the sunny village. Man, woman... Anbu, Chuunin; maybe even that nice lady at the book store who always flirted with him. If he had wanted comfort, he should have chosen one of them. What was it his father once told him? 'You can never make the same mistake twice... Because once is enough to ruin your life.'. Such cheerful advice... He should have taken it.

The flare of chakara caught him off guard for a moment, and he sat up quickly. He was surprised to recognize it, but only because it was heading his way. Hmm... That must mean that Naruto was in town. If anyone could make him smile, it would be the sunny blond. But it looks like business came first. Turning on the branch, he rubbed the back of his head slowly. The older ninja landed next to him without a sound, facing the village.

"Jiraiya-sama." He greeted simply, as the white-haired man sat down. The Hermit reached into his pouch, pulling out his kiseru, and a pinch of leaves. When it was set, he lit it. "Did she send you?" Kakashi asked at length.

"Of course she did. She decided she couldn't deal with men's stupidity, after all." Jiraiya said, taking a slow drag from the pipe. Kakashi smiled a bit, looking ahead again.

"Ah, of course... We are pretty stupid, aren't we?" He asked, lifting his headband. He took the offered pipe, lowering his mask to take a slow drag as well.

"Each and every one. And though I always tell myself that rejection makes a man stronger... I think that not being rejected may be even more harmful. Though, every case is different." He took the pipe back, as Kakashi coughed. "Ah, that's good. You shouldn't be used to it, it's horrible for you." Jiraiya said, taking another drag. He waited a moment, blowing the smoke out slowly as he spoke. "It's funny... how things turn out. Maybe you and I got something wrong. After all, Minato got it right." He said with a sad smile, and Kakashi imitated it.

"Kushina-san, right?" He asked, and Jiraiya nodded.

"She was Whirlpool... but she changed. Of course, I suppose to make something real, your intentions have to be real from the beginning." The Hermit said, glancing over to the younger man. Kakashi shifted to sit back against the trunk of the tree, one knee crooked while the other hung over the edge so that he could face his fellow ninja.

"You've got a point..." The Copynin said, rubbing his forehead for a moment. "I wasn't thinking of that at all. I just wanted something temporary, something to take my mind off of everything. A challenge and a conquest... Yet it looks like I was the one who was defeated here." His hand dropped, and he waved away the pipe. "No, no more of that for me... Just tell me, what's my punishment?"

"What punishment?" Jiraiya asked, and Kakashi frowned.

"Surely Tsunade-sama's not just going to overlook the fact that I slept with the enemy—not just the enemy, but Orochimaru's right hand man... I never told anyone, and I didn't even get any useful information out of him." He explained, but Jiraiya shook his head.

"Was there some damage that I am not aware of?" He asked, and Kakashi blinked.

"...She's not going to punish me? That's even worse." He said, slumping a bit.

"Exactly." A cloud of white slipped from the older man's lips as he exhaled. "Don't you know? That's what Konoha does to idiots like you and I." He said, pipe resting on his lower lip.

"You and I...? I wasn't aware that you were in my boat, Jiraiya-sama."

"Weren't you?" The other asked, raising an eyebrow as he glanced over briefly. "Well, I suppose my story was a bit different, so I can't be too surprised that you haven't heard..." He tapped the pipe on the branch, letting the ash fall below. "It didn't start off that way. I mean, he wasn't always an enemy. He was someone I trusted with my life, even if he was always a stubborn, arrogant, cold bastard who'd rather kill an orphan than feed him." The Hermit muttered, slipping the pipe away as Kakashi's dual-colored eyes widened a little, eyebrows raising.

"'He'... I had no idea you even liked men, Jiraiya-sama." He said, and Jiraiya waved his hand, giving an exasperated sigh.

"Oh please, don't be naïve. I'm a lover of beauty, just like you. And I'm a writer as well... Unfortunately, I've always been in love with the idea of love and the like." He rubbed his chin. "More so when I was young... After so many rejections by the fairer member of my team, I turned to the one that was kind to me."

"Your team..." Realization struck, though he was not as surprised this time. The Jounin nodded his head. "I see... Though it's hard to think of him as kind."

"Hahaha... isn't it the truth. But he was, to me when he wanted to be. More so than you could ever imagine... Whether it was taking my side against Tsunade, or picking up my slack in battle without complaint. And I never forgave myself for leaving him here when I left, though I really didn't have much of a choice. It was then that he really changed..." Jiraiya's eyes were dark with his own pain, and Kakashi averted his gaze as well. "... It didn't stop when he left." He said, and the younger one looked back. "It would have been easier if it had. I chased after him. For a long time, I chased him in my travels. I stayed away from the village for it. And several times, he sought me out. Sometimes to taunt me, and sometimes..." His eyes closed. "Just so that we could both remember what we had lost."

Silence fell over the two Konohanin, and it remained for a long moment. The wind rustled through the leaves around them, voices from the village carrying like ghosts on the warm waves. Naruto was in there somewhere, probably scarfing down a nice large bowl of ramen. Perhaps Iruka had sought him out, or the other way around, and the two of them would be able to smile for a while. Oh, Naruto... He hadn't even been able to teach his student better than himself. Good ninja knew that bonds were made to be broken. Good ninja did not chase after impossible dreams of sharing something with someone who was so far out of your reach from the beginning. Kakashi closed his eyes as well, leaning his head back.

"I understand." He said, giving a slow breath. He had made his choice. His choice was not a person, it was a village. Konoha was his lover, like any good ninja. The Jounin would submit to his life as a tool once again. Jiraiya nodded, his eyes half-opening. "I just have... one question." He said quietly. The Hermit gave another nod, though Kakashi wasn't looking. He couldn't. "Is it possible... for Orochimaru to love?" He asked. Jiraiya blinked, taking a moment to let the question roll around in his mind. When he felt he understood, he sighed.

"Unfortunately... Even if that idiot ever did love anyone, it wouldn't make much of a difference. After all... He loved our Sarutobi-sensei." Jiraiya stood up, glancing over to the younger ninja. "...I'm sorry that wasn't the answer that you wanted to hear. But Kakashi... He's lived this long, hasn't he? And that bastard's never rescued anyone but Tsunade or I before, without an mission. As much as I hate to admit it, it's possible. In any case, it would be best if you left it at that, wouldn't it? We haven't seen the last of either of them, you and I. We have to be prepared... For Konoha."

"Ah. For Konoha." Kakashi repeated, lowering his headband and raising his mask once again. "My lesson is learned. Thank you... Jiraiya-sama."

- - - - - - - - - - -

Kabuto knew what his orders were. He knew them, but he chose to ignore them. He sat up in his bed with his legs crossed, simple gray pants and a white shirt, making notes in a leather-bound book that rest on his lap. Bandages still covered him from thighs to neck under his clothing, but his hands had healed enough to write. The process was slow and boring, if you asked him. His chakara was replenishing slowly, enough to heal this or that, but not near enough to cover the multitude of damage done to his lithe body. Healing was not as easy task to begin with. It took very careful concentration and presice control over your chakara, neither of which the medic currently had.

Shadows had formed under the silver-haired ninja's eyes, a testament to his troubled sleep. If he took the pills that let him sleep without dreaming then he couldn't think straight for hours after he woke. If he tried to sleep naturally, with his back pressed tightly against the wall and the covers around his body like a cocoon, he would wake covered in cold sweat and trembling from the nightmares that it brought. His tormentors changed faces and tactics more than they ever did in real life, and in his dreams he suffered even worse fates, and some of the same, that he had gone through in waking life. Even if his mind told him that he was suffering from the effects of—completely understandably—post traumatic stress, he was still annoyed with it. Just yesterday he had nearly broken the neck of a medic who had come to wake him for medication, all because they touched his shoulder to wake him.

Rubbing at his right temple, Kabuto groaned. His headache was terrible today. Probably the side-effect of too much medication, just like his troubled stomach. This morning had been the first bit of food that he had been able to keep down—steamed rice and a few steamed vegetables, along with some green tea. The book currently in his lap was what he had been working on since then. His master's orders were simple: rest and heal. But Kabuto could not sit still in this place while he knew that experiments were being carried out without healing on the subjects, forcing the village to lose a good 30 more human subjects than usual. Any life gone was too much for them, as it was getting harder and harder to find good subjects. His own projects had gone too long untouched as well, near a week now. There were cultures that needed to be taken care of, viruses and bacteria that he could not afford to let die out or get out of hand from being unattended.. His eyes shot over to the door an instant before it opened, and he fought the urge to scoot back against the wall. He was upset to see that he had indeed scooted back a bit on the bed, but it was only Kono and Jucei.

Neither of them said a word as their superior regained his composure on the bed, setting the pencil down as he took the cup that Kono was offering. Jucei handed him the cup of warm tea, brushing some of her hair behind her ear as Kabuto took the pills, swallowing two at once. The tea felt nice on its way down, and it had a very pleasant taste. Licking his lips, he held up the book. "This is the instructions for my experiments. They're very specific, so I won't take any excuse for them failing. In about two days I should be on my feet long enough to heal some of the subjects like I said, so I'll want a list of the experiments that are being done and who is being used for them, as well as their condition and..."

"If you'll excuse me, Kabuto-sensei..." Jucei cut in, frowning. Kabuto sighed,

"What is it?"

"If you heal any of the subjects, your injuries..." She began, but Kabuto sighed as he set the book down on his lap.

"I know all of that, of course. It's a necessary consequence though. I'm not afraid of a few scars; we can't afford to fall behind." He said, adjusting his glasses. "If I use my chakara solely to heal myself then it will take another five days at most for me to be fully healed. And that's if my..."


"...Thank you, Jucei-chan. But that's if it decides to behave or I can cope with it." The silver-haired one finished, averting his eyes to the book.

"But you're fine with us..." She said, but Kono shook his head.

"Neither of us are triggers, Jucei-san. And he still won't let one of us inject him." The other explained, taking the empty tea cup back from his superior. Kabuto nodded,

"Yes, he's right. You've learned physical health very well, but mental health is another thing entirely. Most of it I learned from simply seeing it first hand... and with a master like our own." Kabuto said, looking up to both of the apprentice medics.

"Speaking of Orochimaru-sama, have you told him about your plans?" Kono asked with a frown. Kabuto's eyes darkened.

"No... And don't either of you..." He led off as he caught sight of Jucei's expression, swallowing. "...You told him."

"Just before we came here to get the book..." She said nodding and looking a bit sheepish. Kabuto opened his mouth to chide her, but it clicked shut as soon as the door opened instead. All eyes turned to it expectantly, and Kabuto winced at the sight of his master. The other two medics moved aside as the Oto's leader approached, his own expression none too pleasant.

"I take it they told you that I know." Orochimaru said shortly, and Kabuto adjusted his glasses.

"It is the conclusion that I have arrived at that it would be beneficial for the Oto if I began to slowly resumed my responsibilities here." The silver-haired medic said simply.

"No." The master said firmly, and Kabuto looked up to meet the narrow golden eyes with his own.

"It's beneficial. I don't care about the scars, this is what I've decided to—what—!" He gasped as his the clothing of his shoulder was grabbed, his body stiffening.

"Youdaredisobey me!" The snake ninja hissed, and Kabuto rose the hand with the book as if to strike, but it was seized by his master. The medic's other hand grabbed his master's arm that was holding him, nails sinking in.

"L-let go! I-It's just scars...!" His dark eyes were wide.

"That is not the point!" Orochimaru chided, pulling the clothing, and Kabuto with it, to lay on his stomach on the bed.

"Orochimaru-sama, his post traumatic stress—!" Jucei protested, covering her mouth with her hand as Kabuto gasped, struggling with his master out of panic. The older ninja's voice was cold,

"Exposure therapy." He replied, and the book came down hard onto the struggling medic's backside with a rather loud smack.Jucei gasped, blushing, as Kono had the decency to avert his eyes. Kabuto froze, fingers gripping the sheets as he gasped in shock. Ah, it looks like he had gotten his medic's attention. The book came down again, just as hard. "Now," This one earned a startled yelp, both because of the rough treatment irritating his wounds, and of his still lash-marked skin being struck. "Maybe. you. will. listen. to. my. orders." Each word was punctuated by a firm thwakof the book, and the corresponding gasp, whimper, or yelp from Kabuto. "Are you listening?" He asked. Kabuto's body was shuddering, and his face was flushed a deep red.

"Y-yes..." He whispered.

"Good. You will rest until all of your injuries are healed. I will not have anything less that full potential touching one of my test subjects, do you understand?" The pale ninja asked again, and Kabuto swallowed.

"Yes...Ah-ow!" He shouted as he was struck again. "Yes sir, I understand!" He corrected, and he was released. Orochimaru stood and tossed the book to Jucei, who caught it deftly.

"Take care of his experiments, and continue to bring him medicine when he asks for it. However, notify me immediately if he leaves this room. Understand?" He asked, and both apprentice medics nodded stiffly.

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama!" They said as one.

"Then leave." He said smoothly, and both of the younger medics fled. He looked back to Kabuto, who had moved to press his back against the wall in a flash. His hair and glasses were astray, and his clothing was already damp with sweat. Fingers gripped at the stone wall like a lifeline, and his breath was ragged. Orochimaru sighed, golden eyes catching the red red stains that were growing slowly in a few places. Wonderful, they had opened wounds. "Now stop that, Kabuto..." Orochimaru chided very softly. "I know very well that was a trigger, but I needed you to understand. Just as you need to understand that I am not an antagonist. I am your master. Now come here." He ordered, holding out his hand. Kabuto eyed the offered appendage warily, his body trembling as he reached out against his better judgment to take it. He allowed the older man to pull him back to the edge of the bed, wincing a little as he sat down.

"W-why... did you have to do that?" He asked, his cheeks still very crimson. The other merely chuckled.

"So that it would remain in your mind better than my other punishments apparently have. You should know better than to try and go against my word by now. Besides, what are you so embarrassed for? They won't think any less of you. You're their herofor the gods sake... You survived days of torture and you come home to direct them as if you never left, with all of your pride and intelligence attached. They know better than to breathe a word of that to anyone, besides. But they're both faces that I saw when I gave the order for you to receive no medicine. I needed the both of them to see what I think of disobedience." He finished, and Kabuto averted his eyes as he fixed his glasses.

"...You wouldn't do that to them."

"Of course not."

"Then couldn't you have slapped me?" The medic muttered. Orochimaru chuckled again.

"They knew very well that I treat you differently. And that punishment was personalized, as you'll remember well enough." He smirked, and Kabuto chanced giving his master a stubbornly unhappy expression. Of course he remembered. It wasn't the type of thing that someone forgot. But why couldn't his master be normal sometimes? He hung his head.

"Of course."

"Now... let's take care of those bandages. You're covered in sweat and bleeding now." Orochimaru said, walking over to the medic's desk, which was currently overrun with bandages and medicines.

/And who's fault is that?/ Kabuto wanted to ask, but he wisely kept his mouth shut. Likely his master would just blame it on his insolence as usual, and the last thing he wanted to do right now was irritate the man who had control over his flow of medication. Kabuto stood slowly, slipping his shirt off over his head with a wince, dropping it onto the bed. His pants were next as the snake Sannin returned to place the needed objects onto the bed. His master reached for him to assist him, but Kabuto pulled back quickly. "Ah... I'm sorry. Let me get the bandages... I'll try and sit still while you apply the medicine." He said, swallowing. His master merely nodded.

When all of the bandages were off Kabuto sat back onto the bed, closing his eyes. He trembled as soon as his master's latex-covered fingers touched a lash-mark on his chest. "Open your eyes." Orochimaru ordered, and he did so. "What's the matter, Kabuto? I'm not hurting you..." He asked as he applied the slightly green gel to the mark.

"I... I don't know. It's hard... to be touched by someone... Someone I fear." Kabuto admitted quietly.

"You have nothing to fear from me right now." Another lash-mark was treated.

"That's not true..." Kabuto swallowed. "You're furious with me. I can feel it in your hands. And you hit me much harder than you needed to earlier." He said, just as quietly. Orochimaru's fingers faltered for an instant, but they swiftly carried on.


"I know you won't hurt me. But my body is acting on its own... I know why you're angry with me, and it hurts to know it, and to see you help me like this—hss!" He hissed as cream was applied harder than necessary to a burn on his thigh. Who knew his master could be so passive aggressive?

"You would rather I take it out like this?" Orochimaru asked coolly, and Kabuto shook his head.

" That might make it worse." He panted, his hand frozen in mid-air. He had almost grabbed the other's wrist to pull it away. "But I..."

"Are you ready to talk about this?" His master asked, glancing up. Kabuto recoiled at the glare, clenching the sheets as he tried to keep from scooting backwards again.

/Calm down. He's not going to hurt you. You are home, and this is your master, not an enemy. Oh, I've been such a fool... I don't blame him for being angry with me. But I can't take this glare much longer.../

"No."Kabuto whispered, and Orochimaru nodded.

"Then be quiet and endure it." He said evenly, and Kabuto nodded. When it came to the brand on his thigh, Orochimaru froze. Kabuto averted his eyes, closing them in shame. "I deserve it..." He said quietly, but gasped in shock when he felt the warm, wet sensation run over it. His hand rose again but it froze just before touching his master's raven-colored hair, shuddering as Orochimaru licked the brand again slowly. He flinched, the hand clenching into a fist as those pale lips began to suck gently. "Ohh... oww..." His voice shook. "S-stop... stop, please..." He whimpered. It wasn't that it really hurt all that much, but more like the gentle way that his master treated such a mark that bothered him. His hips squirmed a bit all on their own, the hand that was not hovering was clutching the sheets. "If you continue... it will be bad! I can't... I can't do that yet...!" He protested, and only then did Orochimaru stop. He pressed the mark hard with his fingers as he spread the lidocaine gel over the brand.

"Heal this mark first. I don't want to look at it a moment longer than I have to." Ordered his master, and Kabuto nodded, wincing. He didn't exactly want to look at it either. More than a memory of the torture, it was the symbol of the man that he had foolishly been with. But it bothered him now, knowing what he knew of his master's carefully hidden feelings.

"If... if you had just told me..." Kabuto spoke up just as he was finishing covering the mark. "I never would have sought him out..." He said, body tensing as nails dug into the wound. He had expected this.

"Are you saying that its my fault that you opened your legs for that man?" Orochimaru asked, his golden eyes deadly as he rose to place his knee onto the bed so that he loomed over the medic, who was trying to scoot back. Kabuto's dark eyes were wide, and his lips moved a few times before any sound came out.

"No...! I mean I can't... It wasn't like that, I... Orochimaru-sama, I can't explain...!" The corner of his vision caught the movement, and he lashed out at his master before he could stop himself, shutting his eyes tightly. When he opened them again, they widened. He dropped the scissors for the bandages that he had apparently grabbed in his desperation, and it hit the stone floor with a loud clang as his jaw fell slack. To his credit, his master looked equally shocked. Blood seeped from the shallow wound on the palm of Orochimaru's pale hand, but that was not as shocking as the one on his cheek. Though it was shallow as well, face wounds bled swiftly. "" Even as he wished to reach out, to heal what was in his eyes this horrible mistake, Kabuto was sliding back away from his master, until the cold wall was at his back. "My gods... Orochimaru-sama...Sorry...!"His voice shook.

The older ninja's tongue slid out to lap at the hand wound slowly as he stood, averting his gaze. Grabbing a swatch of bandages, he wrapped his hand swiftly, and pressed the rest to his cheek, wiping the blood away.

"...It's alright. I pushed your limits."

"No, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Orochimaru-sama... I didn't mean to..."

"Calm down or you're going to hurt yourself again. I can't deal with you while you're injured. I'll come back when you're better, and then you're going to tell me just what the hell you meant by that." Orochimaru hissed, though his expression was neutral at best when he glanced back to his servant. "Now... finish your bandages and get some rest." He said, turning his back. Kabuto gave a low whine,

"Don't leave, please! I said I was sorry, please don't go! I need... to get over this. I need you to stay. If you don't, this will go on longer... If I am not injured, I could do worse...!"

"No, you won't." His master promised firmly, his footsteps never slowing as he headed for the door. "I won't let you. Just as I can control you when your eyes change, I will control you when you are afraid of me."

"Yes... I mean no! Don't! Don't go! Don't leave! You're the only one that can help me get over this! Orochimaru-sama... Orochimaru-sama! Don't—!" But the door was open, and Kabuto's mouth clicked shut. He didn't want others to hear him. It closed, and with it, his master's silhouette was blocked from sight.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Orochimaru leaned back against the door of his medic's room. The hall was empty and he was alone, the silence something he was used to. Blood... Kabuto had actually drawn blood. Unless they were training, the medic had neverattacked him in such a way. He was not so petty as to be angry with him for it—attacking someone who had been pushed to his limit and snapped, who had the capability to harm you as foolish. He had seen what Kabuto had done to some of the medics that had managed to surprise him. The one that had tried to give him an injection ended up with his hand broken in three places. A ninja was supposed to be alert at all times, but post traumatic stress was something else entirely. It was having your body in an aroused state of awareness anytime that a trigger was present, and the bodily reaction to remove yourself from the said trigger by any means necessary.

"Heh... So I am a trigger because of my anger, am I...?" Orochimaru mused, squeezing the wound on his hand. There was nothing that he could do about that. He had every reason to be angry after all.

/"If... if you had just told me...I never would have sought him out..."/Told him what exactly? What was it that he wanted to hear? Was not that damn boy spoiled enough!? Orochimaru felt that he asked too much of him. He couldn't possibly control his anger like this. He knew that he wasn't going to like what he heard when they did talk it out, so the only available option was to wait until Kabuto was healed enough to cope with being restrained. In the meantime Orochimaru needed to work on his patience, and his temper. Oh, if Kabuto only knew how much he already held back for him. As if the boy had not already seen him slaughter other subordinates for such light offenses, and chide him for the mess in the very next breath. That Orochimaru was taking time from his precious village should be a testament alone.

"You selfish boy... look what you've done to me. I'm to old to be dwelling on something so little as this." Kabuto did him a great service. He endured days of torture silently for him. What did it really matter that he had given his body to another, as long as no harm was done? But the thought of his most loyal medic... No, of that beautiful and deceptively lithe form in another's arms, infuriated him. Kabuto had already done so much for him... silently endured all of his tirades and strange mood swings, carried out each and every mission flawlessly, and even submitted his body to his master in every way possible. What was missing, he wanted to... he needed to know.

There was still so much to understand...