Author's Note: Short, but an update a very intense one

Life is Harder than Death Chapter Six:

Pete slammed the door shut. His mother stared at the wood in complete despair, she just could not reach him, no matter what she did. She fell to the floor and cried. Pete found himself doing the same at the other side of the door. He did want to make her cry, he did not want to hurt her, he did not want to hurt anyone, anymore. He just wanted to be left alone. He deserved to be alone, after what he had done. A mother's love, a father's protection, a friend's forgiveness, he did not want it because he did not deserve it; He never would accept it either because he would never forgive himself.


His cell phone buzzed and he knew that it was probably Nick trying to call him, but he was not going to pick it up. He did not want to talk to anyone. He hadn't deserved to talk to anyone.

Janie bit her lip as Brian came in, "Honey," she began, the angry shone in his eyes though she knew it wasn't directed at her, "What's wrong?"

"We been following ever lead possible that we can at the station trying to hunt down that damn bastard, Marcas Bohem, but nothing has come up and now we are being pressured to close the damn case, since the city is gotten Annie, they don't see the need for us wasting our time looking for someone else."

"Yeah, but Marcas was the one he moved the body, and almost succeeded in killing Nicolas Powell for sure."

"Annie was the one that attacked him, Annie was the one that buried him, as far as the city is concerned they got their woman."

Janie looked utterly confused, "I thought the press was spinning it in her favor?"

"Yes, they had been and still are, but this Cheval guy has many people supporting him, including the mayor."

"I'm not surprised, I think his offices hold that annual charity ball ever year which I believe is a tiny fracture of their fincial influence and anyone with that kind influence, could psosibly have many people in his pocket including the mayor."

Brain looks slightly taken aback, "I don't think that is wise thing to be saying out loud."

"Maybe not, but it is probably a fact, I'm just glad that Miss. Concord has got her case. She's brillant,"
"I hope she is as brillant as you say," Brain ran a hand through his hair.


"I just thought I see what you are up to," Nick shrugged his shoulders at his response.

"You are in surgery aren't you?" Annie asked.

"Yeah, I am,"
"Are you crazy you could die!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, but I could walk,"
"You could die, I don't want you to die,"
He softly put a hand on her face, "I won't die." He removed his hand, "We both made a promise," Nick moves close to her, "I kept my promise, you will keep yours," and he brings his lips close to hers, she begun to close her eyes as his lips got closer to hers, "I think I want you to always see me," he ran hand across her eyes and she opened them to the wonderful sight before her. "The way I always want to see you," His lips crash onto hers and she somehow felt the wonderful sensation for a moment before his soft lips were removed from hers and he spoke, "I think I love you," Then he was gone.

"Nick!" She called, "Nick, Nick," She looked all over for him but there was no sign.

Mrs. Powell was working in the office when she heard the doorbell ring. She quickly rushed to the front door, "Nick don't think about moving!" She ordered from the living room.

"NICHOLAS," Diana cried as loud as she could as she watched a crash cart being rushed into the room she clung to a soft blue materieal, Nick's baby blanket. She had dug it out of the closet today when she had know there was no stopping her stubborn son, whom she blamed herself for. His father had never been so stubborn he was so accomadating, well...except when he really believed in something than he would fight her to the death of what it was...then again...She smiled, Nick might be just like his father after all. Then she went back to crying, "Nicholas don't die on me baby," She stood outside his room just watching in horrid emotional pain.

"Dr. Michealis!" the nurse called, "You should call it in,"
"Not a chance in hell," he replied as brought the paddles down serveral times. The nurse tried to get him to stop, but the doctor was determined this young brave boy was not going to die.