For Ketchupblood


An eight year old Marui was walking around the park with his mother, hand in hand, with a bar of chocolate in his mouth. Mmmm...milk chocolate. And nothing else mattered to him.

He continued to munch on the bar of chocolate even after his mother dropped him off at the playground, savoring every bite of it. When another boy approached him looking interested in the choloate, his protective instincts flared. He glared at the other boy and gripped the bar of chocolate tighter.

The boy seemed to be unfazed as he looked at the chocolate with great interest. "What's that?" He asked.

Marui stared. The boy didn't know what CHOCOLATE was? Did he live under a rock? "Chocolate." He replied, his voice monotone and still containing hostility.

"What's chocolate?"

Marui softened up a little under the curious blue eyes. "Something sweet. Here kid..." He broke off a little peice and shoved it into Jiroh's mouth. The next thing he knew...

"WOW! SUGEI! THAT TASTES REALLY GOOD! " The boy hopped up and down, practically ready to launch all over the place like a bouncy ball. The hyper little blonde then followed Marui for the whole day, ranting on the joys of his first taste of chocolate, much to the redhead's annoyance.

But when the younger boy suddenly fell down after the sugar wore off, falling down on the redhead, Marui honestly did not have the heart to shove him away. Instead, he broke off another peice of chocolate and sucked on it until his mother found the two in the sandbox sleeping with a chocolate bar wrapper a few feet away from them.


"Marui-kun, is that chocolate?" Jiroh asked one day during one of their dates. They were lounging peacefully under a tree, Jiroh snuggling up with Marui's shoulder.

"Mmmhmm." Marui replied, his tongue busy licking over the sweet brown material.

"Can I have some?"

Flashbacks of Jiroh's awake state came to flood his mind. "" He perferred Jiroh asleep. He was much cuter that way. And less annoying.

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